Nellens Gon was born to a Dragon-blooded father, Nellens Hatop, and a mortal mother. Nothing seemed wrong with him at first, certainly, although he seemed to a terribly distracted child. It was only when a doctor went to check on the child's health that he discovered that he was blind.

This brought much concern to his family, and plenty of rumours surrounding them... especially Gon's mother, blaming her for bearing a blind child. Hatop himself remained stoic, but Gon's mother slowly withered away under all the comments.

Gon himself grew up well enough. His blindness didn't seem to bother him all that much, and he was a fairly bright child. Hatop decided that his son would be tutored at home... he didn't expect him to do well in one of the many schools in the Realm. Not because he was concerned about his smarts or he would learn, but because of the unbearable teasing other children would subject him to... a blind child, and a Nellens at that? No, he would rather not risk it.


Gon spent the next two years learning at home, under tutors of all sort. Nobody really expected him to Exalt, not even himself (he was, after all, a blind boy... why would the Immaculate Dragons even notice him?). So everybody was taken by surprise when he did.

House-tutoring or not, Gon simply couldn't stay at home all the time... even despite his father's dissaproval. He wished to know what was outside his home's walls. So, in what might have been a poor decision, he snuck out.

He had expected it to be disorienting, but not to the extent it was. The city was a lively place, full of people and noise. He almost turned back there and then, but he chose to keep going. He didn't want to go far, so he only walked for a few minutes and kept his ears open, counting his steps. Finally, he decided he had enough and turned back.

He quickly found himself lost. Gon almost panicked then... had he miscounted? Traveled in the wrong direction? He almost broke down crying, but steeled himself and decided to -listen-... try and remember anything before he asked anybody for help.

And so he did, calming down and listening the the sounds of the street around him. Soon, some sounds stood over others... familiar sounds, those he had heard when he first stepped out. Suddenly, it was as if he could tell where everything around him was exactly located... when people passed him by, just how many crates there were in the store next to him... he wondered just why were people pulling away from him for a moment, before he was on his way back home.

He reached the gate soon enough, and it was not until then that a dizziness spell got him, and he collapsed... onto his father's arms, who had seen him sneak away and had followed him, somewhat angry and expecting to give him a tongue-lashing when he got invariably lost in the city. He was not expecting that his son would Exalt in the middle of his travel and get back home safely.

The world had opened for Gon in ways he couldn't have imagined. His mother, rather sick by now, managed to talk his father into letting him attend an actual school... blind or not, he was now a Dragon-Blooded. Hatop finally concented, and Gon was carted off to school, something he enjoyed muchly.

His education was only interrupted by the death of his mother a couple of years later. He mourned her like a dutiful son, but he knew that she had been a mortal, and her time had simply come. His father remarried about six months later.

The Cloister of Wisdom

Gon learned much in school, including ways how to fight, despite being blind. He was surprisingly skilled too, and this called the attention of several people, which in the end made it easier for Gon to attend the Cloister of Wisdom... a place he believed would aid him in understanding the world even more.

He was fascinated with Martial Arts, but he didn't know if he was meant to be an Immaculate Monk... This indecision quickly told him that he was not meant to be one, and so he settled for the somewhat weaker Five-Dragon style, although in the end this aided him in learning to expand his senses even more.

Being blind led several other students to underestimate him, but he proved to be skilled and surprisingly sneaky. Darkness did not bother him, and so he seeked to use ways to get their opponent in darkness as well, much to his advantage... it was about this time that he learned the Sight-Destroying Method.

When his schooling finally ended, Gon had the dillema of what to do with his life... he certainly was not a military man, and he had no interest in the life of a bureoucrat or a monk. And so, he decided to wander around the Blessed Isle for some time. During this time he learned much more, for ways to get around towns and cities as he learned to expand and concentrate his senses much more.

Finally, he decided his lot in life... not one for a more social way of life, and not hoping to have a wife any time soon, he decided to join the single most dangerous and possibly exiting thing he knew: the Wyld Hunt.


Gon appears to be a fairly passive man, without a care in the world. As many people sees him, he enjoys listening to music and drinking liquor and resting somewhere. Otherwise, they tend to see him travelling from place to place at a slow pace, as if he didn't have the slightest hurry in the world. Those that don't know better guess that this is because he's blind, and simply cannot hurry from place to place.

Being blind, however, has never been much of a problem for Gon, and it's less of a problem now. He can and will act with surprising speed when the time comes. Despite his outward appearance of calm he actually enjoys discovering new experiences... the more exiting, the better.

He does not appear to be a dangerous man, always with an easy smile and speaking with a soft voice, but that is exactly what he wishes to appear as. People often will ignore or underestimate the quiet blind man, and that is something he takes to his advantage.


Nellens Gon is a tall and somewhat lanky man, with a skin that has just begun to take the roughness of the older Earth-aspects. He has long, waist-length black hair, always tied back in a pigtail. His eyes are often closed, as they tend to be pretty disturbing when open... they are a milky white.

Gon can often be seen wearing a white and red robe, and carrying a black and white cane with him. He also tends to use a straw hat to shield his eyes from view. If he is expecting trouble, he will be wearing his armor, often under his robes. His robes are often of light colors... cyan, green, and even light pink. He wears white on important ocasions. He cannot see the colors, but he knows the texture pretty well. Besides, Janis helps him.

Nellens GonJudgeEarth
Blind Dragon-bloodThe Blessed IsleA coiling earth dragon
TiffaHunting Glory0 unspent, 0 spent, 0 total
Strength3 Charisma2 Perception5
Dexterity3 Manipulation3 Intelligence3
Stamina3 Appearance2 Wits3
Linguistics1 Awareness5 Athletics2
Lore2 Craft1 Dodge4
Occult  Endurance3 Melee1
Stealth4 Martial Arts5 Presence1
Thrown  Resistance3 Socialize2
Brawl  Archery1 AbilityRating
Bureaucracy  Medicine  MA - Enemy Can't See2
Investigation3 Performance1   
Larceny  Ride1   
Sail  Survival2   
Linguistics: Native: High Realm. Learned: Low realm
Temporary WP7  Conviction***
- - - - - - - - - -  0/12 Pers; 8/28 PeriValor**
CalculationsPersonal= Ess + WP + Breeding
 Peripheral=4xEss + WP + (2 highest Virtues) + Breeding
BACKGROUNDS (12)valuenotes
Initiative: 7Soak (1L/3B):Mobility: -0
Armor (5L/5B)w/ Armor (6L/8B)Fatigue: 0
ESSENCE REGAIN8/hour4/hour0/hour
w/ HEARTHSTONE15/hour11/hour7/hour
HEALTH LEVELS (7)0124Incapacitated
The Thief of the World+5L+3+25+8
 Special notes: Each successful attack removes 1 from victim's Perception for a number of turns equal to user's Essence. If Perception is reduced to 0, victim is rendered blind and deaph.
 5 motes to attune
Charmspage #typecost
Feeling-the-Air TechniquePg.185Simple3 motes
Reduces penalties for fighting blind in half for a Scene.
Precision Observation MethodPg.189Reflexive1 mote per 2 die
Each mote increases the character's Awareness by two dice for a single roll. The character cannot more than double is Awareness.
All-Encompassing Earth SensePg.190Simple2 motes
Character cannot be surprised by any means. Can be extended to character's companions by 2 motes per person. Only effective when the character is touching the ground.
Sight-Riding TechniquePg.191Simple4 motes
Until disrupted, the character can roll Awareness+Essence to try and ride another person's sight. Only one sucess is necessary. If the roll fails, and the enemy is an Exalt, he can roll Awareness at diff. 3 to sense that someone was trying to Sense Ride him. While riding the sight of someone else, the character can see everything the target sees, including any magican enchantments. He cannot attack or use charms through the target.
Sight-Destroying MethodPg.191Supplemental3+ motes, 1 WP
The character rolsl Awareness+Essence with a difficulty equal to the Target's Perception. Each extra success he gets over this difficulty substracts 1 die from the target's Awareness rolls relating to sight and adds a -1 penalty to any task involving sight. If the character's extra successes exceed the target's Perception, the target is blinded completely for the charm's duration.
Sight of Fluttering TremorsPg.71 (AB: Earth)Simple/PERMANENT4 motes/ -
This charm is permanent on Gon. He can 'see' in any or all directions at once if desired, simultaneously percieving shape and exact location of all objects within half the ragne of his normal vision or his (Awareness x 10) yards, whichever is less. Darkness or enviromental conditions impairing true vision do not normally hinder the "vision" granted by the charm, although magical obfuscations and effects that muddle sound may create regions of murky vision. Within a radius of Awareness+Essence, yards, the character can even see through and around thin walls and other blocking physical obstructions by sensing the vibrations passing through the interrupting objects. Thick walls obscure and disrupt echoes too much to allow vibration sight to peer around them without a substantial crack or flaw through which sound can flow. The character is very difficult to surprise, adding one automatic success to all Awareness rolls made to avoid ambush.
MARTIAL ARTS (Five-Dragon Style)
Five-Dragon FortitudePg.197Reflexive1 mote per 2B or 1L
Increases the character's soak by 2B per mote or 1L per mote.
Five-Dragon Blocking TechniquePg.197Simple4 motes, 1 WP
For the rest of the scene, the dragon blooded adds his Essence to all parry rolls, even those made with abilities other than Martial Arts. This bonus is applied to parried made with split dice pools after the multiple action penalty is applied. The Charm also allows the Dragon-Blooded to make reflexive parries at his permanent Essence if he has no other way to parry an attack. If he is unarmed, he may parry Lethal without a stunt.
Five-Dragon ClawPg.198Supplemental2 motes
The character does Lethal damage instead of Bashing for the rest of the scene.
Five-Dragon-Force BlowPg.198Simple2 motes
The character doubles the normal base damage in a normal MA attack. In addition to the damage, the character rolls Strength + Martial Arts against the target's Strength + Resistance. If the character wins, the target is knocked down and must spend an action clearing his head and getting back to his feet.
Five-Dragon FormPg.199Simple5 motes
The character does Lethal instead of Bashing damage with Unarmed attacks. He may soak Lethal damage with the Bashing soak. Adds permanent Essence to Dexterity or Strength when determining his running speed, jumping distance or the ammount he can lift or carry.
Gon tends to travel light. He carries a few clothes and some food, and sometimes a bottle of liquor. He also tends to carry Janis' instrument. His concealed weapon is always at hand.
The Thief of the World Jade Sword-cane.
Hidden Blossom Armor Cloth armor.
Jade Hearthstone Amulet.
- | -| - | - | - | -



The Thief of the World (***)

This artifact take the shape of a sword-cane. The blade and the sheath blend seemlessly into a black and white ornate staff, of about 4 feet of height. The blade itself is made of white jade and steel, and appears as a straight, un-ornamented sword. It is surprisingly fast and light, and both the blade and the sheath are practically indestructible. It has a setting for a hearthstone in the pommel, although the artifact tends to camouflage it when the blade is sheathed.

The name of the blade comes from its power to steal the other people's senses. With each successful hit, the victim's Perception is reduced by one by a number of turns equal to the wielder's Essence. The effect, however, is cumulative, meaning that further successful attacks remove more dots (but, thankfull, do not increase the time). If the victim's Perception is reduced to zero, he is rendered blind and deaf until he recovers at least 1 dot. Thus, the blade is called The Thief of the World as it takes the world away from its victims, rendering them (mostly) helpless.

Speed: +8 Accuracy: +3 Damage: +5L Defense: +2 Rate: 5 Commitment: 5

Hidden Blossom Armor (**)

Soak (L/B): 5/5, Mobility Penalty: 0, Fatigue Value: 0, Commitment: 2

Gon dislikes wearing heavy armor, as it gets in his way more often than not. Thus, he prefers this lighter armor. The Hidden Blossom Armor looks like simple cloth, but its very resistant to damage. It can be worn confortably under clothes and doesn't get in the way. Notably, its a light pink in color, which means most Dragon Blooded won't even consider wearing it.

Jade Hearthstone Amulet (*)

Setting for 1 Hearthstone, adds 1 mote to the rate at which Essence is regained. Hearthstones reform in half the normal time.


Gon's father has a fairly good blood, and his mother came from a good family, although she didn't exalt.


Janis Kartuum is a young woman from a minor patrician family. She is Gon's only travel companion. She is very quiet and rarely speaks up at all unless directly addressed. She is fairly pretty, with pale skin, black eyes and jet black hair that reaches down to her knees. Janis is a fairly skilled harpist and often plays for Gon on quiet nights.

How they met is mostly unkown, although the popular theory is that Gon saved her from some bandits or from a more unfortunate fate and they've been toguether ever since. It is rumored that Janis and Gon are lovers, although nobody can seem to prove this. It is almost certain that Janis is incredibly loyal to him and is likely in love. Gon himself appreciates her company. Nobody has seen them do much more.

What most people don't know is that Janis often works as Gon's eyes when there are things he cannot see. Gon, for example, cannot see the glow of the Anathema, and Janis knows how to alert him about one without actually speaking a word, often via her music, or by tapping her feet lightly on the ground. Of course, Gon does not take her to dangerous misions on purpose... he does not want her to ger hurt.


Gon is a Wyld Hunter. The position alone gives him plenty of respect from other people, and the fact that he's blind only makes the rumours move wildly... those that don't know him speculate that he lost his eyes to the Anathema, although the stories vary wildly. Gon himself has not said anything to prove or disprove this.


Gon is confortable enough with whatever possesions he has, and has shown little interest in getting much more. Much of his things go to good food for himself and (X), seeing how he doesn't have a true permanent residence of his own.


Gemstone of Surface Thoughts (2) Per+Awe to read surface thoughts of others.

The Labyrinthine Eye (1) Always pick right path to center or exit of maze or labyrinth.