Sesus, Hara

Hara Sesus is an Immaculate monk, Early in life he saw how politics and the backstabbing that it caused only served to wear down his mother and fathers soul, In primary school he decided he wanted another life away from all of that, it was at this time he started reading the immaculate texts..

It was at this time he met his rival Gaius Pelpes, At first there rivalry was only due to a clash in personalities, but it became heated after Gaius started to date Hara's younger sister towards the end of primary school...

After He graduated from primary school, and against his family's wishes, Hara joined the Immaculate order, he sought a "better" life than the one his family would have him live, He later found that Gaius also followed him into the order, and after what was espoused to be a spar, Gaius who had up to that point been lax in his training, accidentally struck out Hara's right eye... Hara now is bitter towards Gaius.

He was chosen for the wyld hunt, mainly because of his beliefs, Hara believes that the hunt is right and just, and he took pleasure in the fact he was chosen for it.

Concept: Immaculate Monk, Fire Aspect
Player: Akito Scorpio
Nature: Paragon
Chronicle: Hunting Glory
Experience (Total/Unspent/Spent): 4-4-0

Brief Description: An unassuming monk, he wears Red robes With the mark of the Immaculate order over the heart, slung on his sides are the sheaths for his Short Daiklaves, He wears red jade Bracers that contain hearthstones, he also wears an eye patch that has a fiery swirl embroidered on it.


Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3
Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2
Perception 4, Intelligence 2, Wits 3


Linguistics(3) - Lore(3)
Awareness(3) - Endurance(3) - Martial Arts(5)
Athletics(3) - Dodge(5 +3 from Bracers) - Melee(1) - Presence(4) - Socialize(4, Caste)
Archery(1) - Performace(1) - Ride(2) - Survival(3)
Languages: High realm, Low realm, Riverspeak, Old Realm

Personal Traits

Willpower: 6
Essence: 3 (12 motes Personal | 29 motes Peripheral)
Compassion 3
Conviction 2
Temperance 2
Valor 3


Flickering Candle Meditation (Db page 205)
Spirit Sight (DB page 241)
Spirit Walking (DB page 242)
Flash-fire Technique (DB page 252)
Flame Flicker Stance (DB page 253)
Searing Fist Atack (DB page 252)
Perfect Blazing Blow (DB page 252)
Fire Dragon Form (DB Page 252)


Connections (Imaculate order) 1
Resources 3
Artifact 2
Manse 3
Breeding 3


Robes, Rations, Water Flask, and other travel goods


Red Jade Hearthstone Bracers (contains Windhands gem)
-> +2 init, +3 dodge

Red Jade Short Daiklaves (2) (contains Killhand gem, and Stone of shelter)
-> Spd +6, Acc +4, Dam +4l, Def +1, Rate 6


Base Initiative 10
Fist: Speed 10, Accuracy 11, Damage 3B(L), Parry 12, Rate 5
Kick: Speed 7, Accuracy 11, Damage 6B(L), Parry 7, Rate 3
Short Daiklaves: Speed 16, Accuracy 14, Damage 7L, Parry 11, Rate 6
Soak: 0A/1L/3B

[ ] -0
[ ][ ] -1
[ ][ ] -2
[ ] -4
[ ] Incapacitated

Merrits and flaws

Merrit-- Acute hearing
Merrit-- Amidextrous
Flaw-- One eye

XP Wishlist

Iíll Get back to you on this one.