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Blaze of Fivefold Glory

The island nation of Alahi is ruled by a Council of six Pyromancers who divine the future from the flames and guide the people by the will of Fire. For centuries the Pyromancers have ruled well and the people have prospered. Things change. Now the Pyromancers grow corrupt and they cast down any who would disagree with them. They demand great sacrifices from all the provinces of the nation to burn in the flames. They extort and terrorize. They must be stopped.

Pyromancers are the least of the world's worries, but on the island of Alahi, they hold sway. For the moment.

Our heroes are fast friends, come into their power and determined to save their homeland from the grip of corrupt lords. And when that's finished? Their deeds will be legend.

Characters were created with Basic Dynastic Creation Rules plus an extra 15 BP and 5 Charms. DH charms cost -1 XP and go for 2/3 price at Chargen (every two DH charms = 1 free Charm).

This game takes place at 10 AM EST, 11 AM Brazilian Time, 3 PM GMT.



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