Return To Tumult - the Sequal to To T

Before there was a World of Darkness,
there was an age of glorious golden empires. ..

Once there was a Deathlord, a Deathlord called the Father of Darkness. He had dreams of stealing the fabled Spear of Light, corrupting it's glory with the malevolence of his Dead Gods, and using it to cover the world in a curtain of blackness and death. Heroes arose, who stood fast against his shadow, and defeated him. That was only the beginning of their story.

Recently Updated (the last 5 or so things)

Setting and Character Information

  • Rot Timeline - a Timeline of the Events of Return to Tumult.
  • Rot NP Cs - a collection of Important NP Cs, and details thereof.
  • The First Age - a compendium of lore and memories!
  • What You Know - a list of secrets and knowledge
  • Nei Roh - the New City of Del'Roh, and the Center of the Rohan Empire
  • Rohan Life - Information and Stuff on the Rohans who fill Nei'Roh
  • The South - Information on the Rest of the South as a Setting.
  • Southern Life - Information and Stuff on the Southerners.

Player-Specific Pages

Storyteller And Sideplot Stuff

These pages are for the players themselves to use as they see fit, plus for my own use.

Game Aids and Useful Stuff

  • Rule Guidelines - an sub-index of rule-y stuff, including Familiars.
  • CharmsIndex - which contains a index of custom Charms.
  • Sorcery - an index of custom Sorcery spells.
    • Emerald - an index of the Terrestrial and Shadowland Circles.
    • Sapphire - an index of the Celestial and Labryinth Circles.
    • Adamant - an index of the Solar and Void Circles.
  • Artifacts - an index of Exalted Artifacts.

Setting-Specific Rules and Guidelines

Much in the way of Rules and such is located at my ExaltedWiki page which will not be duplicated here.