Oh for crying out loud. Fine, look. Let's consider a potential horror situation.

I introduce you to "Teenaged Virgin Girl" (TVG) and "Highschool Jock" (HJ).

TVG has a Strength of 1, a Dexterity of 3, and a Stamina of 2. Wits 2, Composure 2. Willpower 4. She has 7 health levels, an inits of 5, and no actual weapons.

HJ has a Strength of 3, a Dexterity of 2, and a Stamina of 3. He's got a Wits of 2, a Composure of 4, and a Brawl of 2. This gives 8 health levels, an inits of 6, and in a pinch he can arm himself with a baseball bat or something to do +1 bashing damage. We'll say he has a willpower of 8.

Now, I introduce you to Maddened Beast (MB)!

MB has, in Gauru form, a Strength of 5, a Dexterity of 3, and a Stamina of 5. He's got a Wits of 3, a Composure of 2, and a Brawl of 3 with the (Gauru) speciality. This gives him a Willpower of 4, 12 health levels, and a bite attack.

MB also has 7 essence, the gift a Clarity, the gift of Warning Growl, and some extraneous gift.

We zoom in on an isolated forested shack, where TVG and HJ are having an unsupervised outing! They're out in the woods enjoying themselves. They hear something.

MB comes into the clearing! TVG screams and runs off in stark horror. HJ, one of the strongest minded men on his team, is frightened horribly but manages to stand up against the beast and try to give his girl time to get away (he spends a willpower).

The MB goes first, due to Clarity, and uses Warning Growl. The roll resolves (surprise) in the Gauru's favor. The HJ, in control for the moment, picks up a large stick and swings it heavily at the monster -- but he's afraid and the monster is frightened. He rolls a chance die. He manages to hit! The thing does a little damage!

Next turn, the wound heals up and closes before the HJ's eyes, and the Werewolf leaps in, savagely biting a huge chunk of the kids side out and inflicting grevious harm (3 lethal H Ls?). The HJ, in shock, tries his best to run away (letting Lunacy catch up with him) while clutching his side to contain the bleeding.

The next turn, HJ barely has time to react as the Werewolf gobbles down his head and finishes him off. IT's all over for the HJ; game over man, game over!

The MB runs off into the woods, leaving the TVG to eventually go back looking for HJ and find his body. She screams!

What horror lurks in these woods!

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