Werewolf Errata

In general, I was very happy with Werewolf: the Forsaken. However, its only natural that there will be a few rules here and there that I don't think work all that well. Thus, the following is a list of clarifications and "official" changes for any Werewolf games I run.

The Actual "Errata"

General Errata

  • Werewolves are not immune to conventional infection, sickness or disease. However, they do gain a +3 dice bonus to their Stamina rolls to resist and overcome such. This is in addition to any other bonuses they might gain.
  • The character gains a +2 damage bite and a +1 damage claw in Urshul form, and a +2 damage bite in Urhan form. This is actual errata.
  • After the characters "time limit" for staying in Gauru form expires, the character can choose to remain in the war form instead of shifting into another form. This automatically pushes the character into Death Rage.
  • Pack Totem stuff...
    • Only points spent on totem bonuses add to the intensity of the packs ban. A pack can always spend totem points to increase the power and prestige of their totem without worry.
    • A pack totem with 15 or more points of attributes becomes a Lesser Jaggling, gaining an additional dot of influence and able to raise its attributes to 9. Greater Jagglings and more powerful spirits seldom serve as pack totems.


  • Attunement (Full Moon **, pg. 116): This gift uses the full Primal Urge, not half primal urge as is noted at one point in the text. I.e., use the Success entry text instead of the fluffy text.
  • Death Grip (Full Moon ***, pg. 116): Attack of the Ninja Frogmen! Ignore the system for this gift; you spend a point of Essence, and you gain +6 dice a overpower roll. The successes on this roll apply as a penality to your oppoonents overpower roll to escape, but you have to inflict damage. There is no activation roll.
  • Sense Malice (Insight *, pg. 122): This gift can detect ambient levels of hatred, anger or other negative emotions on someone who has been especially touched by these dark emotions such as a mass murderer. This applies a -2 penality to the dice pool.
  • Feet of Mist (Stealth *, pg. 139): This gift can be activated reflexively, giving anyone attempting to track the character a -1 penality to their rolls. If the character spends 1 Essence when activating the gift, that penality increases to -3. In either case, this gift lasts for Primal Urge in hours.


  • Rite of Dedication (pg. 150): This rite allows the ritemaster to bind a number of items to the subject equal to his (Resolve + Primal Urge). Spirits, and the Uratha, tend to look down upon frivolous use of this gift.

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