The Imbued

Battle Arts


Charm Trees

The Imbued have a strange mix of solar and dragonblooded charms and their trees start with permenant charms that provide a fundamental increase to their natural abilities that only grows as they grow into their power. The charms often provide self sufficiency or otherwise help to overcome limitations on abilities that require tools to use -- while an Imbued with access to all the wonders that mankind can make is a fearsome foe indeed, they can often make a good showing for themselves cut off from such things.

All the starting charms are Minimum Ability 2, Minimum Essence 2, have a duration of permenant and a cost of n/a (Though some might have sub-effects that cost motes to activate)

In general charms will be somewhere between DB and solar in power. Persistant defences will not exist (except at high essence), ditto for Perfect effects (though there will possibly be limited Perfection avaible in some trees). However, Imbued do get free reflexives -- this allows for defence without breaking offence, but Imbued fare poorly vs. superior numbers. No Aspect penalty.