Crowned Sun

This is a quick page, that I will be using to establish the utter supremacy of my way of life and everything that makes me badass. Weee!

Crowned Games

  • BloodDimmedTides - is the index page for "Blood Dimmed Tides", a Lunars: Fangs at the Gate game for Exalted 3rd edition set in the West.
  • StateOfGrace - is the index page for "State of Grace", a Mage: the Awakening (2nd edition) game set in Arizona and the Western US.
  • ShatteredCity - in the index page for "Shattered City", a Exalted (3rd edition) game set in Chiaroscuro.
  • PerchanceGame - is the index page for "Perchance to Dream", a Changeling: the Lost game setting out of Boston, Mass.
  • NewBeginnings - the index page for "New Beginnings", the Exalted^2 game that I'm going to try to run once the new game comes out in a few weeks!
  • IntoThatGoodNight - the index page for "Into That Good Night", a Geist campaign.
  • GameOfPowers - the index page for "Game of Powers", a Nobilis campaign!
  • KerberanDescent - the index page for "Kerberan Descent", the Wild Talents game set in the world of the Kerberos Club.
  • MandateOfHeaven - a setting I'm currently in the process of creating, here for collaboration with Bri and others.
  • Beyond All Horizons
  • Index - is the index page for "Return to Tumult", the long-awaited Sequel to the events of my first Exalted campaign, "Time of Tumult".
  • CrownMountain - is the index page for "Crown Mountain", the Werewolf: the Forsaken game set in Northwest Georgia and specifically Dahlonega.
  • LandOfFlowers - is the index page for "Land of Flowers", a Vampire: the Requiem game setting out of Miami, Florida.
  • Awakenings - my nMage game set in Southeast Florida, focusing on secrets and mystery!
  • TheGame - normal gamers, absurd situations. get your game on!

Some Crunch, including Artifacts, Sorcery and the CharmsIndex.

LunarsRevised is a project I am pursuing, designed at completely redesigning the mechanical stuff and some of the setting material from Exalted: the Lunars.