the Game of Powers is set upon a world very much like our own; the Ash Earth. We might think of it as taking place in 'the future', if only by a small span, but when one catalogs the differences between "Earth" and "Ash Earth" that is only the most meager of the differences. For instance! Our world is in fact a planet, which orbits around a sun at the edge of one galaxy amongst the universe. This is also true of Ash Earth, but, Ash Earth is //also// a ripe fruit hanging from the world ash Yggdrasil. That is, in point of fact, why we have given this world the name 'Ash Earth'. Even more importantly, Ash Earth is pockmarked with the secret magical worlds which are known by a few as Chancels. Once part of the world, they have been sequestered from the rest of the world to protect the dormant bodies of the Imperators?: the primal forces and strange forms that build up and yet precede reality. The Liege Lords of the All. Some are angels, others are demons or gods. Some are even monstrously huge giant serpents that love life and growing things.

What do the Chancels protect the bodies of these Ymerae from? Well, the Excrucians? of course! The Dark Horsemen rode into our reality from... outside the close of the last age bearing weapons that bear names such as Abomination and Atrocity. Stars fall from their eyes and they seek to unmake all things; so the Imperators created chancels for their bodies and sunk into the spirit world to try to contain and confront the threat posed by the Dark Horsemen. Yet, that was not enough, and thus were created the Nobilis.

Ah, the Nobles! These are most important of the forces on the Ash Earth, at least, for our purposes. To be sure, a great many interesting characters dwell upon this world and make their own contributions, from the most meager human to the most powerful lords of the wild. It is upon the Nobilis, however, that our attention now falls and upon whom so much hope rests. Once they were human, you see, like you and me. Then! BAM! Someone shoves a fundamental facet of reality into ones soul, with all the grace of an icepick to the side of the head. Well, except considerably less messy and dead-making. Not that being dead is all that big a deal, for one of the Nobilis!

Now they stand astride the world, lords of the Chancels, earthly embodiments of Fire or Cars or Glory.

We might think of them as Gods.

The Game of Powers, for "Power" is another term for the Nobilis, is the story that we shall tell of their lives.

The Players

our Familia Caelestis

 Aisekikawa, Loyalty's-Marchessa
 Fenix Hawke, Renewal's-Viscount
 Kyanite Addison, Winter's-Duke
 Adam Kadmon, Faith's-Baron

Loyal Servitors of our lady, Lariníen, all!

Group Projects

 Loyalty Projects - All Projects headed up by by Aisekikawa
 Renewal Projects - All Projects headed up by Fenix Hawke
 Winter Projects - All Projects headed up by Kyanite Addison
 Faith Projects - All Projects headed up by Adam Kadmon