Lunars Revised

A project by Brandon Quina (a.k.a. Crowned Sun)

Setting & Character

The Setting
I will do what I can to "fiddle" a bit with the Lunars setting AFTER I have gotten a good start on the rules material related to the Lunars. The goal for the setting is to remain true to the essential spirit and theme of Lunars (barbarian heroes from the edge of creation), while allowing more flexibility and interesting stories.

The Castes

  • Full Moons? - the chosen of the Full Moon; hardy survivors and warriors
  • Changing Moons? - the chosen of the Shifting Moon; cunning tricksters and wild men
  • No Moons? - the chosen of the New Moon; wise lorekeepers and

Rules & Traits

Character Creation & Traits



''If I'm making new Lunars rules, I might as well make some Moonsilver Artifacts, eh?

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