"Kerberos House",-- the Cabal's Sanctum-- 18 merit dots.

  • Safe Place (5), a SAFE PLACE, reinforced and comfortable.
    • Sanctum (5), an mystically significant Sanctum of some power!
    • Sanctum Prestige, 1, a place of some reputation.
    • Hallow 4, which produces Tass in the form of crystal clear water. 4/day, stores a max of 12.
    • Retainer, 3, the Cabal's Majordomo.
      • The sanctum also has a few other servants, under the direction of the Majordomo.
    • Note: The Sanctum is loosely affiliated with Benton's Mystery Cult.
      • As such, the Cabal/Sanctum can benefit from his Allies 2 (Cultists).

Other Attached Merits

  • Library 2 (Crafts)
  • Library 3 (Occult)
    • Advanced Library (Demonology)

Timeline Changes

  • Harriet
    • "Sanctum Contribution" +2, in general improvements that alt-Harriet made to the Sanctum.
    • Silver Ladder Status +1/2, reflecting Harriet's increased standing in the Ladder and position as a Lector.
    • Lex Magica (2), reflecting Harriet's increased understanding of the Lex and her training as a Lector.
    • Automotive speciality in Crafts, from her work with Wraith learning about cars and what not.
    • Taste (1), from Harriet's work at both school and at the autoshop where she works part-time.
  • Courtney
    • Library 3, Occult specialization, tucked away in the Sanctum.
    • Advanced Library 1, with the Topic of "Demonology," also tucked away in the Sanctum.
    • "Sanctum Contribution" +2, alt-Courtney's contribution to the Sanctum.
    • Language 1 (Ancient Egyptian)
  • Benton
    • Egregore 2, additional initiation into the Mysteries of the Mysterium,--
    • Changeling Retainer/Wife, 4, for the purposes of Beatrice, an Autumn Courtier.
    • "Sanctum Contribution", +1, alt-Benton's contribution to the Sanctum.
  • Jackie
    • Resources 2, not quite as free-flowing resources as she's used to, as a lot of stuff is tied up in...
    • "Sanctum Contributions" +4, alt-Jackie's improvements and contributions to her Sanctum. I.e., her House.
    • Fame +1/3; this version of Jackie is still rather more in the public eye,- but has recently gone through a bit of a scandal,--
  • Siet
    • Contacts 1 (Occult Underground), in the current timeline, Siet acted as the group's go-between in the local occult underworld. He knows people.
    • "Sanctum Contributions", +3, alt-Siet's improvements and contributions to the Sanctum.
    • Allies 3 (Misha, and her Brood), representing Siet's contacts in the Seattle Beast Community, and the local Hive.
  • Tero
    • Not Dead (was killed by the Third-Eye Killer,-- might be worth asking WHY,-- maybe a future obsession)
    • Fame +1/2; bodyguard/security agent to the stars, who was a former child actor, involved in an LA Legend? Surprisingly well-known.
    • Arrow Status +1/2; recognition for his deeds, putting him slightly higher in rank than some of the rank initiates, as he's somewhat proven under fire.
    • Contacts 1; in the world of Corporate Security
    • Enchanted Item 2; some "bullet proof" low-profile clothes, of some kind, which Tero doesn't have to maintain.
    • "Sanctum Contributions", +2, Tero's improvements and contributions to the Sanctum.

Merit Overviews

Harriet Merits

Striking Looks **

Harriet stands out in a crowd and knows how to put her looks to proper use. Her gothic and regal bearing is both beautiful and overwhelming.

Patient *

Her love of art and sewing has encouraged her to be willing to take time to do things right.

Library (Crafts) **

She's built quite the Library on the fundamentals of crafting, especially fiberwork and sewing or vehicle maintenance and modification.

Artifact (Blue Diamond) *****

A large hunk of pure Destiny.

Potent Nimbus **

Her Nimbus is extraordinary powerful, adding +4 to calculated Gnosis for effect.

Safe Place *

Harriet has helped make Jackie's mansion into a decently safe place for her and others.

High Speech *
Silver Ladder Status **
Lex Magica **
Shadow Name ***

Britomart has become more than just a name for Harriet, and its symbols of nets, serpents, horror, beauty, knightly, loyal and chaste nature are tools she can rely upon.

Taste *

She has amazingly refined tastes, especially in the areas of techno-goth fashion.

Courtney Merits

  • Good Time Management (1pt)
  • Investigative Prodigy (2pt)
  • Trained Observer (1pt)
  • Shadow Name: Ifrit (3pt)
  • High Speech (1pt)

Benton Merits

Order Status (Mysterium) **

Benton is a trusted but still-low ranking member of the Reclaimants, who works under Tyche in the local Caucus, and enjoys the support of the Order.

Destiny *

You have a grand destiny. Each chapter, you can use each dot of this destiny to gain the rote quality on a single mundane roll or reroll a single mundane action after you see the die result. You may spend a point of Willpower to use your Destiny with a spellcasting roll. Your character also has a Doom, in Benton's case, Women. He only gains +2 dice (or +1 to a static value) when using his willpower to avoid the Doom, but may regain any spent Willpower when using the points to further his Doom.

Mystery Cult Influence ***

Benton has found wielding some control over a local Mystery Cult, without actually being a member of the Cult, since his Awakening. This is something that happened over the course of his work recovering a powerful Artifact and keeping an eye on the cult has more or less become part of his duties to the Order. He gains the following benefits:

  1. the Artifacts specialty for Occult.
  2. The Allies (Cultists) merit, at level 1, representing his contacts in the Cult.
  3. The Safe Place merit, at level 2, representing his domicile.

Jackie Merits

Fame 2, Jackie is the famous former-star of "Grace Under Fire."

Siet Merits

Anonymity *

Siet doesn't have a lot of paperwork associated with his face. (-1 to attempts to find character via paper/electronic trail)

Danger Sense **

He's used to being stalked, and can rarely be surprised any more. (+2 to detect ambush, if roll succeeds initiative becomes attacker’s +1 and +2 defense for the first turn)

Direction Sense *

He doesn't get lost in urban environments. (Aware of direction and never has penalties to navigate)

Fleet of Foot *

Siet gets into trouble a lot, and his preferred method of dealing with it is running away. (+1 speed, -1 to opponent’s pool when pursuing in a footrace)

Indomitable **

He's got a slippery mind for some reason...(+2 to contest supernatural mind-influencing effects (or -2 to their pool if it’s resisted))

Parkour (style) **

Siet has been in urban environments most of his life, and knows how to get away from someone without hurting himself.

Flow (•): -3 to successes needed to evade a pursuer, ignore 3 dots of env. penalties to athletics
Cat Leap (••): 1 auto sx to mitigate falling damage, +3 to damage levels that can be removed
Wallrun (•••): Without rolling, your character scales10 feet + five feet per dot of Athletics as an instant action, rather than the normal 10 feet
Safe Place *

The group safe place

Tero Merits

  • Grappling (2pts); Sprawl - +2 to resist overpower rolls; Takedown - Can render opponents prone with Brawl, and do bashing damage.
  • Defensive Combat (1pt) - Can use Brawl for Defense if you want (meaning you can add Dirty Fighting specialty)
  • Fame (1pt) - People shout your catch phrase at you at the worst times
  • Resources (2pts) - Still somewhat wealthy from your acting, stunt double (and bodyguard) days
  • Trained Observer (3pts) - x8 on Perception rolls.
  • Striking Looks (1pt)
  • High Speech (1pt - free)
  • Adamantine Arrow Status (1pt - free)