Matters of Ritual And Mystical Tradecraft

Perfecting Materials

While it is quite simple to perfect the Seven Metals, other materials are more difficult using Hone the Perfected Form. This is represented by requiring Reach to do them. But it is a gradient where some are easier than others where they reflect Supernal truths in a more direct manner than others.

Reach +1: Gems, cloth, leather, water, acid, glass, bone, and refined alcohol all are at this level of difficulty as are living flesh and blood (though requiring Life 3 as well) or fire (instead requiring Forces 3 as well).
Reach +2: Most other materials are at this difficulty, with a few exceptions being greater.
Reach +3: Waste products are incredibly difficult (and some question the point) to Perfect. The products of disease and rot generally fall into this difficulty.


Sanctum Bindings ( to )

Prerequisite: Sanctum +
Effect: Through sacred geomancy, you have learned to provide stability to released spells in your Sanctum.

Benefit: For each dot, one released spell is stable and doesn't risk paradox for its duration as long as its direct effects do not leave the area of the Sanctum. Once leaving though, the countdown begins and will not stop, even if the spell's effects once again are limited to only the Sanctum. Generally, this is used with imbued items to have less worry about their effects going awry.