Achievements are all the rage!

Here are some of the ones the SI Crew has unlocked:

Events and Story

  • Back in Black - Watch the Ebon Dragon rise again
  • The Scarlet Letter - find out what REALLY happened to the Scarlet Empress
  • Drag-gone! - Kill the Ebon Dragon
  • Veteran of the Red Lily - Kill Lai Misuna while he has control of the Realm Essence Grid
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us - Take over 5 countries
  • The Inevitable - Destroy Gem
  • Something Went Wrong - Mess up a perfect plan through action or deliberate inaction
  • It All Came Together - Tie together a bunch of thought-to-be-unrelated plot points in one fantastic stroke
  • An Historic Occasion - visit the past
  • Cold Case - Solve a First Age mystery

Magic and Essence

  • Adamant Void - Learn the 3rd Circle of Sorcery/Necromancy
  • SCIENCE! - Discover Motonics
  • Coming Right Up - Perform a successful summoning of the First Circle, a minor elemental, or a mortal ghost
  • Contest of Wills - Perform a successful summoning of the Second Circle, a major elemental, or a powerful ghost
  • WTF Were You Thinking? - Perform a successful summoning of the Third Circle, an Elemental Dragon, or an Exalted Ghost
  • Naughty Girls Need Love Too - fall in love with, or have sex with, a demon
  • Pro-creation - create new life, however you may define it
  • Collect All Five - collect all five Seals of the Deliberative
  • Making a List - collect all the ingredients on the Exaltation Checklist


  • The Last Straw - Limit Break!
  • New Leaf - reinvent yourself
  • Scholar of Life - Learn something new!
  • I Can See Forever - Enhance your sight
  • A Blast From the Past - Have your previous incarnation's exploits come back in a useful way
  • Inheritance - Reacquire your First Age Artifact(s)
  • Surprise!!! - Actually be surprised
  • Bionic commando - replace a body part with an artifact
  • Level Up - Increase your Essence
  • Cheat Death - Death isn't /always/ final
  • Dawn of Dickery - Be such a wad that your character is retconned into a supervillain when you leave


  • With Friends Like These... - Switch sides, or have one of your Circlemates switch sides
  • Mind Games - Check out someone's mental landscape
  • Ninja Vanish - Be abducted by Cerin
  • Why Do Fools Fall in Love... - Do something stupid in the name of love
  • You're a Peach - Steal one or more Peaches of Immortality
  • Friends in Low Places - befriend an actually useful mortal
  • Friends in High Places - befriend a god


  • It Was Bound to Happen - Get kidnapped!
  • Vengeance is Mine - Eliminate your biggest enemy


  • The Pearly Gates - Visit Yu Shan
  • Hell, Why Not - Visit Malfaes
  • Sharing is Caring - Visit Tesearah
  • Lonely Travels - Visit Bi'allah
  • Draw the Line - Visit Elysion
  • In Your Orbit - Visit Xara
  • Font of Wisdom - Visit Letheon
  • Reflection of Death - Visit Netheos
  • Reach for the Sky - Visit Wasirru
  • Body of Metal - Visit Atomnos
  • This Isn't Hard - Visit Meru
  • Marco Polo - get lost in the Wyld
  • My Poor Manse - Chip Zahara's slate

OOC & Minis

  • The Cup In Front of Me - trick the GM into writing crunch for the pain-in-the-butt mechanical direction that YOU decided on
  • Maxi - participate in seven or more minis in a single week
  • You Killed What? - win a combat during a mini in which the GM is not present
  • Don't Kill The Game - Accumulate 500 unspent xp