Sol Invictus

Quotes from Sol Invictus

======== Birds-of-Trinity "A few well-placed hints, a bared hip, a smile...OR HOLY WAR!" ======== Zahara "For all his other flaws, he's not THAT bad to look at. Especially when he turns around."

Kai coughs. "Ehrm, yeah, but I'd never be able to look him in the eyes again."

Zahara "Sure you could. Just pretend they're on his butt cheeks." ======= Zahara "Ahh, finally, you speak the truth. For that you shall be rewarded. See how I do not crush your throat?" ======= Zahara "Why are you inside a corpse?"

Markuran "I jumped down its throat and kicked its brain out. Then another one attacked before I climbed out. I killed it too, so I'm just laying here." ======= Cerin "What a fascinating creature."

Markuran beats its head against the hard-packed ice and snow.

The fish-thing dies, and begins bleeding glowing blood which changes colors as it flows out, until several moments later the fish is entirely dead and the blood turns a deep black.

Cerin "What a fascinating corpse." ======= Cerin "I will love you forever...throughout the turning of the ages, throughout all the long years that time treads you will be in my heart. Always." ======= Birds-of-Trinity "A good scout is prepared for every occasion. This way, I have the appropriate response, regardless of whether we are invited to dinner or battle!" ======= Birds Of Trinity "And then, we can make new gods."

Zahara "Why would we want new gods?"

Birds Of Trinity "Why would we want new pastry, Zahara? Nothing stays fresh forever!" ======= Markuran "Um. I think I broke the desert." ======= Birds dives into the punch bowl with a battlecry, gripped by some mad premonition. ======= Birds Of Trinity "That will be a great deal of killing." She summons a servant. "I need eight hundred swords." ====== Kai hops down onto the ground. "Wow, this is a lot nicer than the places you guys usually take me." As an afterthought: "It's too bad Markuran isn't here, I'm sure he'd love to add to his collection of precious and semiprecious trees..." ====== Alostar "It is a great black beast that tears across the fields, leaving death and rot in its wake. What would you do against such a thing?"

Cerin appears before the elder, red ribbons flapping in the wind, golden bow in his hands. "I would kill it." ====== Kai disappears below decks for a few minutes. She returns clad in the officer's garb, clearly a little uncomfortable. Aftwe a few moments squirming in clother more formal than she's used to, she opens the top few buttons indignantly. "What, do realm officers not have tits?" ====== Zahara "Can anyone breathe... well.. watair?"

Kai starts to raise her and, then seems to remember something, and retracts.

Zahara "Kai? Something to share?"

Kai "No, I just remembered that, no, I can't." ======= Markuran throws open the trap door at the far end of the room and climbs up from below. "They said you'd all be in he...why is the sword on fire?" ======= A Gaggle Of Ninjas nods enthusiastically! ======= Thirteen "If there are no further questions, we may proceed to the next item on the agenda. Zahara?"

Zahara "Yes?"

Thirteen "I believe you were conducting this meeting." ====== Thirteen "You contend that we cannot overcome the Incarna. I contend that we can."

Thirteen "There is only one way to find out." ====== Markuran "Born of my ineffable intellect and Cerin's sneaky, cunning ways, our plan will surely result in Ahlat's utter defeat and vanquishment."

Zahara "Uh.. huh." ====== Birds growls and dives at a random aurochs. "YOU KILLED MY FATHER!"

Markuran "I thought Birds's father died in a fishing accident..."

Birds recovers from her attack a bit. "Just getting in the mood, you know." ======= Kai :: Is there any part of reality that isn't trying to kill you? ::

Cerin ::Some pebbles?::

BirdsOfTrinity ::I think I patched up things with my ex.:: ======= Zahara :: ....? Are you saying the monkey casts sorcery....? ::

Kai :: A little. :: ======= Zahara "Ah, but I have the power of Sorcery at hand. And a monkey."

Kai quietly: "It's my monkey...." ======= Thirteen "Do you often run like an unleashed hound after every false scent the Red Lily drags across your trail?"

Kai "Yes." ======= Thirteen "Since then I have had a chance to peruse Birds-of-Trinity's most interesting library."

Zahara "I assume you do not speak of The Recipe Vault."

Thirteen pauses. "I, too, assume this." ======= Birds is also making careful note of Marku's newfound interest in lizardkind. ======= Zahara "So, what was this you had to drag me out of the workshop for?" Zahara asks as she enters the meeting room.

Markuran "We have decided to kill Ahlat."

Zahara "Again?" ======= Arexus "Let's play a game. Guess how many people he killed."

Kai "Well, given that I'm guessing, it's either three or a whole damn lot." ======= Birds pokes Reaver. "Honey, puppies aren't tasty. Here, have a wind-up bird." She twists one up and sends it scuttling across the table. ======= Zahara "So Arexus was trying to trap a Yozi soul in it, when Rosada's soul was already in it, and then HIS soul got trapped in it?"

Kai "But! Ymir gets it back to Rosada some time before he dies!" a pause "OR! She gets it to Kiriath, who kills Rosada with it."

Birds Of Trinity "It must be getting crowded in there."

Zahara "So this sword was like a Cynis." ======= Zahara ::Hmmmm... our list keeps growing without end. I suspect I cast Benediction of Archgenesis on it while I was exceedingly drunk.:: ======= Zahara "Disrupt the magic!" she shouts as her blade whips through the air so fast that it is merely a tracery of golden light, leaving afterimages behind like the sparklers did before she accidentally burned her neighbor's house down with one when she was a small child. ======= Birds shrieks a jubilant war cry. "SOLARS ARE THE BEST!" ======= Zahara "Yes, well, with our luck, this diversion will last just long enough for someone to light the manse on fire." ======= BirdsOfTrinity "Huh. I guess this is what happens when you are me and you're not CONSTANTLY DISTRACTED BY THE WORLD DYING." ======= Birds Of Trinity "I'll be sure to be reborn as a giant. Or twins."

Birds Of Trinity "Yes, I think it'd be interesting to be twins."

Kai "Giant twins?"

Birds Of Trinity "Giant twins." ======= Iallu "We are GODS, not MORTALS. We do not dissent, we merely argue." Iallu retrieves her mug and takes another large sip. ======= Iallu makes a slightly cross expression at Zahara, and her facets grow smaller and more jagged-edged. "I can't very well stop pursuing my purpose simply because I am in mortal danger and under the threat of intense blackmail! I'm a GOD." She repeats this point as if the audience consists of fresh yearlings. "You've got to give me SOMETHING." ======= Iallu "So, with that taken care of...."


Iallu pauses.

Iallu "Oh, and thank you for the kitten." ======= Zahara crouches, rubbing her forehead. "Ugh.. remind me to only let not evil people use those rings." ======= Birds Of Trinity "It's true, Birds-of-Trinity is not a humorist!" ======= Zahara "Past lives do not determine current trustworthiness." she comments.

Birds Of Trinity "Well, if they do determine anything, I think we can trust him if he has killed any of us previously."

Zahara glares at Birds. "Not funny." ======= Zahara "There is only one Sunlands. There is only one of each of us."

Thirteen "And if you don't come up with a plan to defeat the armies that assail you, soon there won't be any."

Zahara "That is our problem. Not yours."

Thirteen "Yes. That's my point." ======= Birds Of Trinity "Our opponents are mighty, but stupid. I'll take the risk." ======= Birds "We should be getting to dinner, I think. Those sweets you two have been eating are starting to go to your bellies."

Thirteen "That is not actuallly possible."

Thirteen "However, I appreciate the sentiment." ====== Zahara was, in fact, rolling her eyes at 13

Thirteen doesn't notice. Or maybe he can hear your eyeballs turn. You don't know! ====== Birds appears with a basket of roast pork buns. "Where's our fearless sorceress?"

Birds "I hope she isn't having another unplanned excursion."

Kai takes a bun. "Bein' snooty," she says through a mouthful of pork. ====== Birds ::I guess they have been around too long to be fairly called upstarts.::

Birds "Birds-of-Trinity is nothing, if not fair!"

Zahara ::Indeed.:: She does not sound convinced.

Kai leans over to Birds. "You said the last part out loud." ====== Thirteen "Your incapacity to gather information is not my concern."

Thirteen "Let me amend that."

Thirteen "It was not formerly my concern." ====== Birds "Hell and the Underworld working together?" Birds feigns shock. "UnTHINKable. Scandalous! Impossible." ====== Zahara "I see. So your grand plan is to make Cerin find everything out?"

Kai "I like it. When does he start?" ====== Thirteen "Kai's words are constant wisdom. She ensures this by speaking only when she has something wise to say."

Kai smiles. "I generally wait 'til the yelling and posturing is all over before I try to say anything."

Thirteen "An excellent demonstration." ====== Zahara turns to Kai. "Now, dear, What were you saying before?"

Kai "Oh, you mean the part where I'm rebuilding the Radiant Sabres and Serenal is my First Lieutenant?"

Cerin "Yes."

Kai "Well, I'm rebuilding the Radiant Sabres and Serenal is my First Lieutenant." ====== Arbiter Of Stones "Most importantly of all, this investigation has given me the opportunity to study your motives."

Zahara "And have you found them pure enough for your liking?"

Thirteen "We are certainly fascinatingly driven individuals." ====== Thirteen "And how many men have you killed since then?"

Tepet Ejava "Many. But fewer than I have yet to kill before I die." ====== Thousand-Faced Man "This has been a most fortuitous encounter for us. I thank you for delivering the black sword to me."

Kai "Cherish your time with it, it won't be long."

Thousand-Faced Man "If you wish to think that. I might advise you to do the same with your life." He gestures dismissively with one hand. ====== Thirteen sits crosslegged near the Gate, quiet. In every motion, in every breath, he hears the words of a thousand languages never spoken. A leaf detaches itself from a tree; in the gentle sound of its descent, it whispers to Thirteen the plan he needs to rescue his friend from Hell. ====== Birds rubs her chin. "How smart -is- a mortal?"

Thirteen "Not smart enough."

Birds looks dismayed. ====== Birds nods. "What was your original face, before your parents were born?"

Zahara "...who are you asking?"

Birds "Oh, it's just another of those hard questions." ====== Zahara "Hmmm, I should build something here..." she muses, as she eyes the vast black desert

Thirteen "Perhaps a nice mass grave." ====== Sarifen "We are not finished with your friend yet. I am afraid she is still in possession of all of her souls, and we are not quite prepared to extract them. Perhaps you should come back later."

Birds exchanges a look with Zee. This demon is fresh.

Thirteen "I offer a counter-proposal."

Thirteen "Release her to us now, and you may attempt to kidnap her again when you are prepared. It is the height of poor etiquette to seize a Solar when you are not ready to handle her." ====== Kai takes the opportunity to shove a sword into (or at least "at") the bitch's midsection. Uhm, Shikaya, not Zee. ====== Thirteen "Excuse me. We were made to serve. We were meant to rule." ====== Zahara "Oh, my. You got blood on Creation." ====== Kai "Look, I'm sorry I got her blood all over the ice map thing! I'm sorry! Can you let it go!" ====== Thirteen "I have located the weapon systems."

Zahara "You made a mountain." she observes, pointing to the map.

Thirteen "Perhaps unsurprisingly, the two events are associated." ====== As the dust begins to blow away on the hot breeze, the other Solars can make out the creature's form -- its great red scales, glinting brighter than the finest diamonds; its eyes of fire, each bigger than a small town; it's horns, intricately scrimshawed in an alien tongue.

Birds "So Mirror, you know Ata'la? Get together for tea on occasions?"

Kai leans over to Thirteen. "I'm, uhm, I'm not going to go fight that. I hope that's okay." ====== Smoking Mirror thinks it odd that the Solars should be so curious as to his knowledge of his own detailed genealogical information, but says nothing. ====== Zahara lofts a brow, frowning. "That wasn't terribly nice of you. Oh, what was your name again? There are so many inconsequential people in this world..."

Thirteen "We will have plenty of time to learn her name by displaying her head to her next of kin." ====== Thirteen "How, exactly, could the Sun have betrayed both us and the gods?"

Cerin "Comprehensively?" ====== Zahara frowns, "Not to be a downer, but we really shouldn't have killed that woman so quickly."

Thirteen "Must you always opt for the slow lingering deaths?" ====== Birds leans off the edge of the city and shouts, "We're off to see the goddess!" Then she comes back. "Now we can surprise her." ====== Iallu nods. "What do you need?"

Thirteen "The Seals of the Solar Deliberative."

Iallu "Pffft. You already have one, don't you?" ====== Iallu curls her lip slightly. "The trouble with your predecessor is that she was not interested in creating secrets. If they were secrets, at least I would know about them." ====== Arbiter of Stones performs that eyebrow-raising-like gesture Thirteen has seen several times before. "You are as difficult as I remember you."

Thirteen "I am discouraged to learn that I have not grown any more difficult in the years since we have seen each other. I must redouble my efforts." ====== Zahara appears shortly after Birds. "Hello, there. How did your conversations with the Arbiter go?"

Birds "He seems nice. A bit sensitive, though."

Birds leans over to Zee to whisper, "I promised not to tell, but... he cried." ====== Thirteen "It is comforting to know that some things in this universe remain immutable constants. There are twelve planes, purity of soul leads to purity in combat, and the Arbiter of Justice knows what you are up to." ====== Zahara "I apologize for snapping, I am rather annoyed by being framed for murder."

Thirteen "You get used to it rather quickly, I assure you."

Zahara "I do not intend to make it a habit."

Thirteen "Neither did I." ====== Arbiter Of Stones "So, my guests." The Arbiter gestures airily with the wine in one hand and the jewelry in the other. "Why do you think I have brought you here?"

Thirteen "To offer us detached but rational appreciation for our assistance and offer us temporary positions of power?" ====== Birds "If I were to make Hundredfold, they would not be so...conspicuous."

Kai "If you made them, they would be fifteen foot tall biscuits who wandered around singing ballads."

Lucent "Now, Cerin needs to draw that."

Birds contemplates this.

Birds "Biscuits -are- delicious."

Kai "You would probably bake them little hats."

Cerin grins. "Kai speaks the truth."

Kai "And then I would feel bad for eating one of your divine minstrels."

Thirteen "If she made them as pastries, presumably they would be intended to be eaten."

Thirteen "They would probably take it as inspiration."

Birds "Once they are fully baked, of course."

Lucent "To sing songs about their own deliciousness?"

Birds "The adulation of the masses browns them with its spiritual heat!"

Kai "Well, then. I should like my divine minstrel with rasberries, and maybe a little frosting."

Cerin "Perhaps if we can get back into the matter at hand?" ====== Birds is in her library. All the books and scrolls are in neat piles on the floor, with scraps of paper on top: "World History", "Cooking", "Falsehoods", "Well-Meaning Misdirection", "Things Mortals Should Not Learn", "Poems", and so on. She is dusting the shelves intently.

Birds "Hmm. Does this go under Cooking, or Things Mortals Should Not Learn?" She flips through a small booklet.

Birds "Good morning, Thirteen. What do you think? Cooking, or Not For Mortal Eyes?"

Thirteen runs a finger over the pamphlet.

Thirteen "Hm. I had classified that as Well-Meaning Misdirection."

Birds "Hm."

Birds "Maybe so. I'll have to fact-check it then."

Thirteen "You will need the large oven." ====== Thirteen "To what do I owe this largesse?"

Belladonna "Well." She pauses to think a moment. "It's not because you're so nice and polite. Even though you DID warn me before destroying my entire society."

Thirteen "We did not warn anybody before destroying Atomnos's society. I mention this only so that you may be more aware of your exalted position." ====== Birds "When I was young, I trusted too many people, and that went badly for me." ====== Birds "Let me tell you a secret! We forget sometimes, but we are all still people." ====== Thirteen "Keep in mind that those possessions of yours we do not destroy will be useful for your second-in-command. Try to concern yourself with the future of the army you lead." ====== Tepet Ejava "I have been asked to bow down before more powerful and insistent men than you."

Thirteen "Yes, but there is a difference between them and I."

Thirteen "You defied them and survived."

Thirteen is still, and he begins to burn from within with a golden radiance.

Thirteen "If there are ablutions or shrivings that need to be performed, this may well be the appropriate time to do so, Tepet Ejava." ====== Zahara "It seems trouble dogs your heels, Thirteen."

Thirteen "Adventurers and adventure accompany each other. Which of them leads is of no account." ====== Thirteen "Our suspects can be reduced, for the moment, to the dozen diplomats that the victims dealt with during the arabesque."

Zahara frowns thoughtfully. "Unless they are smarter than we give them credit for."

Thirteen "Fortunately, they are not." ====== Zahara "We wish to speak with the leader of your city. Please send us such conveyance as is appropriate for those of rank."

Some Mook "Who are you? Where did you come from?" He is reaching for something on his belt as he speaks....

Zahara "We are emissaries from Meru." ::'We come in peace' is far too cliched for this, isn't it?::

Thirteen ::You have already asked him to take us to his leader. I do not think the avoidance of shopworn phrases should be our highest priority at this point.:: ====== Atomnos "YOU THINK YOURSELVES FIT TO SIT AT THE TABLE WITH THOSE WHO CREATED YOU"

Thirteen "No."

Thirteen "But I would put a dish on the floor for them." ======= Iallu attempts to raise her other eyebrow at this statement, before making a conscious realization that she needs to lower the first one for the gesture to have the proper effect and promptly correcting this error. ======= Iallu "The arrangement that... we, as gods, have with this world now is... insufficient." She gestures dramatically with the teacup.

Iallu "Being ignored by Heaven, except when they let us in for parties... having to bargain with the DRAGONLINGS" -- she clears her throat -- "for scraps, no worship structures worth a damn.... we have been SLUMMING IT for THOUSANDS OF YEARS." ======= Iallu "If you are looking to re-negotiate our arrangement I want to give some DEMANDS. In WRITING." She starts reaching for another bun when she is startled. "Dammit, Nibbles! You've soaked the tablecloth! You need to practice your pouring!" Another pause. "I'm sorry, mommy shouldn't yell. Smoking Mirror, could you get Nibbles a fish, please?" ======= Zahara glances around the room, "Do you need help putting your library in order?"

Thirteen "A bookshelf would be most welcome. And, perhaps, a cage."

Zahara "Two things which we have in abundance." ======== Thirteen "I am glad to know I have found as valiant a compatriot in this time as in the one that has past."

Ssithumi-an-Tohatep nods.

Birds "Everyone else was busy killing their husbands, I think." ======= Markuran snatches up a tibia and races after the black wind! ======= Zahara "I'm sure my ancestor was not all sunshine and light either." she smiles slightly.

Markuran "He wasn't locked in a block of death's metal on a guarded isle in the middle of a bottomless pit."

Zahara "" she prods the shards of soulsteel with a toe. "This is true." ======= Imrama "It is frustrating, and I feel somewhat inadequit to the task before me. But it is mostly sad." Imrama turns to look directly at Lucent. "You have been here longer than I, Lucent. Tell me: is it the natural order of things for the Empress and her General to be forever at each others' throats?"

Lucent "... at each others' threats? Imrama, they are so friendly nowdays." ======= Thirteen "Are you always?"

Phoenix takes Thirteen's hand and pulls him toward Zahara. "You have eyes. Always? Who are you kidding?" ======= alsoquin: definitely when I started SI

alsoquin: the idea that players would choose to schedule time to play outside of regular game sessions

alsoquin: SOLELY for the purpose of having ELABORATE ARGUMENTS in character

alsoquin: was not something I imagined would occur ======== Thirteen walks through the forests on the outskirts of the Cascade, looking for small animals to eat. ======== Belladonna "That's just like you! 'Hello, Belladonna, I knew you were there for two hours, why don't you carry your own things over for you, I'd do it myself only I can't be bothered to'!" She throws down a rather large and heavy-looking sack on the ground, near Thirteen's feet. ======== Demonic chefs cackle in the background as one tosses eggs and several small waterfowl through the air to another, directly over the Solars' heads. ======== Birds waves back to Luc and examines a stack of fruit critically. Did Cerin eat the last dragonfruit? What HAVE the help been doing? ======== Herons "As we speak, Cerin the Wolf carries with him a black ring, given to him by an Infernal Exalt... and under the destiny cast by Zahara's choice, no force in this world will prevent him from putting it on and passing into darkness."

Kai "Okay. And you want me to get it?" ======== Thirteen "I think...."

Thirteen "...that I have eaten as much as I care to."

Cerin "That is most unusual Thirteen. Was the pie not to your liking?" ======== Birds ::They do not speak with the customary deference.::

Birds ::On second thought...:: "You do not speak with the customary deference." ======== Zahara ::Oh and see if you can find the Heart of Autocthon. I would like some gold.::

Cerin ::Anything /else/ anyone would like while I am away?:: Cerin has only the merest strains of irony in his voice

Thirteen ::Whatever bagatelles you come across will no doubt be fine as souvenirs. I am given to understand that it is the thought that counts.::

Zahara ::Well since you asked, see if you can find anything... *interesting* that we might try on our island:: she sends only to him, along with a flash of the other things they've tried on the island.

Lucent ::Orichalcum artifice. I keep wondering what their golden objects are like::

Cerin ::*long suffering sigh*:: ======== Thirteen taps the remaining Exalt at the shoulder-joint with his spear, severing the arm, and catches the sword as it falls.

Lucent "You could have just knocked them down, Thirteen..." Lucent says, already looking at the glass.

Thirteen "I could also have killed them. I chose compromise." ======== Zahara "I want one of those." She points at the snakes.

Thirteen "They are annoying to feed."

Zahara "What do they eat?"

Thirteen "Quicksilver. Rock. Small buildings."

Zahara "Oh, I have plenty of that. Do they like small armies?"

Thirteen "There is really only one way to find out." ======== alsoquin "Free me! I am an agent of the Pentarch Order, here on the will of the Maker! Unhand me or you will face the ultimate retribution!" The threat is a little unimpressive coming from within the wrapping.

Zahara manages not to laugh out loud.

Thirteen "Ah, the ultimate retribution."

Thirteen "I am concerned." ======== Birds cuts the lines holding the ship underwater. Now we need only lift it. "If you see a rope with a red flag tied to it, pull it as hard as you can!"

Zahara obeys Birds, which may be a first.

Thirteen "What does the flag FEEL like?"

Birds "Cheap cotton!"

Birds "When are you going to get some eyes?! I know someone..."

Thirteen "I promise that I will have this conversation with you at another time." ======== Serenal "Queen Zahara, I regretfully inform you that Kai Buckthorn is no longer in residence within the Labyrinthine Cascade."

Zahara "Did she suddenly explode with power beyond mortal ken or some such?"

Thirteen "What, again?" ======== Atala With that, Ata'la turns towards the southerly direction and begins to saunter away, casually crushing hills and igniting small forests with each step.

Birds "Nice fellow."

Thirteen "Tall." ======== Thirteen brushes back the agitated servants as they attempt to prevent him from destroying the main course. Finally completing his ritual, he selects a particularly ominous sweetbread and eats it with relish as he returns to the party, absently shaking gore and marinade from his hands. ======== Lucent "This world is a sickness upon its people. It is wrong. It must change."

Lucent opens the Coronal, arranging the stars around him, the sun flashing bright above his face

Thirteen "I remain uninveigled."

Lucent "This does not work. And we burn what does not work."

Lucent ::... damnit, thirteen, DON'T make me giggle during the speech!:: ========

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