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Cerin ::Imrama, are you busy at present? I have a small problem which I believe you can help me with.:: Cerin enquires, as he sets down his quill, blowing softly on the page.

Imrama ::I was working on something, but I can finish it later. I'll be right there.:: Imrama leaves Admiral Longwhiskers III sleeping besides the unfinished, cat-sized replica of the Fable.

Imrama After a modest span of time spent searching the antagonistic halls of the manse, Imrama knocks on Cerin's door.

Cerin Cerin opens the door, and gestures for Imrama to step within. "Hello, Imrama. Thank you for taking the time for me." The study is much as Imrama remembers it, the wall of trophies and odd boxes more or less unchanged. Upon his desk there are several sheets of notes, although his gesture draws attention to the smaller table with several chairs around it, upon which sits a tea service, and a tall stack of papers.

Imrama takes a seat and looks over the papers with interest. "My pleasure, Cerin. May I ask what sort of mystery you are delving into today?"

Cerin "Demons," he says easily enough. "Tea?"

Imrama "A creepy but intriguing subject." Imrama responds. "And yes, please."

Cerin pours Imrama and himself some tea. "During my travels, and especially during my time as an Infernal, I have encountered many of them. But recently I decided to put ink upon paper, and write something of a treatise upon them."

Imrama "To catalog the adversaries of Creation seems most prudent." Imrama sips his tea, and seems quite pleased with the taste of it.

Imrama "How can I help?"

Cerin takes a sip of his tea and nods. "That is what I thought. However, there is a small problem. Whilst I know much about their essential makeup, geneology and other such useful things, what I have very little idea of in many cases is their names."

Imrama "Ahhhhhh." Imrama smiles through the collumn of steam rising from his tea.

Cerin He gestures to the pile of papers. "That pile represents my work at the current stage, with the demons categorised by probable progenitor and circle."

Imrama eyes the stack of papers while gulping his remaining tea. "May I have a look?"

Cerin "Of course."

Imrama sets down his cup and places it neatly to the side. He then picks up the sheef of papers and begins leafing through them, paying close attention to the illustrations.

Cerin The stack is quite sizable and quite variable. Some sheets are little more than a small series of annotated sketches, both visual and essential, with a futher description of things such as sounds, smells or behaviors. Others are much more significant pieces with histories, significant summonings both verified and legendary, along with known manifested powers. Many of these tracts are annotated with sources, ranging from exalted (...)

Cerin and hundredfold scolars in the first age, to childrens nursary rhymes from small tribes in the jungle.

Knowledge floods into Imrama's mind as the strange, undulating rhythms of the demonic nomenclature fill the limits of his perception. In a few places, he can actually see that some of the lineages happen to be a little off. (...)

The progenitor names embedded in the very being of demons allows for a far greater list of unillustrated names to be generated. Among other things, the list produces the names of several additional Yozis: Kagami, Uthlanga, Ji-Rosh, Lytodea, Uzeki.

Imrama , his eyes wide blinks for a moment under the torrent of information. "Could I have a pen?" he asks.

Cerin "Most certainly," Cerin says as he hands over the Haliime quill and several sheets of blank paper.

Imrama takes up the quill and begins transcribing. He is careful to highlight the names of undepicted Yozis.

Cerin Cerin, of course, isn't surprised by this development. He is however quite excited. "Ah, of course! This is excellent, Imrama!"

Imrama "I quite agree." says Imrama, scribbling off the last pictogram, puting down his quill and retrieving a hankerchief with which to mop his brow.

Cerin "Hmm, yes." He notes as he takes the sheaf, and the much larger stack, setting them upon his desk. "That will be most useful, both for my treatise and outside of it." He picks up another, thinner, stack of papers. "I now wonder what information will be gleaned from this similar work about the Hundredfold," he says as he sets them down. "More tea?"

Imrama closes his eyes, smiling and reading himself for the examination of the second treatise. "Please."

Imrama moves his gaze to the new stack of papers.

Cerin pours some tea for Imrama, as he considers the demonic information unveiled, and how that fits into his view of Creation.

The names of the Hundredfold do not internally reference their progenitors in the fashion of the Demons. In many cases, Cerin's drawings provide rather strange information -- like the individual names of specific Hundredfold beings, many of them now long dead. (...)

Cerin The Hundredfold stack is much like the demons stack, some, like the Dragon Kinds are very well documented, even down some of the details of the religeous dispute and their relationship with the Olchilike. Others are exceedingly vague, such as a reproduction of some of Ymir's notes on the Trinsoii. The un-named sketches are rarer, but there are several, ranging from the four limed creatures of flame found in the mines to the (...)

Cerin manifold array of species encountered as part of the campaign upon the Red Lily. Again, many of the histories have annotations from a very wide range of sources.

In other cases, however, Cerin's drawings succeed in successfully depicting the abstract totality of the races in question. The names begin to appear to Imrama: the Marax-Do, the Gha'bi, the Fires-in-Shadow -- that being the creature Cerin slew in the caves -- and many others.

Imrama resumes the process of scribbling names. He takes the time to note both the race names and the names of individuals, where they present themselves.

Cerin "Hmmm, now that is interesting," Cerin remarks as he notices the differences in the names, some individual, some of the species. "Thank you, once more."

Imrama "Dnn mhmm mnt." Imrama says while quaffing tea.

Cerin Cerin grins. "I think there is one more item you might be interested in," he says, as he lifts the tea service and then the papers to his desk. He then kneels before one of the boxes, doing something rather complex with the essence before he draws out a scroll. "Ymir's research into the Sidereals and Heaven at large," he says of the contents of the box, unrolling the scroll to reveal a fantastically detailed starmap, which he spreads out across the whole of the top of the table.

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