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Cerin There is a knock upon Imrama's door, and when he opens it, Cerin is revealled. He is dressed in clothes of a casual cut, blue-grey in colour though they are of a fine quality, probably Zahara's. He has in his hands a small box, and on top of it, some papers written in his neat hand.

Imrama "Good day, Cerin. What brings you to my door?"

Cerin "I would like to talk with you about assassinations, and also An-Teng," he says. "Also, I have a gift for the Admiral."

Imrama opens the door wide, and welcomes his friend in with an outstretched arm. In the background, Admiral Longwhiskers the Third sits lazily on his ship, one eye open underneath a jaunty pirate's hat.

Cerin Cerin walks into the room, depositing the sheaf of paper on to a table within the room before he walks over to Admiral Longwhiskers, stroking the cat under the chin.

Imrama Admiral Longwhiskers purrs, appreciatively.

Cerin "Admiral Longwhiskers," he says, smiling at the cat. "I have for you a crew."

Imrama looks over, intrigued.

Cerin Cerin sets down the box on the deck of the ship, opening it up to reveal a stack of wooden cut outs. The top one is Zahara, dressed as she had been during their piratical adventures, head scarf at a jaunty angle, and reaver perched upon her shoulder, holding a parrot's feather in his mouth.

Imrama comes over to admire Cerin's handiwork. Addressing his cat: "Look at this: you truly are an Admiral now. To Cerin: "Thank you very much for the gift, my friend. You mentioned that you also came to talk?"

Cerin Cerin sets her out on the decks, to reveal a cut out of Phoenix, dressed as she had been for the deliberative meeting, mask of gold and trailing ribbons to lift her from the decks. "Yes, about the assassination of members of the Deliberative, or members of their governments."

Imrama "Whom do you have in mind?" Imrama, clad in a sumptuous purple robe, pours a tall glass of something thick, red and sweet-smelling into a chilled glass, and proffers it to Cerin. "Besides the obvious, of course."

Cerin "Thank you," he takes a sip of the drink, then sets Phoenix out upon the deck, to reveal a cut out of Thirteen, dressed in the robes of the leader of the Heartwood Spearfolk ... as a pirate. He has two eyepatches. "My investigations have suggested to me that Creation may well be improved without certain members of the governments of Coral."

Imrama "Your conclusions do not surprise me: the best of Coral's leaders are motivated by greed, and the remainder are motivated by sadism." Imrama sips his own drink, thinks for a moment, and then adds, "But not the nice kind of sadism."

Imrama "Have you identified some of them as particularly foul, or others below them as uncharacteristically noble?"

Cerin Cerin grins and sets out Thirteen on the deck to reveal a cutout of himself, dressed in his black armour, ribbons caught mid-flutter in a breeze which isn't there. His small golden dagger is thrust into his belt at a jaunty angle. "A great many. Although far too many to simply kill out of hand," he says. "I do not think we wish to destroy the government."

Imrama "No, do not think that either. What do you have in mind?"

Cerin "It occured that through the cutting down of various people ... it need not be through violence ... that some governmental reform can be enacted. Whilst I know many details about the personalities invoked, I am less sure about the effects of removing them as players," he sets himself on the deck of the ship to reveal Varanim. Her soulsteel arm is painted in great detail and is holding a bottle of rum. Her clothing is patchwork and (...)

Cerin looks highly piratical.

Imrama "I wonder if any necessary and sudden changes in the fortune of certain of Coral's leaders could be connected profitably with that Dragonblood they sent as a patsy to the Deliberative. He seemed the sort who just might benefit from a sudden increase in standing."

Cerin "It is possible. He is ambitious and has started to make connections within the government. It was why he was sent." He sets Varanim out on the deck. The next cut out is Kai, also dressed in the outfit taken on their piratical jaunt, her sword reworked into a rather wicked looking scimitar. He looks thoughtful. "Possibly the minister for trade ..."

Imrama "You also mentioned An-Teng?"

Cerin "Ah yes. I would like to see the Golden Childen in more power there," he sets Kai down and sips his drink. "A problem similar to that posed by Coral, although the government is that much more complex, and less corrupt." Below Kai there was Lucent. He is dressed as a cabin boy, although quite possibly the most impressive cabin boy there has ever been, as he still wears the Coronal.

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