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Cerin Cerin had asked for anyone who wasn't otherwise engaged if they would come to the forth tea garden, as he has a matter of some import to discuss with them - the fate of the gods.

Imrama arrives almost immediately, with a somewhat solemn look, and an affable-looking Admiral Longwhiskers perched on his shoulder.

Varanim wanders in wearing clean but shabby clothes, hair neatly swept back, twirling a stained silver hook around one finger. "I just learned how to do the most disgusting thing," she says in a somewhat raspy voice, looking quite pleased with herself.

Cerin "Welcome," Cerin inclines his head to the Air Admiral and then to the cat. And then to Varanim "Oh?"

Colapso walks in yawning. Not getting much sleep lately. "What is it...?"

zahara shows up, looking distracted, and walks up to cerin, giving him a kiss. "Hello, love."

Cerin kisses Zahara back, smiling softly. "Hello," he whispers after the kiss breaks.

Varanim "There's this thing you can do where you stick a wire down your throat and pull out your po. How cool is that?" Varanim slouches into a seat, eyes drifting half closed almost immediately.

zahara eyes Varanim strangely "What do you do with it afterwards?"

Varanim looks shifty-eyed. "Stuff."

zahara raises a brow

Varanim "But, hey, gods. What's up with THAT?"

Cerin "That I would very much like to see," Cerin says, seemingly genuinely interested.

Cerin "Well, there are several things to consider about Gods. However two present themselves immediately: What to do with the Lily supporters and what to do about our divine priviledges, which have been absent of late."

Varanim "Your divine whats?"

Imrama "There are certain provisions of bureaucratic authority conferred upon Solars by caste. They were established by the ancient Deliberative, and have fallen into default."

Colapso "We should place them on trial. Especially Ahlat."

Imrama "Actually, I would lobby for lenience for the Lily supporters among the gods. In particular, for Ahlat."

Cerin "Why Ahlat, in particular?" He looks for the two to provide answers.

zahara "Well he did get away TWICE."

Lucent "Because the deaths on the South are in his head. He was supposed to provide protection as a God of War, to regulate the coming wars in favor of Creation. Yet he was on the side of those who ripped a path of death throughout the south."

Lucent "Imrama, I do not desire them dead. There are fines and sanctions that may serve as veredicts. They can be a demonstration of our lenience, but a general armistice is not something I would recommend."

Imrama "I am not arguing for a general amnesty, but a formal trial may leave us with fewer options."

Imrama "I would like to see if a bargain can be struck, to extract a binding oath from the offenders and turn a faction boiling with discontent into a pack of staunch allies."

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