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alsoquin Cerin reawakens in the Eclipse Chamber of the Manse -- though unlike when he left it, no one else is anywhere in sight. To his side lies the bag given to him by Ymir just moments -- and yet millennia -- ago, the black armor still within.

Cerinfernal "Ah, I'm back." He remarks softly to no one in particular and then he casts his vision around him, checking to see if he is really alone before he stores the bag in his cache egg. Then he sets out quietly to find Lai.

alsoquin The path leads Cerin down to the fourth floor and around the New Moon room; it is clear that afterwards, Lai has taken a detour of some kind down into the Planar rooms on the third floor rather than moving directly into the Twilight chamber.

Cerinfernal ignores the new moon room for the moment, but does travel down via one of the many passages built into the walls of the manse descending to the lower floor, spending some time listening through the walls of the Elysion room.

alsoquin "What the hell are those Abyssals doing here?" is the first thing Cerin hears through the wall.

Cerinfernal Trying to steal the world as well, I suspect Cerin comments mentally.

alsoquin "It's fine," says another voice. "We got away from them. We'll give them a minute to get lost again and then head back up."

alsoquin The first voice is in likelihood Lai's; the second is not one Cerin has heard before, though the man with the jade eye seems like a reasonable candidate.

Cerinfernal continues to listen, casting about with his limited through-walls perceptions for signs of the abyssals.

Hieronymous It's difficult to be entirely certain, but it seems likely that the Abyssals have moved into the Shadeborn-related room immediately to the north.

Cerinfernal That, Cerin decides, is probably not good. He decides to leave Lai and co. for the moment and begins to make his way toward the shadeborn room.

Hieronymous Cerin comes upon the door, still sealed -- sounds are coming from within, as if someone is ruffling through papers and various metallic and glass objects.

Cerinfernal finds himself a concealed cubby hole where he can both listen to the sounds coming from the room and intercept the abyssals should they seek to close with Lai.

Hieronymous A gruff voice seems to be directing another individual to look through the items in the room. "They must be here. Every place in Netheos is documented here."

Cerinfernal I wonder who 'they' might be he muses, as he settles down to listen.

Hieronymous More rustling, more clanging, and a voice: "Ah, here they are. The secrets of the Labyrinth will be ours, now." And just a moment later, the door down the hallway that Cerin listened at a moment ago opens nearly soundlessly, and without looking, he can see Lai slip through it and charge up the stairs.

Cerinfernal decides to keep watch on the door, but takes advantage of a passageway within the manse to do it from a position closer to Lai and the Twilight room.

Hieronymous Cerin works his way into a passageway that lies between the two floors, which conveniently allows him to spy on both Lai and the Abyssals.

Hieronymous The former takes a rather circuitous route -- he is clearly concerned that someone will be waiting for him at the doorway to the chamber -- while the latter seem to have located both a map and a set of small soulsteel objects -- bells, rings, tiny knives, and others -- which seem to have some connection to the Labyrinth they mentioned.

Cerinfernal studies the map as best as he is able as he tracks Lai's circuitous route. He's fairly sure someone will show up if he meanders more

Hieronymous Cerin easily commits the map -- as strange and non-Euclidean as it appears to be -- to memory. Lai, meanwhile, ducks briefly into another Shadeborn-themed room, at the far south of this floor.

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