The Sol Invictus Mixtape Project

Your almighty GM demands musical satisfaction. You are my slave audience to achieve it. Get to work!

What to do

Assemble a mix. What that means is: create a sequence of songs you personally would like to share with the class.


  • A CD-R is 80 minutes; a cassette is two 45 or 50 minute sides; so aim for between 60 and 100 minutes.
  • The purpose of this exercise is to introduce people to new music, so:
    • Avoid doubling up on artists, and
    • Try to pick a good portion (not necessarily all) of songs as introductions to good bands, rather than the only song you like from a particular artist.
  • Try to ensure some variance in the mix. I'm pretty sure none of you listen to Norwegian black metal exclusively or anything, so this shouldn't be too hard.
  • Feel free to "theme" your mix in any particularly inventive way if you so desire.
  • Include whatever you happen to like and/or think others would enjoy listening to!
  • There's plenty of good mixtape advice in High Fidelity, both film and book versions. The most important advice: start off with something good, finish with something great, and make sure each set of two songs sounds good next to each other.


  • Everyone can play mp3s. Use non-DRMed mp3s (any encoding and bitrate is fine) and include an m3u playlist to dictate track order.
  • Zip the whole thing up in an archive file (.zip and .rar are both easily openable on essentially any platform), and
  • Upload it to one of the several large file hosting/transfer services freely available on the web, or your own web space. (Off the top of my head,,, or should both work.)
  • Post the link (along with your identity) at the bottom of the page here.
  • Download everyone's mixes, listen, and enjoy!

When it's Due

Have your mix done and uploaded by the start of game on April 18th April 25th.

The Mixes

The Music Outside -- Shreyas

This is from Shreyas. Notes upcoming...

Music Underscores The Tragedy -- Kelly

P.S. You Rock My World -- Josh

Arc -- Char

Welcome to Fucktown -- Liam

Tunes And Things -- Jon

Download Rar on this page

Love Letters from a Bird -- Shreyas

Here it is

Beautiful Addiction
Audiovent: Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris
Pretty Girl (The Way I Love You)
Sugarcult: Start Static
I'm Like A Bird
Element 101: Punk Goes Pop
Comme un Homme
Disney: Mulan Franšais
Another Perfect Day
American Hi-Fi: American Hi-Fi
M.I.A.: Arular
Dance Inside
The All-American Rejects: Move Along
Snow Angels
One Less Reason: A Day To Be Alone
Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory
Become What You Hate
Midtown: Living Well is the Best Revenge
Going Under
Evanescence: Anywhere but Home
Ladytron: Light & Magic
Another Boy
Midtown: Save the World, Lose the Girl
Breathe (feat. Sean Paul)
Blu Cantrell: Bittersweet
Going Going Gone
Paloalto: Shallow Hal OST
Take Me Back
Story Of The Year: In The Wake of Determination