Organising the defence of Solaria against the Broken Suns terror plot!

Information Gathering

  • Further information from Telani
  • Ahina + Ninja on border patrol to try and monitor arms deals
  • Dream Interception (Is this possible? What info does it reveal?)
    • Is possible, we have an expert. Need to find stuff out.
  • What is Lucien doing in all this?
  • Looking through buildings for people with the tattoo? How does that work?
  • Where does Footstep-Guiding for plot info lead?
  • Zee uses super-bureaucracy anti-corruption, turns up someone to interrogate?


Really need more information here, but!

  • Lucent somewhere mostly away from people.
  • Need to persuade Zee to cast me some teleports into my Cord.
  • Swift Falcon to watch Lucent
  • Ahina + Ninja's near secondary target
  • Cerin, anyone else who wants to be involved, for rapid response.
  • Ebon, if I'm allowed by char, to horribly murderate some group.