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charlequin The Solars stand in the library while the gentleman with the O pin waits outside.

Zahara selects one last book and stows it away in her bag. "You know, they really would have been much happier if they had been nicer to us."

Cerin The tapping of a foot preceeds Cerin's return.

Cerin "It appears that the government of Ovesh, at least, would like to speak with us."

Cerin "They seem to be somewhat dissatified with the behaviour of the priest-caste."

Lucent "We go to the armory first, though, right? Right?"

Zahara "Welcome back, Love. I can't imagine *why* they would be dissatisfied." She says drily.

Cerin "Since the armoury may well belong to the people who wish to discuss alliance with us, we may not have to resort to overt theft and rather diplomacy." Zahara's brand of diplomacy generally being 'Theft with giftwrap included'

Thirteen "Hm."

Lucent frowns, almost pouting "Ah... yes. Sorry, I let my enthusiasm get the best of me. It is just that those things are so... different. New. But indeed, if there is some chance for diplomacy..."

Thirteen "Where do they wish to meet?"

Cerin "He was to lead us there. I can, or we can go outside and have him take us there."

Thirteen "It might be as well to let them believe that we have not ripped all his knowledge from his trembling mind."

Zahara "Well, perhaps we shall try diplomacy first. That would cause a chaos of its own, wouldn't it?"

alsoquin A lackadaisical escape from the Eighth Stone, a brief meeting with the Ovesh agents, and a stroll across town to the Argent Palace later, the Solars stand outside the seat of Ovesh's government -- a reasonably tall hexagonal building with six towers, each rising up to a different height.

alsoquin "Bow your heads and adopt the Carriage Dexter as you approach the Majeure," instructs one of the largely indistinguishable agents as the Solars prepare to enter the palace.

Zahara raises a brow, "Please demonstrate this Carriage Dexter for me."

alsoquin The man strikes a stylized pose of proper deference towards the leader of one of the great Alchemic Nations.

Zahara duly notes the pose and adapts it to her station. That is, not so much on the deference side, but managing to retain the attitude of respect. "Thank you."

alsoquin With that, the agents open the vast double doors and allow the Solars into the throne room.

Lucent strikes the pose, stiffly. Everything for peace...

Zahara maintains the modified pose as she strides confidently into the throne room. Once there, she does not directly look the king in the eye until he meets her gaze first, so as not to show challenge - at least not yet.

alsoquin A great staircase of seven steps (representing the seven stages of transmutation) fills the vast funnel-shaped room, narrowing into the brilliant and vast silver throne that sits at the far back. Six globes cast differently-colored incandescence across the room.

Thirteen ::Must I?::

alsoquin In the throne sits an individual... not human, but unlike the strange metal Exalts that the Solars have seen so far. His features are strangely geometric, yet inhumanly attractive. Beneath his skin flows glowing liquid, not blood; the pale yellowish light shines out several inches. His hair is like strands of brilliant glass, and his eyes like watery pools. He wears a simple but elegant robe, and a circlet of silver sits upon his

Zahara ::Please, at least make a semblance of respect. We do not yet own this plane.::

Thirteen sighs and assumes at least a rough semblance of the pose in question.

alsoquin The Majeure sits patiently, making no motion to react to the Solar's arrival.

Zahara "We greet you as ambassadors of Meru." she announces.

alsoquin Once Zahara speaks, the man sits up and acknowledges their presence... though his non-focusing eyes and strangely cocked head give him an unusual air of distance. "Welcome, ambassadors, to the great nation of Ovesh."

Cerin ::He appears to be the result of the direct co-mingling of atomnos' essence with mortal essence. I was not previously aware such a power infusion was possible, without the buffer of Exaltation.::

Zahara ::How intriguing.::

Zahara "I thank you, Majeure. As the leaders of the greatest nation in Meru, the Sunlands, we wish to open talks regarding trade."

Cerin ::He almost certainly commands powers approaching, if not equalling, our own, at least individually::

Thirteen ::Hm.::

Zahara "It is my understanding that the government is more open to negotiations than the others who claim power here."

alsoquin "Indeed, so I have come to be aware." He waves a hand through the air slowly in an apparently pointless gesture.

Zahara "What can your great nation offer us?" she asks; after so many planes she's a bit tired of being the one to offer.

alsoquin "We see your coming as a fortuitous event that shall greatly benefit Ovesh in these harsh times." He lowers his head a little. "Beset on all sides, our glory is tarnished by the slings of our enemies."

Zahara "Know then that those who declare themselves our allies will gain our assistance in return for their allegiance. As we entered the city, we destroyed some of your enemies as an act of good will. Imagine our distress when we were thus told to leave." she shakes her head. "It is good that you have contacted us."

alsoquin The Majeure nods. "We have heard of your act. It is truly wise of you to strike with such certainty against the Qlippan, even when you had no previous dealings with our peoples. " He nods. "We would see that act rewarded. What seek you here in Ovesh?"

Zahara "As I have said, we are interested in opening negotiations for trade of various sorts." She lists off a few potential items, from food to weaponry that might be of interest to such a nation. "I am interested in both trade-in-kind, and two things in particular, that I have heard may be found here."

alsoquin The lord raises one glassy eyebrow but does not speak, waiting for Zahara to continue.

Zahara "First is an item that was brought here from Meru many years ago, a small gold disk with the symbol of the moon-covering-sun on its face. Secondly," she pauses, consideringly, "We wish a sample of gold from the Heart."

alsoquin The eyebrow raises further. "You ask of us no small tasks." He pauses briefly.

Zahara "It is no small task to defeat the Qlippan." she returns.

alsoquin "But we believe that we can... make arrangements that will be mutually beneficial."

Zahara "I am pleased that you agree. Our empires will surely blossom under the blessings this alliance will give."

alsoquin The lord waves his hand dismissively. "It is not the Qlippan that concern me. The Order will stand against them. It is Grazim that lurks, daggers at our backs, waiting to strike!"

alsoquin The golden color glowing from within his skin takes a decidedly reddish tone.

Thirteen ::I am amazed to find that we really do appear to come in peace.::

Cerin ::It is rather odd, yes::

Zahara ::It is generally more economically beneficial. Besides, I would love to redecorate the palace.::

Zahara "Grazim?"

alsoquin "Our... neighbors... to the east. The twin Majeures even now infiltrate their cruel minions into our ranks."

Zahara "Hmmm I see. Do go on."

Thirteen ::Cerin, I assume you are observing this conversation with your usual penetrating acuity. Diplomats can be so...indirect.::

alsoquin "...we can understand how others could envy the vast prosperity of our nation... and as we have borne the greatest brunt of the Qlippan attacks... the Xylos believe us weak, that now is the time to strike while we are defenseless and carry off our riches for themselves."

Zahara "Have they always been enemies to your nation?"

Cerin ::I am currently rather more interested in how such being might come about, but yes.::

Cerin ::It appears we are at the stage where wild promises are made with little substance behind them::

Zahara ::I wonder how much influence the Primordial that corrupted the Qlippan has on this little war of his.::

Cerin ::It appears to be at least a reason why his plans are not more advanced::

Zahara "I can understand that you would like to consolidate your power before a concerted attack is made on your city, but you must understand one thing. We are not mercenaries for hire. If we decide to trade with you, the exchange of both goods and *services* will go both ways."

alsoquin "But of course. We treat with you fairly and evenly."

Cerin ::He is not currently aware of how to obtain either of the items we truely seek. This does not mean he cannot do so.::

Zahara "I would like to see the items for which we are bargaining before we assist you with your war. And also discuss what percentage of the spoils of victory we will be entitled to."

alsoquin "But of course. We shall prepare a formal reception for your entourage as we arrange the final details." Though Cerin can hear him buying time to divert you into action more quickly....

Zahara "Certainly. I shall draw up a contract in the meantime."

Cerin ::As you can probably tell, my love, he is stalling for time::

Zahara ::Then the terms of the contract will be extremely advantageous to us, as we will not lift a finger to help until he signs it.::

Cerin ::And in the mean time?:: Cerin enquires, with intimation of boredness.

Zahara ::I'm sure we can find *something* to do.::

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