Sol Invictus Logs

Chicks wanders over ti Lil Zee?, holding a shovel. "You wanna play in the sandbox?"

Lil Zee "Only if you promise not to wreck my castle again!"

Chicks pouts. "Okay, we won't play clawstrider attack."

Lil Zee digs around and comes up with her own shovel. It's got filigree on the handle. "Okay." she follows Chicks

sixandahalf is at the sandbox, in a big hole, looking irritated.

Chicks "Hi!"

sixandahalf "Something went wrong."

sixandahalf "Hello."

Lil Zee "Wrong? I thought you had a plan?"

Chicks "Did you find An-Teng Empress? I think we buried her in there a few days ago..."

sixandahalf "I did have a plan, but I wasn't tall enough to reach the shelf with the Essence feedback shovel on it."

Lil Zee "Oh, well, we can make a people tower! I wanna be on top."

Chicks looks at the hole quizzically. "Are you stuck in there?"

sixandahalf "I'm not STUCK. I just can't get out."

Lil Zee "You should learn to fly. Or get a rope."

sixandahalf "Hey, I don't tell you to learn to make plans."

sixandahalf "We've all got niches, okay?"

Chicks gets a bucket and begins to fill it with sand.

Chicks "I have an idea. We'll make a mountain inside your hole. Then you can climb the mountain and get out!"

sixandahalf "Okay! And then we can dig the mountain back out to make a trap for Ssithumi when she comes in so we can kill her and take the cookies for ourselves, as is our rightful place!"

Chicks tilts her head at sixandahalf. "Okay."

Lil Zee "I like cookies."

Chicks "Yeah, cookies are great."

sixandahalf "See! I'm so good at this plan stuff."

Lil Zee starts dumping sand on sixandahalf

sixandahalf tries to strut around and walks into the side of the hole.

sixandahalf "Hey! Don't build the mountain on TOP of me."

Lil Zee "I can't help it, you're so big."

Lil Zee dumps another bucketful down, and giggle

sixandahalf "Ack pffht. Something went wrong again."

Chicks falls down laughing.

Lil Zee "Don't worry, you'll be king of the mountain, if you can stay on top of it!"

pigeon "I'd get you for this, but Ssithumi says I can't stunt until I'm older."

Chicks "Hey, are there still monsters in the closet?"

Lil Zee "Ssithumi's just a big bore. I bet I could stunt RIGHT NOW."

Chicks "Do you think they want to play too?"

sixandahalf "Oh yeah? LET'S SEE YOU STUNT ME OUT OF THIS HOLE!"

Lil Zee "But then I couldn't do this..."

Lil Zee grabs a bucket, and it one smooth motion scoops up a bucketful of sand, twirls, and tosses it into the hole. The sand hangs, glittering, in the air before falling on sixandahalf's head with a WHUMP

Chicks goes and opens the closet.

sixandahalf "Ow! Screw this. If you can stunt, I can too." 6 1/2 stomps his foot and leaps into the air, neatly alighting on the sand next to the hole. Birds fly overhead.

sixandahalf "What's in the closet, Chicks?"

Lil Zee "Hey that was pretty cool. I'M TELLING ON YOU!"

sixandahalf "Oh yeah? Do it over here, so we can get Ssithumi to fall into the hole."

Chicks "Uh, I dunno exactly. It's like a dog with a spider where its head should be."

Lil Zee giggles

Chicks "I think it wants to play."

Lil Zee "ooh bring it out!" she shrieks, distracted.

Chicks carries it over to Zee and sixandahalf. It makes clicking noises.

sixandahalf "Hm."

Chicks pokes it. "Let's call it Buster."

Chicks Buster licks sixandahalf, leaving strands of silk all over his face.

sixandahalf "I can't see it, but it doesn't SOUND cute."

Lil Zee "It's really adorable, you should kiss it!"

sixandahalf "I may be six, but I still have intelligence 5, Zee."

Cub creeps up behind Lil Zee? and then pushes her over

Lil Zee shrieks and falls into the hole!

sixandahalf laughs, and kicks sand on her.

Lil Zee sputters and shakes her fist "I'll get you for tha..ACKPTH!"

Cub looks pleased with himself. "Hey, what have you got there Chicks?"

Chicks "A monster, I think. His name is Buster."

Cub pokes at it

Lil Zee stomps up the air, glaring mightily. "You got my dress dirty!"

Chicks It makes a squeaking-clicking sound and wiggles its mandibles winningly.

sixandahalf "Oh, you can just will it to be clean again. Don't be such a baby."

Cub "Ooh, it's a new one!" He pokes it again, just to be sure.

Cub runs off and hides behind the dune suddenly

Chicks looks around. "Are the Sand People coming? Quick, we need a plan!"

sixandahalf "Man, he's always doing that."

sixandahalf "Plan, huh?"

sixandahalf "I know! We can hide in the hole!"

Chicks gets in the hole and puts a bucket on her head.

Lil Zee "I just got out of the hole!"

sixandahalf "Yeah, and don't you feel silly now."

sixandahalf takes a running start and leaps into the hole as well.

Lil Zee hmphs, and grabs the shovels, then leaps down into the hole after six, bouncing off his head, then giving Chicks' shovel to her. "You forgot this!"

Chicks "Now they can't see us."

Chicks "Hey! You were stunting again!"

Lil Zee "I'm older than you, I can do what I want!"

Chicks thinks, Zee is going to have -such- a time out when Ssithumi catches her.

sixandahalf "Ow!" 6 1/2 ducks, rubbing his head.

Lil Zee "sooooooo... now what?" she looks up at the sides of the hole.

sixandahalf "We wait for the Sand People! And then we leap out in ambush and DESTROY THEM!" Six starts glowing gleefully in anticipation.

Cub There is a *thump* as Cub falls into the hole.

sixandahalf "SAND PERSON!" Six whacks Cub with a bucket.

Lil Zee whacks Cub with a shovel! "PUSHY SAND PERSON!"

Lil Zee leaps out of the hole and runs away!

Cub tries to leap sideways away from the buckets and spades, fails, falls over.

Sol Invictus Logs