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alsoquin As the jubilant celebration goes on all about him, Cerin unexpectedly receives his all-too-frequent warning of a surprise to come.

Cerin waits, unconcerned, for the surprise to manifest itself, casting his vision all around him.

Birds is still wandering around, gathering folktales and recipes.

alsoquin At the very edge of his vision, Cerin sees someone he would not, in all probability, have placed on his list of "most likely visitors" -- Cathak Relovia. She has a grim expression, and is moving through the crowd with a determined swiftness.

Cerin moves to intercept her. "Relovia, it is unexpected to see you here. What is wrong?"

alsoquin On one of Relovia's fingers sits a deep crimson insect of purest fire, tiny ram's horns taking the place of antennae, and it flaps lazily. "Orem here came to me in the night. He tells me he was sent by Zahara."

alsoquin She continues without waiting for a response. "He says that Kiriath now holds the Eclipse seal and that she is unable to leave and requires immediate assistance. She is in a small enclave in Halta."

alsoquin She pauses, waiting for Cerin's reaction.

Cerin Cerin's face hardens, and his eyes become ice. From across the festival where she was trying to determine just who /had/ taken the last squash, Aliza looks up. Over the Unity, a mixture of concern, anger, guilt and anguish starts to pour out. Cerin is outwardly silent though, for several seconds. "Thank you, Relovia, for bringing this to my attention." He says, very softly, a slight snarl on the edge of his voice. ::Birds, Thirteen, (...)

Cerin we are returning to Meru immediately. Zahara. ... Zahara has been captured.::

alsoquin There is no response from Thirteen, lost in the world of the Wasirranu, apart from all human contact....

Birds ::Yes?::

Birds ::Dear me, where is the gate?::

Cerin ::There is one within the City.::

Birds ::I will meet you there.::

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