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Contracts and Such

Contracts of Smoke (page 132).
  • The Wrong Foot () Ahki can change the nature of the marks she leaves behind when passing through a locale; instead of the normal signs of her passage, she leaves behind cat footprints, or other signs that a cat has been wandering. This lasts one scene.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • 'Dice Pool: No Roll is required.
    • Catch: The changeling licks his thumb and smudges it on a mirror, thereby laving another mark of his own passing.
Contracts of Fang and Talon (Cats) (page 142).
  • Tongue of Birds and Words of Wolves () Ahki can communicate with Cats; this is mostly empathic, but she must still whisper to the animal in her own language or attempt to emulate the sounds it uses to express itself. Most animals make noise when responding, but they do not need to do so. An exceptional success means the animal feels affection and loyalty toward you and will volunteer information and be actively helpful.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Wyrd + Animal Ken (5 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling gives the animal a new name.
    • Modifiers: You gain a +1 bonus if you imitate the animal's sounsd and body language, but a -1 penalty if the animal is frightened or hurt.
  • Beast's Keen Senses () Ahki gains the senses of a Cat. This includes Night vision, and a general increase (+2 dice) in overall sensory acuity. Both of these bonuses last for the remainder of the scene.
    • Cost: 2 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling sees or touches an animal of the type being imitated.
    • Modifiers:
+1The changeling is touching an animal of the correct type.
+1The changeling is wearing a mask or other large image (such as a painting on the back of a jacket) of an animal of the correct type.
-1The environment is one that the animal would find uncomfortable and unnatural, such as a jungle animal in the winter snow.
  • Pipes of the Beastcaller () Ahki can call and command Cats, beckoning any animal she can see to come to him and do her bidding. The animal will follow your orders for the next full day, after which it ceases to obey you, but will not cooperate with anything obviously self-destructive in any case.
    • Cost: 2 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Wyrd + Animal Ken (5 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling asks the animal to guard or watch the changeling's dwelling.
    • Modifiers: You gain a +1 bonus if you offer appropriate foodstuffs for the animal, and a -1 if the animal is frightened or injured.
  • Tread of the Swift Hooves () Ahki gains the cats normal mode of locomotion, in this case, jumping ability! This allows you to quadruple your jumping distance, and fall from any height without being harmed. This lasts one scene.
    • Cost: 2 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The character is touching an animal of the correct type.
    • Modifiers:
+1The changeling wears a mask of the animal or a large garment made from its skin.
-1The clause is invoked someplace the animal is never naturally found.
  • Cloak of the Bear's Massive Form () Ahki can physically transform herself into a Cat, a transformation that takes one turn. Clothing and small objects close to the skin such as phones or wallets blend into the new form, and are available when you return to your normal Mien. This transformation lasts up to one scene, but you can cancel it at any time. While transformed your Size and physical Attributes change to match the animal in question, but Mental and Social attributes remain the same as do skills. You also gain all the benefits of the animals instinctual drives and motor control, allowing you to maneuver normally. You benefit from Beast's Keen Senses while transformed, and can talk to other cats. An exceptional success allows you to remain transformed until the sun next rises and your Health remains unchanged despite your new Size.
    • Cost: 4 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd (5 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling is in the animals natural habitat, and touching or within touching distance of at least one of the animals.
    • Modifiers: You receive a +1 bonus if your in the animals natural habitat, and a -1 penalty is in an area very well away from such a habitat.


The Motley Pledge

"I, (name here), do hereby vow to open my heart and my dreaming mind to the other members of my Motley, (names of motley members here). We will stand together through the good times and the bad, sharing all, closer than blood for the next year and a day. So long as I hold true, the blessings of the Motley are mine to share in and I shall grow rich & fat, with the skill to prosper in the world we've been absent from so long. If I should betray this most sacred of bonds, however, wealth shall drip from my fingers like water and the world of man turn against me. So I, (name here), do pledge."

Repeated in turn by all members of Motley, upon joining.
 Type: Vow
 Tasks: Greater Alliance (-3,all), Dreaming (-2,all)
 Boons: Adroitness (+1,all), Blessing (medial; +2,all), Fast & Easy (+2,all)
 Sanction: Poisoning of Boon (-3, both the blessing and adroitness boons)
 Duration: Year and a day (+3)
Pledge Notes
  • The Adroitness boon gives members of the Motley +1 to Politics rolls.
  • The Medial Blessing gives members of the Motley two dots of Resources, either right-out or adding to their own merit value.
  • The Fast & Easy boons allows everyone to join each others Dreams without access to the hedge and with no more difficulty than entering their own dreams.

Hidden Name Oath

"I, Ayah Ammini, pledge on the name of you, my Lord Tom-Tom, to never again utter my given name or otherwise reveal it to another for as long as I should live. Should I keep this promise, my footsteps will fall all the softer and the eyes of those who seek me be diverted, but if I should prove untrue, then surely death will find me swiftly and without fail. This I do swear on your name, oh my Lord Tom Tom."

 Type: Oath (Keeper's Name)
 Task: Forbiddance (-1, Ahki)
 Boon: Adroitness (1, Ahki)
 Sanction: Death (-3, Ahki)
 Duration: Lifelong (3)
Pledge Notes
  • The Adroitness Boon gives Ahki a +1 bonus to all Stealth rolls.
  • Ahki cannot tell anyone her name, "Ayah Ammini", nor reveal it through means other than speech. She doesn't have to worry about people guessing it, if that comes up, but probably shouldn't confirm any guesses they might make. I.e., if asked, "Are you Ayah Ammini?" it might be best to either lie or say nothing.