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Contracts and Such

Contracts of Hearth (page 128).

  • Fickle Fate () Alex uses this clause to inflict a -2 dice penalty on his targets next actively attempted instant action. An actively attempted action is one the character consciously undertakes, rather than ones that occur automatically or reflexively.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Ban: May only be used once an hour on the same subject, or rebounds on the changeling.
  • Favored Fate () Alex uses this clause to provide a +4 dice bonus on the subject's next actively attempted action. A song sounds a little better, bullets find their mark, a biting remark contains just the right words. A friendly blessing!
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Ban: If used to augment the same type of action before the sun has risen or set, one of the subjects actions automatically fails for dramatic effect.
  • Beneficent Fate () Alex uses this clause to ensure his subjects success at a given endeavor, the next actively attempted instant action the subject undertakes simply gaining a single success without the need for a roll. This might not help much in a contested action, but the clause has no care for dice pool penalties or other complicating factors.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: No roll required.
    • Ban: A subject may benefit from the favors of Beneficent Fate only once per day. If the Contract is invoked on a single character more than once in a single day, the subject's next actively attempted instant action is instead resolved with a chance die.

Contracts of Mirror (page 129).

  • Riddle-Kith () Alex can disguise his Kith or Seeming, allowing himself to appear as a wholly other individual. While this power does not allow you to duplicate another individual, it does change your appearance very completely, making you look very different from yourself. However, it does not affect your Mask - normal humans see you the same, and other Changelings can as well with a bit of effort.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd (5 dice)
    • Catch: The character has dined with a member of the selected kith within the past week.
    • Modifiers: If you've never seen a member of the Seeming or Kith in question, you're at a -2 to your roll.

Contracts of Oath and Punishment (page 47, WM).

  • Pursuer's Seven-League Leap () Alex can make prodigious leaps, jumping over ravines or bounding from rooftop to rooftop. Each success on the activation roll allows the character to leap some 15 feet horizontally or eight feet vertically, and an exceptional success adds two to his Defense score for the turn.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Reflexive
    • Dice Pool: Athletics + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The character is pursuing an oathbreaker.
  • Sense Tainted Vows () Alex can determine, with a touch, if the subject has broken any oaths. The taint of a broken oath fades after a year and a day except for severe violations such as a formal fae pledge or a broken law of hospitality. This clause will even detect violations that would not fall under the modern legal system, such as adulterers who violate their marriage vows or violations that seem minor. The invocation detects the most significant broken oath, however.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant, contested
    • Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd (5 dice) vs. Composure + Wyrd
    • Catch: The subject is swearing or has sworn a pledge with the changeling.
    • Modifiers: You can roll at a -1 to see if the target has broken a specific oath, or at +1 to aim specifically at minor violations.

Contracts of Stone (page 144).

  • Might of the Terrible Brute () Alex can boost his strength on a momentary basis, gaining a number of bonus points of Strength equal to his successes on the activation roll for a single action. This could be enough to add force to a punch, perform some quick manual action, or what have you. If you attain an exceptional success, you also gain the 8-again rule for the Strength-based pool you're enhancing.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Reflexive
    • Dice Pool: Strength + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The character is fighting multiple opponents simultaneously with his bare hands.
    • Modifiers: You gain a +1 bonus if you yell, grunt of boast loudly about your great strength, but a -1 penalty if you act calm, restrained and sedate.
  • Ogre's Rending Grasp () Alex focuses his inhuman prowess against an inanimate object, greatly increasing his efficiency and power when it comes to ripping said item apart. Each success on the activation roll lowers the items effective Durability by one, allowing you to apply your Strength to damage the item much easier. This power doesn't directly damage the item, or lower its structure, and lasts for one scene.
    • Cost: 2 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Strength + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling is attempting to remove a barrier, such as a door or a wall.
    • Modifier: You gain a +1 bonus if you attack the target without taking time to think about it, or a -1 penalty if you carefully study it first.
  • Display Grandiose Might () Alex can greatly boost his Strength, but only for tasks not involving Combat. He can run, climb, jump, break apart objects, hold doors closed and lift heavy objects far more effectively than normal, but the clause instantly ends if he takes an offensive action. When successfully activated, Alex gains a bonus to his Strength for the above purposes equal to his Wyrd rating. An exceptional success also provides the 9-again rule, and unless canceled early by attacks, the clause lasts one scene.
    • Cost: 2 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Athletics + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling is using it for the express purpose of showing off his physical or athletic prowess to others.
    • Modifiers: You gain a +1 bonus if dressed in a way to show off your muscles and physique, but a -1 penalty if your clothing conceals such.

Contracts of Eternal Summer (page 155).

  • Son of the Hearth () Alex uses this clause to become comfortable in all temperatures, and can even heat a chamber with his power. He either heats himself, or expels heat, making sure that he stays at a comfortable temperature no matter local conditions. He may, with slightly more effort, keep an entire room at this comfortable temperature and so avail his companions of the same comfort he enjoys. This lasts one hour.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour (himself only) or 1 Glamour + 1 Willpower (heat a room); Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Wyrd + Survival (2 dice)
    • Catch: The character spits on a fading ember or spark.
    • Modifier:
-1Every 20 degrees below zero or above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
-1The space to be heated is Size 10.
2The space to be heated is Size 20.
  • Ulf's Heart () Alex shines with the light of high Summer on his surroundings, illuminating an area 200 yards around the character without hindering his vision. It does make any attempts at stealth the character makes significantly harder, however. This is not true sunlight, and the light remains for the rest of the scene unless an additional Glamour is spent, in which case it lasts for an entire Hour. With an exceptional success, the character may dim the light at will to allow some possibility of Stealth. Otherwise its on/off.
    • Cost: 1 or 2 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Strength + Occult + Mantle (3 dice)
    • Catch: It is within five minutes of midnight.
  • Noonday Grasp () Alex borrows some of Summer's immense strength, adding it to his own. He gains +1 strength on a successful invocation of the Clause, +2 if he gets 4 successes, and +3 if he gets 7. On an exceptional success he also gains a dot of Stamina. These bonuses last for the end of the scene.
    • Cost: 2 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Stamina + Brawl + Mantle (10 dice)
    • Catch: The character eats a chunk of naturally formed ice.
    • Modifiers: +1 if the sun is in the sky and clearly visible, -1 if it is after dark.


The Motley Pledge

"I, (name here), do hereby vow to open my heart and my dreaming mind to the other members of my Motley, (names of motley members here). We will stand together through the good times and the bad, sharing all, closer than blood for the next year and a day. So long as I hold true, the blessings of the Motley are mine to share in and I shall grow rich & fat, with the skill to prosper in the world we've been absent from so long. If I should betray this most sacred of bonds, however, wealth shall drip from my fingers like water and the world of man turn against me. So I, (name here), do pledge."

Repeated in turn by all members of Motley, upon joining.
 Type: Vow
 Tasks: Greater Alliance (-3,all), Dreaming (-2,all)
 Boons: Adroitness (+1,all), Blessing (medial; +2,all), Fast & Easy (+2,all)
 Sanction: Poisoning of Boon (-3, both the blessing and adroitness boons)
 Duration: Year and a day (+3)
Pledge Notes
  • The Adroitness boon gives members of the Motley +1 to Politics rolls.
  • The Medial Blessing gives members of the Motley two dots of Resources, either right-out or adding to their own merit value.
  • The Fast & Easy boons allows everyone to join each others Dreams without access to the hedge and with no more difficulty than entering their own dreams.

Clarice's Pledge

"I, Alex Apperson, promise to freely give you protection should you request it, but in return you must work hard and study every day for school. You'll have a year and a day to prove to them what a good student you are, and with the power of my vow you will have that chance, but if you should falter in your will you will find yourself undone by your own laziness, cursed and little more than a broken thing. So long as I stand by my vow to freely give aid if asked, I will benefit from your studies just as you do, growing stronger by a bit each day you remain true so that I can better defend you if you should call. But if you should call for aid and I be lax, then the fate I foretold for you shall befall me instead. So I, Alex Apperson, do swear."

 Type: Vow
 Task: Endeavor (-2, both)
 Boon: Blessing, Medial (+2, Clarice); Glamour (+2, Alex)
 Sanction: Curse, Greater (-3, both); 
 Duration: Year and a day (+3, both)
Pledge Notes
  • In case its not clear, Alex's Endeavor is to protect Clarice if she requests it. This is a 'maybe' endeavor, mitigated by the fact that its impossible to plan around it.
  • Clarice gains Status (Harvard Medical School), , while Alex gains a point of Glamour each day that Clarice hits the book with vigor and resolve.