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Character Description: Alex is a very large powerfully built man with a somewhat 'lean and hungry' look to him, his most prominent feature being his toothsome smile. Though he tries to conceal the signs of his Durance between crisp professional attire, it's evident to most that he is a keen killer designed to overpower and consume. A strong jaw to crack bones and get at the tender marrow within, strong arms and legs and pounce upon his prey and immobilize them, the slim muscular build of someone who is in good shape and eats enough to remain that way. Despite this this knowledge, though, Alex is undeniably attractive even in his mien. To those that can't pierce his mask, well, there's no hint of the predator within. A tall handsome man with a big smile, broad of shoulder and strong of arm, dressed in expensive seeming clothes. His eyes catch your gaze and don't let go, and MY what a powerful handshake. No matter what you see when you look at Alex, its undeniably impressive.


Alex Apperson Prudence CONCEPT VICE Stock Investor, Dad. Wrath! SEEMING (KITH) COURT Ogre (Gristlegrinder) the Summer Court

MENTAL PHYSICAL SOCIAL Intelligence 3 Strength 4 Presence 3 Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 2 Resolve 3 Stamina 3 Composure 3

MENTAL (-3) PHYSICAL (-1) SOCIAL (-1) Academics ** Athletics *** Animal Ken Computer * Brawl **** Empathy ** Crafts *** Drive Expression Investigation ** Firearms * Intimidation **** Medicine Larceny Persuasion *** Occult Stealth ** Socialize ** Politics ** Survival * Streetwise Science Weaponry Subterfuge *

	--------------------	SPECIALTIES	--------------------

Academics: Investments Brawl: What Big Teeth! Intimidation: Interrogation

								Persuasion: Sales Pitch
								Subterfuge: Spotting Lies

Combat Stats and Other Advantages

 Health: 8/8
 Clarity: 7
 Derangement's: None
 Wyrd: 3
 Willpower: 6/6
 Glamour: 6/12 (3 per turn)

 Size: 5
 SF: 5

 Defense: 2
 Initiative: 5
 Speed: 13

Changeling Modifiers & Traits

 Contracts: Mirror 1, Stone 5, Oath & Punishment 3, Eternal Summer 3
 Goblin Contracts: (1) Sight of Truth and Lies.
 Dream Intensity 4 dice
 # of Vows: 6 total
 Max Fruits Carried: 7 fruit
 Boons: ...
Seeming Blessing

Ogres are big, often ugly and always capable of frightening displays of brute force. Alex can spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Strength, Brawl and Intimidate. Each point of Glamour spent adds one die to the pool.

Kith Blessing

Alex has the blessing of Terrible Teeth which makes his bite a two lethal attack, though he must first grapple his opponent in order to bite him. In addition, Alex may spend 1 Glamour to eat anything organic or otherwise edible he can fit in his mouth (biting off bits first is acceptable). If the Gristlegrinder has the Iron Stomach merit, he can eat just about anything.

Seeming Curse

Not all Ogres are necessarily stupid (Alex isn't), but most are fairly gullible, weak-willed and prone to impulsive thoughtless actions. An Ogre doesn't get the benefit of the 10-again rule on dice pools using Composure (except for Perception rolls). The character also suffers a -1 die penalty to Composure when using it as a Defense trait.

Merits & Flaws

Fighting Style: Kung Fu ***

You have been trained in one of the many forms of Kung Fu! This allows you to reduce the penalty to strike blows at specific targets by 1, gives you one level of Armor against attacks that inflict bashing damage, and allows you to make a Defensive attack that adds +2 to your Defense by subtracting -2 from your attack roll. You cannot move more than your Speed while performing a Defense Attack maneuver in a turn.

Brawling Dodge *

You can draw on your training in blocking and evading when performing a Dodge, adding your Brawl Skill dots to your defense score instead of doubling. This option is only useful when facing incoming Brawl- or Weaponry-based attacks, Thrown weapons, or even Firearms when at close-combat range (you can do it in other situations too, but Defense still won't be subtracted from ranged Firearms attacks).

Fleet of Foot **

You have a +2 to your Speed.

Allies (Fidelity Investments) ***

You've made a lot of friends in your workplace, engaged in the normal politics and done a damned good job of it, and basically have a very secure place for yourself-- and for the Court --where you can get things done that might not technically be allowed. Whether these be a bit of use of company resources for Court business, or simple "on the job" favors like having someone cover for you.

Contacts ***

You know lots and lots of important people in the business world. Incredibly much so!

Resources ***+**

You are outrageously rich, due in part to your Motley Pledge and with some help from your own investments.

Status (Fidelity Investments) **

You've managed to get a nice mid-level job at Fidelity, and even dodged your first bullet when the slight "edits" you made on your employment application came to light. Already on the floor and with a level of clout that belies the few months you've been on the job, you're looking like a shoe in for additional responsibility and power in time. Management has its eye on you, and you have some control over some of the other departments in the firm. You earn a good salary from the position, but not as good as it could be; your Motley Pledge helps to iron out the kinks a lot more and gives you a level of comfort you've frankly never experienced before.

Striking Looks **

You might be an ogre, but unlike some of your Seeming, you're anything but ugly. Alex gains a +1 modifier to all Presence or Manipulation rolls when attempting to use his looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive others. This bonus can also apply in other circumstances when it might be appropriate. That smile is sometimes discomfiting, however.

'Retainers ** (wife), * (step-daughter)

You've gotten married to that cute girl in accounting that you had your eye on, and have yourself a step-daughter who is about ready to graduate from high school and is looking at colleges. You're very attached to both of them.

Hollow *

Alex's main contribution to the shared Hollow that Sonja so generously found for the Motley has been to attune one of its doors to his House, allowing for Sonja to move out of the Hollow and into the guest room, while also allowing more easy access to the Hollow for all. Making a 'doorway' stretch some 12 miles was, in fact, one of the first blatant displays of supernatural power that Alex ever did.

Mantle (Summer) ***

You bear a fairly strong Summer Mantle, which in addition to its slight seasonal cues tends toward displays of pure, unrelenting strength. Alex's mien often seems to radiate a bit of heat, distorting the air around him, and a dry warm wind occasionally accompanies him as he moves into a room. Alex gains a +4 dice bonus to Strength-based rolls when he spends a Willpower to boost them, rather than merely three dice, and his mantle also provides him with a point of Armor at all times and against any danger.


  • 15xp for Strength 3
  • 10xp for Wits 2
  • 12xp for Brawl 4
  • 16xp for Wyrd 2
  • 9xp for Politics 1, 2
  • 6xp for Resources 1, 2
  • 6xp for Status (Fidelity) 1, 2
  • 2xp for Allies (Fidelity) 1
  • 2xp for Hollow 1
  • 6xp for Contacts 1, 2
  • 24xp for Wyrd 3
  • 20xp for Eternal Summer 2, 3
  • 9xp for Athetics 3
  • 6xp for FS: Kung Fu 3
  • 2xp for Brawling Dodge
  • 3xp for Firearms 1
  • 3xp for Survival 1
  • 36xp for Stone 2, 3, 4
  • 18xp for Crafts 1, 2, 3
  • 12xp for Oath & Punishment 3
  • 15xp for Resolve 3
  • 6xp for Investigation 2
  • 12xp for Intimidation 4
  • 3xp for "Interrogation"
  • 20xp for Stone 5
  • 20xp for Strength 4
  • 3xp for Sight of Truth and Lies
  • 6xp for Contacts 3
  • 10xp for Allies (Fidelity) 2, 3
  • 6xp for Resources 3
  • 12xp for Retainer 1, 2, 3 (Wife)
  • 2xp for Retainer 1 (Step-Daughter)
  • 6xp for Fleet of Foot 1, 2
  • Hollow 2 (Wards +1)
 385 experience total
 -342xp spent
 43xp unspent