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Contracts and Such

Contracts of Smoke (page 132)
  • The Wrong Foot () Mary can change the nature of the marks she leaves behind when passing through a locale; instead of the normal signs of her passage, she leaves behind a lingering chill in the air and objects she touches, etc. This lasts one scene.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: No Roll is required.
    • Catch: The changeling licks his thumb and smudges it on a mirror, thereby laving another mark of his own passing.
  • Nevertread () Mary can invoke this clause to cause all traces of his passing to vanish; footprints vanish from any surface, puddles disappear, trails left through forest leaves or scattered flour return to the way they were, etc. This can give others a -2 penalty to track her, or make it impossible to track her with an exceptional success, as well as the obvious. While this clause is fairly complete, it doesn't prevent others from finding Mary if she remains 'at the scene of the crime'.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling must have spent at least an hour barefoot within the past day.
    • Modifiers: An enviroment especially filthy with tracks and other marks of passage is a -2 penalty, while environments that leave little trace give a +2 bonus.
  • Shadowpatch () Mary draws the shadows around her, light seeming to avoid her. Even sounds, smells and other perceptual stimuli are muted, and the character gains a +3 bonus to any Stealth-based dice pools for so long as she remains so affected. This increases to +5 with an exceptional success, and lasts one scene irregardless.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd (8 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling must have spent at least an hour away from natural light (away from windows, open doors, etc) within the past day.
    • Modifiers: If there are no large shadows nearby, that's a -1 penalty. An environment that consists solely of natural or artificial light (a park playground or a windowless warehouse) gives a +1 bonus to the activation roll.
Contracts of Darkness (page 136)
  • Creeping Dread () Mary uses this clause to make others less resistant to fear and intimidation, heightening existing fears and wearing away at courage, making the subject or subjects more susceptible to phobias, intimidation or what have you. This clause can be targetted at one individual, or used on everyone within three yards per dot of Willpower (4) mary possesses, and lowers any Resolve or Composure rolls to resist fear/intimidation by Mary's Wyrd (-4). This lasts one scene.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour (one target) or 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower (area of effect); Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd (6 dice) - subject's Resolve
    • Catch: The changeling is using this contract to frighten intruders who have entered her dwelling.
    • Modifiers:
+1The surroundings are dark and spooky.
+2the target or targets are already somewhat afraid.
-1The targets are vigilant and expecting trouble.
-1The surroundings are brightly lit and not conductive to fear.
  • Night's Subtle Distractions () Mary uses this clause to avoid notice by enhancing already present physical conditions to make it harder to notice her (or anything else). Dark nights seem darker, background noises obscure more, distractions become more distracting, strong smells overpower. This clause effects everyone within 50 yards of Mary, but not Mary herself or anyone she chooses to exclude who she is in physical contact with. Everyone else in range doubles all environmental penalties to Wits rolls involving perception. In a quiet, well-lit room or hallway with no real penalties, this clause supplies a -1 penalty on its own. Only those in the area when the contract is activated are affected, but remain such even if they leave.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stealth (7 dice)
    • Catch: The clause is invoked outside at night.
    • Modifiers: There's a -1 penalty if the environmental penalties to perception are no more than -1, but a +1 bonus if they are at least -3.
  • Balm of Unwakeable Slumber () Mary can use this clause to cause all sleeping targets the changeling can see or hear to be nearly impossible to wake. They remain sleeping through loud noises, being shaken moderately, moved or even tied up, handcuffed and shoved into a car trunk. Targets awaken if harmed, but otherwise remain asleep. Even one point of bashing damage will awaken targets, as will anything that causes targets to cough, choke or fight for their lives, but nothing else will - even the screams of loved ones. With an exceptional success, even after they awaken, they're at -2 dice penalty to Speed, Defense and all actions for a scene.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant, Resisted
    • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd (6 dice) vs. Resolve + Wyrd
    • Catch: The target is asleep at home in his own bed, and the Contract is performed between sunrise and sunset.
    • Modifiers: If the target is deeply asleep you gain a +2 bonus, but a target only taking a short nap brings a -1 penalty.
Contracts of Shade & Spirit (page 26, WM)
  • Ghostly Presence () This clause, in Mary's case, expands upon her ability to see Ghosts using Charnel Vision. While this power requires an activation roll, it is free for her to activate, making it a useful tool. For the scene after this clause is activated, Mary can see, hear and speak to any ghosts in the same area as her.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd (8 dice)
    • Catch: The ghost is someone the changeling knew in life, or the changeling is a Gravewight.
  • Dread Companion () Mary can remove some of the boundaries forbidding the dead from interacting with the living, bestowing upon a ghost the ability to affect one sense (sight, touch, or hearing) of everyone participating in this clause with the Changeling. If cast indoors, everyone in a single room is susceptible, whereas if cast indoors, everyone within sight of the changeling using the clause is affected. An exceptional success allows the ghost to interact with sight, and one other sense of touch and hearing.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling presses a drop of her own blood to the forehead of everyone participating in the clause.
    • Modifiers: A full seance will provide a +2 bonus to the activation roll, using the clause in graveyards or the home of one recently departed is a +1 bonus. Vastly inappropriate environments such as a science lab or a courtroom provide a -1 penalty.
  • Haunting Intercession () With this clause, Mary pulls the shade through the veil and once again into the world of the living. This can be used for many purposes; providing a ghost one final night with his beloved, allowing a lost child to apologize to its mother and be forgiven in turn, or to beat the unliving crap out of a spirit that's earned the Darklings' ire. This power requires two successes; the first success causes the ghost to visibly manifest, while the second brings him fully into the world.
    • Cost: 2 Glamour; Action: Extended (two successes; one turn per roll)
    • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd (6 dice)
    • Catch: The changeling has set up a 'dead supper', a complete meal served on never-used plates and silver, with a place for everyone including the ghost. Alternatively, the changeling has warned the spirit three times previously and is using this contract to extract vengeance.
Eternal Spring (page 151)
  • Gift of Warm Breath () Mary uses this clause to rejuvenate a single living target, filling that person with energy and vigorous life - becoming as healthy and alert as if he has just risen from a full night's rest and had a full breakfast. This eliminates all fatigue penalties, and any bashing damage or damage suffered from food or water deprivation. It can also wake up someone who as been cold clocked, but only restores a single point of bashing damage in that case. An exceptional success gives the target +1 stamina for the scene.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Resolve + Survival + Mantle (6 dice)
    • Catch: The subject of the Contract has freely offered the changeling some form of sustenance since the last sunrise.
    • Modifiers: Each point of fatigue penalty or damage from deprivation is worth a -1 penalty, (i.e., 3 bashing damage from starvation is a -3 penalty). Waking up a target that was knocked unconscious from bashing damage is a -3 penalty.
  • New Lover's Kiss () Mary can call down rain from even a cloudless sky using this clause, anything from a light refreshing shower to a powerful deluge that overflows lakes and rivers. Only five successes would be needed for the first, while twenty five successes would be required for the latter.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Extended (5+ successes, 5 minutes per roll)
    • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Survival + Mantle (6 dice)
    • Catch: A mortal human has commented, within the character's who and within the past hour, that it looks like rain.
    • Modifiers: Extensive cloud cover gives a +1 bonus, while a very clear day is a -1 penalty.
Fleeting Autumn (page 156)
  • Witches' Intuition () Mary can dredge up one of the subjects' fears from his mind or subconscious.
    • Cost: 1 Glamour; Action: Instant
    • Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd (8 dice) - subject's Composure
    • Catch: The Contract's subject does not know the character's name.
    • Modifiers:
+1The character has a pledge with the target.
-The character discerns a fear currently in the forefront of the target's mind.
-1The character learns a fear not currently concerning the target.
-1The character learns a specific kind of fear (Halloween monsters, school-related, etc).
-2The character discovers a efar the character recognizes but generally keeps hidden.
-3The character discovers a fear the target hides even from herself.


The Motley Pledge

"I, (name here), do hereby vow to open my heart and my dreaming mind to the other members of my Motley, (names of motley members here). We will stand together through the good times and the bad, sharing all, closer than blood for the next year and a day. So long as I hold true, the blessings of the Motley are mine to share in and I shall grow rich & fat, with the skill to prosper in the world we've been absent from so long. If I should betray this most sacred of bonds, however, wealth shall drip from my fingers like water and the world of man turn against me. So I, (name here), do pledge."

Repeated in turn by all members of Motley, upon joining.
 Type: Vow
 Tasks: Greater Alliance (-3,all), Dreaming (-2,all)
 Boons: Adroitness (+1,all), Blessing (medial; +2,all), Fast & Easy (+2,all)
 Sanction: Poisoning of Boon (-3, both the blessing and adroitness boons)
 Duration: Year and a day (+3)
Pledge Notes
  • The Adroitness boon gives members of the Motley +1 to Politics rolls.
  • The Medial Blessing gives members of the Motley two dots of Resources, either right-out or adding to their own merit value.
  • The Fast & Easy boons allows everyone to join each others Dreams without access to the hedge and with no more difficulty than entering their own dreams.

Oath of Sale

"I, Mary Ferland called Apperson, pledge on my name true that I will not touch another Violin of my own free will for a year and a day, so long as the Hob Merchant and Craftswoman named Lada will sell unto me this Violin of Whale Bone and Giant's Hair for the agreed upon price and trouble me naught after. For my part, I shall sing out all the more beautifully for having held true to this oath and my skill will blossom all the more, but if I should veer from my word my voice will fall silent and my talent will flee. For the part of Lada, she will gain the price she demands for her Violin for this oath, but if she should break it: cursed she shall be, and suffer greatly before the end."

 Type: Oath (True Name, unsullied)
 Task: Forbiddance (-1, Mary); Endeavor (-1, Lada), Forbiddance (-1, Lada)
 Boon: Adroitness^ (1, Mary); Favor* (2, Lada)
 Sanction: Poisoning of Boon (-1, Mary), Flaw (-2, Mary); Greater Curse (-3, Lada)
 Duration: Year and a Day (3, both)
Pledge Notes
Mary gains a +1 to all Expression rolls on account of her Adroitness boon. (Seguine)
Lada, as a Hob, can demand special favors that most people wouldn't be able to do. Like demanding memories, or dots of skills. I'm tempted to call this aspect "The Price" and give it to the Satrapy of Pearls as well.

Other Pledges

  • Mary has a Dreaming Pledge with James Detwiller, of University, which she has recently renewed.
  • Mary has a Oath of Rose and Thorn with Jordan Crossing, from her class, entered into recently.