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Character Description: Mary has changed a great deal from the 'creepy little girl' she once was. Her skin is still a deathly grey and the scars on her knees and hands are still there. However, the biggest difference is her height. Mary is 6 feet in stocking feet. Her growth was on slightly above average until the summer when she was 13. She shot up several inches and received a visit from the 'boob fairy' . From a very pretty little girl, she is now a stunning young woman. Her mask has the perfect pale, complexion and rosy lips that set off her hip length black hair perfectly. Her blue eyes sparkle even more then they did when she was a child. Her mein has the same dead eyes she's had, but they seem to add to her attractiveness rather then subtract from it. Her looks attract a fair amount of attention from, not only members of the free hold, but random men on the street.


Mary Apperson ("Mary Ferland") Sacrificing CONCEPT VICE that scary little girl, who grew up Impulsive SEEMING (KITH) COURT Darkling (Graveweight/Nightsinger) the Spring Court

MENTAL PHYSICAL SOCIAL Intelligence 3 Strength 1 Presence 4 Wits 4 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2 Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 2

MENTAL (-3) PHYSICAL (-1) SOCIAL (-1) Academics * Athletics ** Animal Ken * Computer ** Brawl Empathy **** Crafts *** Drive * Expression ** Investigation * Firearms ** Intimidation * Medicine * Larceny * Persuasion *** Occult ** Stealth *** Socialize * Politics Survival * Streetwise Science Weaponry Subterfuge *

	--------------------	SPECIALTIES	--------------------

Crafts: Drawing, Sewing Athletics: Very Flexible Expression: Violin, Singing

	Cooking,		Stealth: In The Dark		Persuasion: Emotional Pleas

Combat Stats and Other Advantages

 Health: 7/7
 Clarity: 6
 Derangement's: None
 Wyrd: 5
 Willpower: 5/5 (+5 from Relic)
 Glamour: 7/13 (5 per turn)

 Personal: 9
 Environmental: 12
 Defense: 4
 Armor: 2

 Size: 4
 SF: 4

 Defense: 3
 Initiative: 5
 Speed: 9

Changeling Modifiers & Traits

 Contracts: Smoke 3, Darkness 4, Shadow & Spirit 3, Whispers 1, Vainglory 1, Eternal Spring 2, Fleeting Autumn 2
 Goblin Contracts: (3) The Blessing of Forgetfulness.
 Dream Intensity 6 dice
 # of Vows: 8 total
 Max Fruits Carried: 15 fruit
 Boons: ...
Seeming Blessing

Darklings are as ephemeral and flighty as the shadows that infect them, indeed, as the darkness itself. Mary can spend Glamour to increase dice pools that include Wits, Subterfuge and Stealth with each point of Glamour increasing the dice pool by one die. The character also benefits from the 9-again rule on Stealth dice pools.

Kith Blessing

Mary has the blessing of Charnel Sight allowing her to see the unquiet dead. This costs one point of Glamour (though Mary can activate this for free, effectively, by virtue of her Contracts of Shade & Spirit) and lasts for the scene, allowing Mary to see any ghosts that linger about - of which there are quite a few. This power does not extend to any other invisible beings that might be present, nor dose it allow the changeling to touch the Ghost or compel it to answer. It does, however, allow communication.

As well, as Mary's Wyrd grew so did her musical talents, now gifting her with Haunting Nocturne: by playing an instrument or singing, she may lull listeners into a hypnotic state. Mary spends a point of Glamour and makes a Expression + Wyrd roll; listeners may contest the roll with Composure + Wyrd. Success makes the affected listeners more suggestible; such listeners suffer a 2 penalty to Resolve, Empathy and Subterfuge rolls for the duration of the scene. As well she has gained a specialty of Expression in Singing.

Seeming Curse

Darkness and twilight so define the Darklings that their magic falters somewhat when the sun is in the sky (that is, not at night or at twilight). Darklings suffer a -1 die penalty to all rolls to enact contracts during daylight hours, or -2 dice if they can see the sun directly.

Merits & Flaws

Natural Affinity (Violin) ***

Mary is a natural prodigy with the Violin specialty of the Expression skill. This merit allows her to take Risks when using the Violin; a risk involves spending a Willpower point and gaining one of three benefits: +3 dice, the 9-again rule, or the ability to gain an exceptional success on 3 or more successes. If the roll succeeds, Mary regains her willpower, but if it fails her confidence plummets and she loses an additional willpower. This merit only functions once per scene, and only with Expression (Violin).

Allies (The Dead) ***

Mary has been helping out the dead with their unlives for years, from minor tasks, to making sure justice was done for them, and even simple enduring friendship as with Vera the poltergeist.

Contacts **

You've a number of contacts within the realm of High School and Elementary School children, as part of your general position within the Freehold of keeping an eye on any troubles that might be brewing amongst the youth of Boston.

Striking Looks ****

In the years since her escape from Faerie, Mary's age has finally begun to catch up with her, and though she's legally 15 she's been maturing quite rapidly into a gorgeous young woman who can quite commonly pass for older than she is and certainly can be quite confusing to men that know her actual age. This gives Mary a +2 modifier to Presence or Manipulation rolls that take advantage of your looks in some way, meaning meaning that it won't work in some situations or when your not actually present (over the phone or the internet, for instance). However, as a drawback, your face is always remembered and you might very well attract the attention of predators (human or otherwise).

New Identity **

The Spring, Autumn and Winter Courts have all helped you to set up your own life. You were formally adopted by Alex Apperson with the help of some Spring Courtiers, under the cover-story that he had been dating your mother (who died). Birth certificates and some other papers, as well as your mothers death certificate, were forged by the Autumn Court, and the Winter Court got a few files placed here and there in relevant bureaucracies. This new identity is still not airtight yet, but is enough to get you through day-to-day life and even stand up to a bit of scrutiny. If you were ever scrutinized by a sustained investigation, however, you'd be in trouble.

Relic ****

Somehow, you're still not sure how, you manged to hold onto your old stuffed bear throughout your entire time in Arcadia. It's become so filled with hope and strength to you that you're stronger and braver when your holding it, gaining access to greater stores of willpower. The relic acts as a Willpower Battery, holding up to 5 points of Willpower, which can be spent as your own as long as the bear is in your possession. You can refill the pool once per day for two of your own willpower per one willpower put into the bear. This is your bear; nobody else can use it but you.

Token ****

You purchased Seguine at a Goblin Market, from the Hob known as Lada, in exchange for an Oath and a childhood memory.

Dual Kith (Nightsinger) **

Over time, your Wyrd has grown and changed you till your music is no longer simply of this earth and is that of the underlying primal song of the Night.

Harvest (Hedge Fruit) **

Your membership in the Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue has turned up a natural knack for harvesting the bounty of the Hedge.

Hollow *

While you've not devoted as much attention to the Motley's hollow (because it belongs to Sonja?) as Timmy, you've done your part - mostly helping to expand it a bit, clearing thorns and draining water from other sections of the caves. (Size +1).

Court Goodwill (Autumn) ***

Mary has gained a fair amount of respect from the Autumn Court, and was almost expected to pledge for the Court of Fear for a while, before she decided to go with the Emerald Court. Even so much of the esteem has remained and Mary gets along fairly well with Autumn Courtiers. She gains a +1 to social rolls involving them, and has almost earned enough esteem to gain access to more impressive Autumn magics.

Court Goodwill (Summer) ****

Mary's long service in the gun-club, her boisterous personality and her general ease of getting along with the Summer Court and even her overt sympathies for their way of doing things have earned her more than a little respect from the Season and its Court.

Mantle (Spring) ****

You bear a fairly strong Spring Mantle, which in addition to its seasonal cues, contains cues related to life and hope. Everything seems somewhat more fresh and rejuvinating, with fragment aromas and imagery of growth being common, though this tends to compliment rather than overpower your natural mien. Mary gains a +3 dice bonus to Social rolls involving other Spring Courtiers, a +1 dice bonus to Socialize rolls, and halves all experience point costs to gain Allies or Contacts.


  • -5xp for Clarity 6 (Starting)
  • 6xp for Natural Affinity (Violin)
  • 6xp for New Identity 2
  • 10xp for Mantle (Spring) 2, 3
  • 3xp for Academics 1
  • 32xp for Wyrd 4
  • 3xp for Science 1
  • 20xp for Relic 4 (Dead Girls Dollie)
  • 24xp for Contracts of Darkness 1, 2, 3
  • 12xp for Contracts of Eternal Spring 1, 2
  • 6xp for Occult 2
  • 9xp for Firearms 1, 2
  • 3xp for Firearms (Pistols)
  • 9xp for Computers 1, 2
  • 2xp for Hollow 1 (shared)
  • 9xp for Crafts 3
  • 3xp for Crafts (Drawing)
  • 15xp for Intelligence 3
  • 10xp for Resolve 2
  • 3xp for Intimidation 1
  • 3xp for Socialize 1
  • 12xp for Court Goodwill (Autumn) 1, 2
  • 12xp for Contracts of Fleeting Autumn 1, 2
  • 6xp for Striking Looks 1, 2
  • 9xp for The Blessing of Forgetfulness
  • 16xp for Contracts of Darkness 4
  • 12xp for Contracts of Shade & Spirit 3
  • 15xp for Resolve 3
  • 40xp for Wyrd 5
  • 6xp for Contacts 2
  • 20xp for Court Goodwill (Summer) 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 6xp for Harvest (Hedge Fruit)
  • 3xp for Drive 1
  • 14xp for Striking Looks 3, 4
  • 4xp for Vainglory 1
  • 6xp for Second Kith (Nightsinger)
  • 8xp for Mantle 4
  • 3xp for Crafts (Cooking)
  • 6xp for Allies (something)
  • 4xp for Whispers 1
  • 3xp for Investigation 1
 389 experience total
 -388xp spent
 1xp unspent