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Character Description: Description of Nicholas...


Nicholas Stone Work Ethic CONCEPT VICE Construction Worker Pride SEEMING (KITH) COURT Elemental (Earthbones) Autumn

MENTAL PHYSICAL SOCIAL Intelligence 3 Strength 4 Presence 2 Wits 3 Dexterity 1 Manipulation 1 Resolve 4 Stamina 5 Composure 3

MENTAL (-3) PHYSICAL (-1) SOCIAL (-1) Academics * Athletics *** Animal Ken * Computer Brawl **** Empathy * Crafts **** Drive * Expression Investigation ** Firearms ** Intimidation *** Medicine * Larceny Persuasion * Occult *** Stealth * Socialize ** Politics Survival Streetwise ** Science *** Weaponry Subterfuge

	--------------------	SPECIALTIES	--------------------

Crafts: Construction Ath.: Long-Distance Running Intimidation: Huge!

				>Brawl: Fists Like Granite

Combat Stats and Other Advantages

 Health: 10/10
 Clarity: 7
 Derangement's: None
 Wyrd: 4
 Willpower: 6/6
 Glamour: 6/12

 Personal: 11
 Environmental: 4
 Defense: 2
 Armor: 5

 Size: 5
 SF: 5

 Defense: 1
 Initiative: 4
 Speed: 10

Changeling Modifiers & Traits

 Contracts: Communion (Stone) 4, Elements (Stone) 4, Fleeting Autumn 3, Looming Autumn 1
 Goblin Contracts: Trading Luck for Fate, Good and Bad Luck
 Dream Intensity 4 dice
 # of Vows: 6 total
 Max Fruits Carried: 7 fruit
 Boons: Coming Soon!
Seeming Blessing

Elementals are greatly touched by the stuff of the world, able to channel the forces and materials that define them into their bodies to withstand great punishment. Once per day, Nicholas can spend 1 Glamour to add his Wyrd to his Health dots for the rest of the scene. These follow the normal rules for temporary Health dots, meaning that after the scene the Health dots vanish but any damage they contained remains.

Kith Blessing

Nicholas has the blessing of Terrestrial Might: he may spend Glamour to add to non-combat Strength-based dice pools, on a one for one basis.

Seeming Curse

An Elemental is further removed from humanity than some other Changelings, finding humans harder to understand and influence. An Elemental doesn't get the benefit of the 10-again rule on any dice pools involving the Manipulation Attribute and the Skills Empathy, Expression, Persuasion and Socialize.

Entitlement: Ancient And Accepted Order of Bridgebuilders

As a Bridge Master in your Order, you enjoy a measure of authority within your Entitlement in addition to knowing the secrets of Wyrdbuilding. So long as you are unobserved, or in a group composed only of other members of your Order, you can complete 20 Size points of construction in a single hour. This requires a single point of Glamour, and you need no tools -- simply the materials and know-how. You may take breaks in the middle of Wyrdbuilding, but must always work continuously for at least one hour. You may use this Privilege to alter or destroy existing construction at the same rate at which you can build, though faster demolitions (though still taking at least an hour) might be possible. You cannot use Wyrdbuilding to construct anything out of cold iron, and mortal witnesses are simply incompatible with the process. If a mortal even sees how the work was done after the fact, already completed work is undone.

Merits & Flaws

Allies(Construction) *

Nicholas has made numerous friends in Construction while working on the Big Dig, which recently came to an end. He's more than able to get small favors and information out of these people, ranging from a bit of employment when pickings are slim to a switched shift with another worker if already working.

Retainer(Apprencies) *** (x3)

Nicholas is the head of the local Entitlement, a position that has given him some authority over the other members that have come to join the Ancient and Accepted Order of Bridgebuilders, and thus become his Apprentices.

New Identity **

You've got a basic "Illegal Immigrant" set-up, mostly designed to allow you to get some employment and pay 'taxes'. It includes a fake SSN, some paper trails here and there but little in the way of real papers. Anyone paying any attention at all can usually tell that you aren't who you are; you deal under the table a lot and try to avoid showing up on the radar.

Brawling Dodge *

You may add your Brawl skill dots to your Defense when dodging, instead of doubling your Defense. This bonus only applies against incoming Brawl- and Weaponry-based attacks, against thrown-weapon attacks and Firearms attacks made within close combat.

Hollow *

Nick has added his own little touches to the Hollow, in the form of some particularly inventive reshaping of the lands around it in the Hedge as well as some nasty deadfalls, traps, and otherwise unpleasant greetings for unwelcome guests. This adds one to the Wards.

FS: Hedge Dueling *

You've mastered the maneuver of the Quick Count, getting a +2 bonus to Initiative at the beginning of a Hedge Duel.

Lethal Mien **

Your hands are massive, and composed of hard blunt rock. They hit like a train, and inflict lethal damage in combat rather than bashing.

Goblin Vow ****

A master of goblin pledges, Nicholas has an intimate connection with four different purview of the Wyld and is able to make pledges with all of these purviews to gain temporary magic of various and sundry potential.

Mantle[Autumn] ****

Nicholas' mantle manifests in the form of bare branches, withering plants and occult sigils appearing in nearby stone or Nick's own mien. He gains a +1 to Occult-based rolls to do magic (including Contracts), and adds one die to Empathy and Investigation rolls to deal with the Gentry.


  • 10xp for Wits 2
  • 20xp for Strength 4
  • 25xp for Stamina 5
  • 2xp for New Identity 1
  • 9xp for Firearms 1, 2
  • 24xp for Wyrd 3
  • Joined Entitlement
  • 12xp for Communion (Stone) 3
  • 12xp for Good and Bad Luck
  • 3xp for Academics 1
  • 6xp for Investigation 2
  • 6xp for Lethal Mien
  • 3xp for Animal Ken 1
  • 3xp for Persuasion 1
  • 9xp for Socialize 1, 2
  • 6xp for Streetwise 2
  • 2xp for Brawling Dodge
  • 3xp for Driving 1
  • 3xp for Stealth 1
  • 12xp for Retainer 3
  • 20xp for Resolve 4
  • 15xp for Wits 3
  • 4xp for Looming Autumn 1
  • 12xp for Retainer 3
  • 12xp for Retainer 3
  • 16xp for Communion (Stone) 4
  • 20xp for Goblin Vow 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 3xp for Empathy 1
  • 32xp for Wyrd 4
  • 12xp for Fleeting Autumn 3
  • 3xp for Medicine 1
  • 2xp for FS: Hedge Duelist
  • 9xp for Contract Speciality: Communion
  • 40xp for Elements (Stone) 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 4xp for New Identity 2
  • 2xp for Hollow 1
 383 experience total
 -376 experience spent
 7xp unspent