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The Family

The Family, as the motley has begun to call itself, organized itself soon after the mass escape of most of its members in late 1999. One member of that mass escape went on to join another motley, and another lingered in Boston for a while but eventually left for Philadelphia. One went his own path for a while, devoting himself utterly to the Spring Court, but the three that remained began the process of forming a bond between themselves.

The strongest of these bonds was that between the gristlegrinder Alex Apperson and his adopted daughter, the gravewight known as Mary. Half remembered snippets of a long association in Arcadia (beginning with the inability to eat the girl, and the desire to not be eaten by the ogre) and a common goal of finding a place in their new home drove the two closer together. The bright one Sonja Freewind was the third member of the motley to join, in time to join in the initial vow but after the bond between Alex and Mary had already solidified, taking a somewhat aloof but helpful role. Eventually, the errant changeling who had devoted himself to Spring totally discovered the need for strong ties with people he felt comfortable with and the motley gained its fourth and last member - Timothy D. Van Buren, or simply Timmy, a rare starfallen.

Today the Family models itself around an actual familiar unit, with Sonja as the helpful but distant aunt, Alex as the father, and Mary and Timmy as the 'children'.

Character Pages

Experience Chart - Pledge Chart

The Motley Pledge

"I, (name here), do hereby vow to open my heart and my dreaming mind to the other members of my Motley, (names of motley members here). We will stand together through the good times and the bad, sharing all, closer than blood for the next year and a day. So long as I hold true, the blessings of the Motley are mine to share in and I shall grow rich & fat, with the skill to prosper in the world we've been absent from so long. If I should betray this most sacred of bonds, however, wealth shall drip from my fingers like water and the world of man turn against me. So I, (name here), do pledge."

Repeated in turn by all members of Motley, upon joining.
 Type: Vow
 Tasks: Greater Alliance (-3,all), Dreaming (-2,all)
 Boons: Adroitness (+1,all), Blessing (medial; +2,all), Fast & Easy (+2,all)
 Sanction: Poisoning of Boon (-3, both the blessing and adroitness boons)
 Duration: Year and a day (+3)
Pledge Notes
  • The Adroitness boon gives members of the Motley +1 to Politics rolls.
  • The Medial Blessing gives members of the Motley two dots of Resources, either right-out or adding to their own merit value.
  • The Fast & Easy boons allows everyone to join each others Dreams without access to the hedge and with no more difficulty than entering their own dreams.

When accepting a new member of the motley, it is customary for the standing members to say a few words indicating their acceptance and desire to have the new member join the vow. This is not actually required, however, as the new member wouldn't be allowed to join if anyone was not in favor of them joining.

Motley Rules

  • Mary and Sonja need to get along.
  • Sonja can't purposely be mean to mary
  • Mary is a little girl when it's normal stuff, she's in the motley when it's weird.
  • Mary's not allowed to feed anything Hedge based to non-fae.
  • Timmy needs more experience. Maybe a course in law.
  • No threatening to have Alex eat family members at punishment.
  • Mary is a little girl so she acts like it. Sleeping, etc. No weird stuff. And no more just running off!
  • These rules are subject to revision on the request of any two members of the motley.

Homes and Hollows

The Motley is, to date, doing quite well for themselves. A mixture of their motley pledges' boon and their own drives to regain their lives, the Family has established itself well. Both Alex and Timmy have homes of their own, and the Motley maintains a shared Hollow (that used to be Sonja's private retreat).