Sol Invictus

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Markuran's horde consists of nine tribes of barbarians. 10,000 of their best warriors stay with him as his personal guard, pleged to his banner.

Markuran’s Horde
Lakewalkers – Markuran’s own tribe, great warriors known for their physical strength, size and valor.
Ebon Stonegazers – Sneaky spies and scouts, they use obsidian weapons
Lake Dwellers – Long time allies of the Lakewalkers, these warriors prefer to use archery weapons and javelins.
Leaf Walkers – Sometimes supported by Markuran’s god blooded children of the same name, these are mystics and sages who fight with spirits, They prefer the use of wooden weapons and poison.
Hungry Talons – The most barbaric tribe, they fight with bare fists and sharpened teeth, often using claw-weapons.
Wind Striders– From above Jade, these are the only horse riders in the Horde.
Fire Guards – Reclusive and hardened by their home near the Wyld zones around Mount Eledath, these barbarians are the best survivors in the Horde and often used as scouts.
Stonearms – Famous for carrying their giant stone maces, these warriors are second only to Lakewalkers in physical strength.
Beast Callers – These guys don’t fight themselves, they train animals to do so for them. They hail from the deep forest south of the Long Lake.