The Realm is in chaos. The Realm is burning. The Realm is tearing itself appart. But in the West, the Realm's saviour is gathering strength, preparing to sail her fleet along the Realm's coast and right up into the Imperial City.

Unfortunately, the fleets of the Houses will try to bar her way, and far more worryingly for the slow fleet, the Realm's

Defences might be brought to bear on them. Your target for tonight's operation is an Earth Manse, The Amber Bastion on the north coast of the Isle. A veritable fortress, and a vital node in the Realm Defence Grid. Mnemon sympathisers captured it from the Cainenites earlier this week ... now it's your turn to capture it back for the Roseblack.

  • Ledaal Dashar? grins at Surka as he returns from checking on his men. "Ready for tonight, Surka?"
  • Surka smiles at Dashar, "I hope so." she casts her gaze out over the ocean thoughtfully, "It is too bad things have come to violence. The tension the Empress brought with her was uncomfortable, but at least no one had to die to keep things in their proper places."

<LedaalDashar?> "It'll be just you and me up there after we remove the Mnemnons. My boys will stay on guard. We can celebrate our victory, no?" The stocky trooper flashes another smile at Surka, showing baddly-arranged teeth in a mouth too wide for a face beaten flat too many times.

<Surka?> "I don't think I can celebrate what we're about to do, Dashar, but it will be the right thing."

<LedaalDashar?> "Celebrate surviving it?"

<Surka?> "What good would that do?"

<LedaalDashar?> "Nevermind. Immaculates..."

  • Surka looks at him curiously. "I will share a drink with you if it makes you feel better."

<LedaalDashar?> "I didn't bring any drink."

Ameshos "Sir, we're nearing the manse!"

<Surka?> "I'm sure there must be water in the manse."

<LedaalDashar?> "Water!...ah, right. Good. Any signs of watchers, Ameshos?"

Ameshos "We've seen what we think are two observation posts on the cliffs, sir."

<LedaalDashar?> "Can you get past without being seen or do I need to remove them first?"

  • Surka laces her fingers behind her back and regards the cliffs quietly.

Ameshos "I think we'll need to take at least one out if we're to scale the cliffs sir."

  • Ledaal Dashar? nods. "Surka and I will take care of them then. Thank you, Ameshos."

Ameshos salutes and rejoins his companoins

<Surka?> "And so it begins." She folds herself into a meditative position on the deck, and prays until they must must make their move.

<LedaalDashar?> "Come on Surka, no time for praying."

<Surka?> "There is time for prayer as long as any of us draw breath." nevertheless she unfolds herself, rising to look at Dashar, "What do you propose we do about the observer?"

<LedaalDashar?> "We sneak up and kill them before they send word.

<Surka?> "They are up there, however." she gestures lightly, "And we are down here."

The cliffs above the boat, while steep, are not unscalable...

<LedaalDashar?> "Not afraid of a little climb, are you?"

<Surka?> "I fear very little. However I am not adept at hiding my presence."

  • Ledaal Dashar? frowns. "I'll go before you and you can hold onto a rope so I can guide you."

<Surka?> "Indeed. Proceed." She moves to stand behind him.

  • Ledaal Dashar? produces a length of rope and ties it to his belt, handing the other end to Surka. With casual skill and ease, Dash starts climbing. As he skitters up the rock face he lets a bit of power flow to his suit, charging the mechanisms within that hide him from view.

Dashar easily scales the cliff, a crimson spider on the rocks, a single thread hanging behind him

  • Surka emulates the spider as well, climbing up the silken line of the rope quickly and silently.

Surka emulates the Spider flawlessly, almost running up the rockface

The observation post is quite small, 4 mortals huddled round a fire against the cold.

  • Surka looks to see where their fuel supply to boost the fire, and thus signal the others, is. Or, for any other method they might use.
  • Ledaal Dashar? glances at Surka and guestures silently at one of the mortals. He indicates two others and then himself. The final mortal he indicates must be captured.
  • Ledaal Dashar? waits to be sure Surka understands, then nocks a pair of arrows. With the sound of pebbles falling to the ground, the two arrows plunge into the chests of their targets, shattering armor and breastbones as easily as boulders the size of mastadons would have.

There is a small leather wrapped bundle a ways from the fire, through from the warns on it, the pair think they might be signal rockets.

  • Surka nods in return to Dash, and gestures toward the rocket pack, indicating that they must keep the mortals away from it at all costs, and further he should try to remove it from their presence before the fight commences if possible.
  • Ledaal Dashar? hesistates only a moment after seeing that before letting loose a third arrow that takes the last mortal in the temple like a well-placed stone. The man collapses like a sack of gravel.
  • Surka follows the arrows with the speed of a silverfish, merely a streak herself as she interposes herself between the last remaining mortal and the signal flares. She strikes quickly, turning her blades so that they strike the lookout in the back of the neck, with the pommels rather than the lethal edges.

She drops, conconcious


  • Surka nods to herself, crouching to arrange the lookout more comfortably, and adding a little more fuel to the fire so that it will burn longer before it goes out, thus alerting people that something is wrong.

The two dragonblood find themselves in possesion of a lookout post and 2 unconcious mortals. About a kilometer inland, the Amber Bastion is glowing faintly in the night.

<Surka?> "That went well." she says quietly. "Praise the Dragons."

  • Surka moves the bodies of the dead over to one side, arranging their limbs and posessions properly for their trip to the other world. She says a small prayer over them, and then frowns slightly. "I will come back to burn their bodies."

<LedaalDashar?> "After we take care of the other post."

<Surka?> "After we are finished." she agrees.

The other post, some 200 m along the clifftops, seems blissfully unaware of the brief ruckus.

<Surka?> "Have you more of that rope?"

She wakes, coughing and spluttering.

<LedaalDashar?> "Make no loud noises. Tell us how many of your comrades are at the other watching posts."

Her eyes go wide in fear "f..four!"

<LedaalDashar?> "How many other watching places?"

"s-six! Inland"

  • Surka steps behind the captain, considering her shoulders. She places two fingers on either side of her neck, presses quickly in two different places, and the pain she is feeling is lessened. "Thank you for being so cooperative."

<Surka?> (er. Captive)

<LedaalDashar?> "Tell me where."

She relaxes as Surka touches the medicinal points. She describes the vague locations of the posts. Only 2 of them, the clifftop one and one other could spot you on your way to the manse

<LedaalDashar?> "Surka, put her back to sleep.

  • Surka nods, and her fingers move across the captive's neck, touching five places with precise degrees of pressure. The captive flops over into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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