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  • Cerin turns the dull grey ring on his finger, studying it, curious as to what it does. Well, today was as good a day as any to find out. He sets off for the gate, and when he reaches it, sets the dials for the Flower's Realm. Then steps through.
  • Cerin looks about the realm of the golden crysanthamum, then steps away from the gate and vanishes into the shadows, making his way towards the dome.

The Chrysanthemum realm gleams brightly as ever.

Today the light has a purplish tinge to it, the shades of yellow, orange, and purple joining together into a breathtaking pattern that shines brightly throughout the city.

The streets are quieter today; few passersby are to be seen anywhere.

  • Cerin takes advantage of the quieter streets to move more swiftly, cutting his way up through the city.

As Cerin approaches the dome, he notices a familiar face sitting out front, on a small bench -- Herons is reading what looks to be a very old manuscript, yellowing pages held together with strips of leather.

  • Cerin approaches him slowly, trying to discern what he is reading before he reaches him "Good day, Herons."

Herons puts his book -- its cover marked in brilliant purple and red sigils the likes of which Cerin has never seen -- down next to him and greets the Solar. "Ah, there you are. Sit." He gestures to another bench, across from his own.

  • Cerin takes a seat on the bench, taking the helmet of his armour off and shaking his hair out.

<Herons?> "What brings you here today?"

  • Cerin pulls a glove off, revealing the dull grey ring "This. I want to know what it does."

<Herons?> Herons half-smiles in the smug fashion he does so well. "You do, hmm? Why do you ask me today?"

<Cerin> "It has been a curiousity to me for some time. Today I decided I would find out."

  • Herons looks at the ring carefully. "Hand it to me for a moment."
  • Cerin slips the ring off his finger and hands it over.
  • Herons holds it up to the light, where it glistens with the unique rainbow sheen of starmetal.
  • Cerin watches him with idle curiousity as he does, watching the essence shimmering around him and the ring.

After a long moment, silently examining the ring, Herons lowers it and speaks again.

<Herons?> "This ring was given to Ymir after she put down the Strangling Ivy Revolt. It was a notable gift."

<Cerin> "The Strangling Ivy Revolt?"

<Herons?> "One of the more... immense Yozi-worshipper uprisings. We had to sacrifice Therembold to put an end to it."

<Cerin> "Ah, I see. What ...was Therembold? A city I am guessing..."

  • Herons nods. "It does not matter. It lay beyond the bodies of the world today."
  • Cerin nods, a little saddly. "I suppose it doesn't. So, what does the ring do then? All I get is the impression that it is doing ...something."
  • Herons smiles a tiny bit again. "It waits, mostly."
  • Cerin holds out his hand for it "And what stops it waiting?"

<Herons?> "That's a good question." He points to one side of the sky, where the stars are just beginning to show. "Hold it up there."

  • Cerin picks it up, and looks through it to the stars

<Herons?> As he does, Cerin sees a pattern of white stars glow faintly upon the edges of the ring.

<Herons?> "When these three" -- he identifies the stars with one long finger -- "are aligned."

  • Cerin nods and considers those stars, and where they are now. And where they will be when they are aligned.

The stars stare back at Cerin, unanswering.

<Cerin> "Do you know when they will align?" he asks as he turns back from the stars, slipping the ring back on his finger.

<Herons?> "I'm afraid not. The magics worked into that ring were worked long, long ago, and the thoughts behind them are not something I am privy to."

<Cerin> "I see. That is somewhat unfortunate to hear. Do you know who gave it to Ymir?"

<Herons?> "....colleagues of mine, who are no longer with us."

  • Cerin nods. "No longer with you?"
  • Herons places one hand over his heart in what could easily be mock solemnity.

<Cerin> "I see." he starts to work the glove back over his hand. "What do you know of Lai Misuna by the way?"

  • Herons makes a face. "Irritatingly little. He never registered for us as a mortal -- no great destiny, no true calling. And our inquiries since he came to our attention have been fruitless."

<Cerin> "And the gods Kasima, Ten-Beasts-Rising and Unfolding Petal?"

<Herons?> "They have stayed outside our realm of knowledge since they formed this plan. I do not know the specifics of how."

<Cerin> "There was a strange pattern in the beast gods essence, that I felt had something to do with concealment.."

<Herons?> "Hmmm." He pulls on his chin thoughtfully. "I will have to look into this matter further."

<Cerin> "I would suggest you move swiftly. There is about a month left."

  • Herons looks at Cerin with an oddly bemused expression. "Indeed."
  • Cerin raises an eyebrow, then just shakes his head "Anyway, I suppose I had best be off."
  • Herons nods. "I, too, have business to attend to. It is a busy time of year...."

<Cerin> "It does seem to be, yes. How is your Aalorai faring, by the way?"

  • Herons raises an eyebrow at the comment, and it is almost as if a quick flash of anger passes over his face. "My egg is quite safe, thank you."
  • Cerin smiles "That is good to hear. Until next time then." He seats the helmet back on his head, stands, and walks back to the gate and home.

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