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Update Cerin The Wolf

Cerin the Wolf
Hunter of the Empty Forest
Hunter of all things White and purple shadow
KrakenSol Invictus 51 Un, 699 Sp, 750 Tot
Attributes (8/6/4)
Strength3 (6)Charisma3Perception4
Dexterity6 (7)Manipulation2Intelligence3
Stamina3 (4)Appearance3 (4)Wits4
Abilities (25, 10 From Caste/Favored, Min 1 In Each Favored)
Archery5 Endurance5 Craft1 
Brawl  Performance  Investigation5 
Martial Arts  Presence  Lore5 
Melee  Resistance  Medicine1 
Thrown  Survival5 Occult5 
Night   Eclipse  Specialties 
Athletics5 Bureaucracy  AbilityRating
Awareness5 Linguistics4 Using charm arrows+2
Dodge5 Ride    
Larceny5 Sail    
Stealth5 Socialize    
Linguistics: Riverspeak; Old Realm, High Holy Speech, Firetongue, High Realm
Tempers Essence***** Virtues (5)
Willpower10Personal:25 totalCompassionX X
X X X X X | X X X X X  23 freeConvictionX X X X
Regain Willpower When Peripheral:57 total (+ 20 Rad Essence)TemperanceX X
You put yourself in a lifethreatening situation, then escape it54 freeValorX X X X
Limit Break  24 committed
X X X X X | X X X - -
Anima Banner:
Cerin's anima banner is a is a swirling mist of purple and white-gold shadow, visions of Cerin and the things he has killed, in this age and the last, showing in the shadows
0 MotesNo display.
1-3 MotesAs he begins to spend Peripheral Essence, Cerin's Castemark appears and begins to flicker with otherworldly luminosity. Anyone who can see him can make a Perception + Awareness roll at standard difficulty to notice it.
4-7 MotesAt this level of display, Cerin's Castemark glows like a beacon, and its light will shine through anything placed over it.
8-10 motesThe shadows now start to lazily swirl about Cerin, painting the immediate area in a purple haze. The display fades quickly and cannot be seen through treetops, but his Castemark is strong and bright.
11-15 motes
16+ motes
Virtue FlawDeliberate Cruelty
Limit Break Condition:The character is subjected to severe stress, is in dire straits or is back up against the wall
Backgrounds (7)ValueNotes
Allies*****|**Grala, Mistress of the Endless Hunt Cerin's association with Grala preceeds his Exaltation, and it is she who has provided him with some of his artiacts, as well as his more challenging hunts
Artifact*****|***Crimson Armour of the Unseen Assasin ****, a suit of flowing red silken robes and armour, complete concealing Cerin's form, the flowing material making his form difficult to make out even when he stands still. Very little visible armour, though it still offers impressive protection, though its main defences are stealth and speed. +2 str, doubles all movement speeds, +2 Awareness (and no light penalties), +4 Stealth (Rising to +6 for 3m/scene) that also overcomes charms to bypass such things unless used by ess 7+ entity. 5m/5 turns, adds +3 to difficulty of all actions against Cerin (inc. parries but not dodges)
  Hearthstone Bracers **, Orichalcum, these bracers have a setting for the Gem of Bodily Perfection.
  Cache Egg **, blue jade and orichalcum, this 2ft sphere is used for storing stuff, and may be banished Elsewhere for a mote and a non-reflexive dice action
Manse****Gem of Bodily Perfection, This crystalline sphere is flawlessly clear, and never becomes dirty or smudged. When attuned, it lends some of its perfection of form to its bearer's body. Her muscles firm up, her skin becomes smoother, her heart beats stronger, and her posture becomes more confident. Mechanically, the character adds one die to all Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, and Appearance rolls (the Appearance bonus does not apply if the character has a natural Appearance score of zero). The bonus die stacks with bonus dice from other sources, and does not count toward dice-pool caps, but is not considered to be part of the character's natural Ability score.
  While under the stone's influence, the character not only feels and looks better; she also finds it easier to benefit from physical exercise. She receives a one-point discount whenever raising her Physical Attributes or Appearance with experience, but only if the Stone of Bodily Perfection remains attuned for the entire training period.
  The Manse is Hidden
Combat Statistics
Initiative:10Soak (L/B):(10/16)Mobility:-0
Attack:17(19)Damage:8L (Peircing)
Effortless Dodge:5Dodge Action:20
Feat of Grace:12Feat of Might:9
Essence Regain8/Hour4/Hour0/Hour
W/ Hearthstone16/Hour12/Hour8/Hour
Health Levels (7)0124Incapacitated
Personal Weapons
Immaculate Golden Bow+0L+5300510
Composite Bow+0L+0250310
Hearthstone Bracers+2(stacks)
Charm Descriptions (10, Min 5 From Caste Or Favored)
CharmTypeCostNon-Instant Duration
Wise Arrow1m/dSupp
Sight Without Eyes1mSupp
Accuracy Without Distance1m 1wSupp
There Is No Wind3mSupp
Shot Without Distance4mSupp
Heart-Seeking Missile3mSupp
Strike Without Effort3mSupp
Fiery Arrow Attack2mSupp
Phantom Arrow Technique1mRef
Solar Spike1m/2dam.Simple
Rain of Feathered Death3m/duplicateSupp
Immaculate Golden Bow5m 1wpSimpleScene
Inexhaustiable Bolts of Solar Fire10m 1wSimpleScene
Perfected Archer Discipline7m 1wpEA
Ox-Body Technique (x2)Permanent
Freedom of Exquisite MotionPermanent
Graceful Crane Stance3mRefScene
Unearthly Grace Meditation5mSimScene
Fluid Alacrity Style6mInstEA
Unparalleled Elegance Spirit8+wpInstEA
Reed in the Wind1m/2dRef
Shadow over Water2mRef
Seven Shadows Evasion6mRef
Reflex Sidestep Technique2mRef
Flow Like Blood5m 1wSimpleScene
Body of Evening MistPermanent
Penumbra Stance7m 1wRef
Leaping Dodge Method4mRef
Wind-And-Water Evasion3mRef
Shimmering Mirage Stance6m 1wSimpleScene
Wind Through Willows Approach   
Unapprochable Self Kata   
Spirit Sensing Method3mSimpleScene
All-Encompassing Sorcerrer's Eye6mSimpleScene
Bestiary Sight Technique8m 1wSimpleScene
Spellbound Sight Technique8m 1wSimpleScene
Eyes of the SavantPermenant
Spirit-Cutting Attack2mSupp
Ghost Eating Technique5mSupp
Fundamental Understanding5mSimpleScene
Essential Aegis   
Locking The Soul Gates   
Radiant Essence Technique x2n/aPermPerm
Unsleeping Watchman Technique   
Tireless Runner's Stride   
Empty Stomach Fasting Meditation   
Ascetic Monk's Purification Discipline   
Controlled Breathing Exercise   
Sleep of Death Technique   
Transcendent Bodyn/aPermPerm
Hardship Surviving Mendicant Spirit5mSimpleDay
Unshakable Bloodhound Techinque8m 1wpSimpleDay
Element-Resisting Prana   
Spirit tied Pet   
Ten Magistrates Eyes3mSuppScene
Judge's Ear Technique6mRefScene
Irresistable Questioning Technique5mSimpleScene
Unspoken Word Extraction8mSimpleScene
Guilt Finding Inquisitor Method   
Intention Gleaning Style5mSimple
Hawk Aloft Gaze   
Footstep Guiding Intuition10m 1wSimple
Thought Plumbing Approach   
Sensory Acuity Prana5mSimpleScene
Surprise Anticipation Method1mRef
Eyes of Safety Methadologyn/aPermPerm
Fivefold Sensory Aegisn/aPermPerm
Unsurpassed Vision5mSimpleScene
Barrier Bypassing Senses SimpleScene
Unparralleled Peripheral Perception SimpleScene
Easily Overlooked Presence Method3mSimpleScene
Mental Inivisibilty Technique5m 1wpSimpleScene
Vanishing From Mind's Eye Technique SimpleScene
Bottomless Well Of Memory15m 1wp 1HLSimpleInstant
Unseen Ghost Walk SimpleScene
Spirit Of The Night Method SimpleScene
Flawless Handiwork Method3m+Simple
Flawless Pickpocketing Technique   
Lock Opening Touch   
Door-Evading Technique   
Barrier-Thwarting Approach   
Ward-Eschewing Stride   
Lore-Unearthing Method4mSupp
Forgotten Secrets Technique1m/dieSupp
Artifact-Analysing Method6m +wpSimVaries
Machines of the New Dawn10m +wpSimScene
Unconquerably Excellent Solar Armouryn/aPermPerm
God-Eating CyclonePerfected Archer Discipline, Ghost Eating Techinque (7xp)
 Six brilliant white lights appear around Cerin's castemark, before they fly out into a wide ring. He plucks them one at a time, drawing them across his bow as arrows of light. They fly onwards, striking straight and true.
Merits & Flaws
Legendary Dexterity
Eidetic Memory - Vision and Hearing
Equipment And Other Gear

A small leather bound book - Cerin remembers carrying this everywhere in his previous life as Ymir. It is written in an unknown (and presumably encoded) language.

A small black box - Contains depressions to hold ymir's three pins of office. A golden Chrysanthamum set on a starburst, an eightpointed sunburst and a nightcaste circle crossed with a sword. Cerin has the chrysanthamum and the sunburst in his possession.

A small golden dagger - The dagger is orichalcum. It's short, with a sharp curve, and a similarly curved handle. Attuning to it, it's extremely light and easy to use. After a little experimentation it was discovered that it cuts through many non-living objects with a surprising ease. (4m attune)

A small grey ring - The ring is made of starmetal; it clearly serves as an Essence channel, but it has no obvious effect when attuned and/or worn. But it does do something. (1m attune)

The Seal of the Solar Deliberative (Night Caste) - This orichalcum seal is obviously an artifact, though it cannot be attuned to, and resolutely does nothing.

A small sheaf of papers - Written in Ymir's hand, these detail her foiling of an elaborate scheme to assasinate someone in the south east.

A red dagger - The dagger is about one foot long. The blade is a very slightly curved double-edged blade with a blood channel, made of smooth red metal; beneath that, there is a simple handguard which juts out to both sides. The handle is wrapped with a black leather, and bears a gemstone of brilliant blue in the hilt. It has a catestrophic feedback loop when any essence is introduced into the blade when it is attuned. (6m attune)

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