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The Collected Trophies Of Cerin The Wolf



Small Wooden Bracelet
Carved and worn by V'neef Tiali, a member of a realm exploratory force to the Sunlands.
Cathak Signet Ring
Made of redjade and gold, this was taken from the body of Cathak Arigan after he was assassinated in the heart of the Realm.
Blue Jade Prayer Wheel
Red Jade Knife
A small pin
Bearing the Imperial Mon. Taken from the body of Surkha, the Scarlet Empress.
A rose shaped broach
Previously owned by Kisa Rie, late of An-Teng.


Necklaces with a purple sigil
Previously owned by the Exalts of Kasima the Knife who fought with Cerin in the Garden.


Hunting Knife
Belonged to the Man in the Woods


Feathered Armband
Owned by the unnamed lunar who sought to claim a bride.
Small Silver Ring
Long White Feather


Faded Leaf
Axe Head
Auroch Horn


Obsidean Claw
Burnt Paper
Seed Pod

And Other Stranger Things

Unfocused Shadow Tentacle
Burning Tiger Claw

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