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Update Long-Awaited Spring

Long-Awaited SpringCaretakerTwilight
SageWasirruEver-growing tree
PigeonSol Invictus 104 Un, 308 Sp, 412 Tot
Attributes (6/4/8)
Abilities (25, 10 From Caste/Favored, Min 1 In Each Favored)
Archery  Endurance2 Craft  
Brawl  Performance4 Investigation2 
Martial Arts5 Presence  Lore5 
Melee  Resistance  Medicine5 
Thrown  Survival2 Occult2 
Night  Eclipse  
Athletics5 Bureaucracy  
Awareness5 Linguistics5 
Dodge5 Ride  
Larceny  Sail  
Stealth  Socialize  
Martial ArtsParrying+3
LoreStrategy and Tactics+3
DodgeLarger Foes+2
Languages: All of them
Tempers Essence***** Virtues (5)
Willpower 10 Personal:25CompassionX X X X X
X X X X X | X X X X X Peripheral:61ConvictionX X X
Regain Willpower When Radiant:20TemperanceX X X
You receive tangible proof
that you helped another
Committed:12ValorX X X X X
Limit Break   
X - - - - | - - - - -
Anima Banner:
Spring's anima banner is a great tree with branches and trunk of gold, growing up to the heavens.
0 MotesSpring's caste mark is invisible.
1-3 MotesSpring's caste mark begins to glow with a soft radiance.
4-7 MotesSpring's caste mark glows like a beacon, and its light will shine through anything placed over it.
8-10 motesThe air around Spring becomes heavy and moist, filled with the scent of growth. The ground near him appears as fertile earth. His caste mark fills the area around him with light bright enough to read by.
11-15 motesSpring glows like a furnace, giving off light for miles. Nearby plants bloom out of season. The ground under his feet crackles with the sound of autumn leaves, and the air is redolent with the scent of blossoms.
16+ motesAn enormous golden tree erupts from the ground beneath Spring, growing around him and encircling him with vines. It bursts inmmediately into the sky and continues growing higher and higher every moment.

Virtue Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion

Limit Break Condition: The character sees innocents suffering and is unable to effectively intervene.

Cult****The Heartwood Spearfolk, now saved from the Bone Dagger Kings.
Familiar*****Incomparable Sapling, the miniature Wasirranu left by the Great Tree and by Wei Dan. Who knows what it is capable of?
Manse****The Mile-Wide-Maw Mineral.

This wood-aspected gem has an unusual quality: while it is attuned, the possessor may eat anything he can fit into his mouth. Chewing is unnecessary; once it hits his throat, it proceeds smoothly into his stomach, ignoring any and all obstructions and ordinary size restrictions. Eating an object takes at least one die action, and possibly more depending on its size and length. This allows the following:

  • He may hold any object he eats in his stomach indefinitely and without discomfort. While doing so, he may examine these objects with his sense of touch as if he were using his hands to do so.
  • He may digest anything organic that he eats as though it were nutritious and healthy gruel of the same weight, satisfying his need for both food and water.
  • He may further digest anything living he has in his stomach, gaining nutrition and also draining their life force -- as a die action, he may do one unpreventable aggravated health level of damage to a living creature in his stomach and heal one health level of damage. He may take this action a number of times per round equal to his Survival.
  • He may attempt to digest anything inorganic he has eaten. This affects the item in question as though it were immersed in an immensely strong acid -- items made of most normal materials will be destroyed, although metal and bone may take some time to disintegrate completely.
  • He may vomit up an object he has previously swallowed. This takes an entire round during which he can do nothing else. The object is unharmed (unless he's digested it), although possibly severely traumatized.

Upon becoming unattuned to the gem, the former possessor is seized with a sudden sickness; he immediately begins vomiting up the objects in his stomach, one object each round. He may take no actions whatsoever until all the objects have left his system.

The Manse is the Cathedral of Living Wood, hidden below the Spire of the Wasirranu and open only to those whom the great tree allows in.

The Crown of the High Chieftain2A necklace of tiny wooden chimes, giving off the three tones that speak of leadership to all the Spearfolk. Hearthstone slot. Impresses blind people.
The Faultless Parchment Ensign4A small piece of parchment inscribed with the symbol of the Twilight Caste. Upon touching it, it reveals the current situation of any and all forces currently under the command of the bearer.
Spider Eyes6A pair of eyes made by Zahara, containing the living forms of two of the surviving Fifth Lineage. They grant Essence sight and the capability to see relationships between things.
A hat0Slightly charred.
A pair of red glovesn/aAdds 2 to Strength. Not worn.
Essence Regain12/Hour8/Hour4/Hour
W/ Hearthstone20/Hour16/Hour12/Hour
Combat Numbers
Unarmed Parry:20dFLB Dodge:15dSecret Lotus:10d
Initiative:+9Unarmed Attack:11dUnarmed Damage:+2B
Health Levels (10)0124Incapacitated
Personal Weapons
The open hand+2B+1+75+0
Charm Descriptions
Lore Charms:
Lore-Unearthing Method4mSuppWhen searching for a specific piece of information in a collection, find it in 20 - (Wits + Lore roll)*2 minutes.
Forgotten Secrets Technique1m/dieSuppPer + Lore or Int + Lore die adder for secrets/arcane knowledge.
All-Encompassing Knowledge Prana8m 1wpSimpleFor one scene, gain a solid, competent understanding of one specialized field of knowledge (use Int + Lore for related rolls).
Savant Needs No Tutor Approach15m 1wpSimpleLower training time for one xp purchase by one step and negate untutored penalty; charm lasts until training is complete.
Observant General's Meditation8mSimpleSpend (10 - Ess) days making a plan, roll Int + Lore. Gain successes * Ess points; each point adds one success to an allied roll executing the plan. Charm lasts until points spent/goal achieved/voluntarily deactivated.
Unfailing Strategy Technique6m 1wpSimpleSpend (10 - Ess) hours to make a perfect plan.
Knowledge-Locating Glance10m 1wpSimpleSpend one hour to learn the closest location where a particular piece of information is located.
Ideal Contingency Approach3m 1wpSimpleInstantly devise a perfect method to overcome an unexpected obstacle.
Forgetful God Methodology3m 1xpSimpleSell back a charm or combo.
Excellent Instructor Technique10m 1wpSimpleHalf training time for students and +Ess dice for their rolls to learn.
Detailed Fact Provision12m 1wpSimpleCommunicate any information in one sentence.
Troop-Arranging Doctrine1m/dieSuppDie adder for Lore rolls involving strategy or tactics.
Battle Flow Eye Perm+Ess dice to Lore rolls involving strategy or tactics.
Fifty Efficacious Formations Methodology5m 1wpSimpleArrange an army to accomplish a goal within a given metric.
Inexhaustible Information Holism PermReflexively recall factual information you could have unquestionable access to.
Awareness Charms:
Sensory Acuity Prana5mSimpleFor one scene, heighten perceptions and add Ess dice to Awareness.
Unsurpassed Hearing and Touch Technique5mSimpleFor one scene, vastly increase hearing and touch sensitivity.
Surprise Anticipation Method1mRefOutmoded by below charm.
Ears of Safety Methodology PermPerfect surprise defense; ten-second warning.
Dodge Charms:
Reed in the Wind1m/2 diceRefDodge die adder.
Shadow Over Water2mRefDodge one attack.
Reflex Sidestep Technique2mRefDodge unaware with Ess die pool.
Seven Shadow Evasion4mRefPerfectly dodge one attack.
Flow Like Blood5m 1wpSimpleFor one scene, dodge all attacks.
Scattered Sunlight Attitude4m 1wpRefPerfectly dodge even an undodgeable attack and move normal movement rate.
Intangible Wind Defense8m 1wpRefPerfectly dodge Ess attacks this turn.
Penumbra Stance7m 1wpRef(Dodge/2) hanging perfect dodges.
Linguistics Charms:
Excellent Emissary's Tongue5mSimpleAfter listening to a language spoken for an hour, speak and understand it for as long as desired.
Mark of Tongues Method5mSimpleFor as long as desired, affect any accent or writing style flawlessly to mortal investigation.
Glyph-Comprehending Prana3mSimpleAfter reading a document for an hour, read and write that language for as long as desired.
Language-Creating Gesture10+m 1wpSimpleCreate a new language with whatever traits you desire. Other targets may speak the language for 3m per target. Charm lasts as long as desired; when it ends, any speaker may spend 3xp to retain knowledge.
One Speaker, Many Tongues6m 1wpSimpleAnybody who hears you speak understands you.
Blessed Understanding PermUnderstand all languages.
Whirlwind Brush Method4mSimpleFor the scene, write incredibly fast.
Letter-Within-A-Letter Technique6mSimpleImbed a secret message into a document.
Thousand-Facet Words Technique10m 1wpSimpleImbed any number of secret messages in the same document.
Self-Authoring Text Style20m 1wpSimpleCreate a book that updates itself.
Medicine Charms:
Body-Mending Meditation10mSimpleFor one day, Ess patients heal at 10 times the normal rate.
Wound-Mending Care Technique10mSimpleAfter one day of treatment, a patient heals Int+Med + Ess HLs.
Body-Restoring Meditation10m 1wpSimpleAfter one hour of treatment, a patient heals any permanent physical damage.
Healing Trance Meditation10m 1wpSimpleAfter one hour of treatment, a patient heals Ess HLs, including aggravated or permanent physical damage.
Mind-Easing Technique10m 1wpSimpleFor a day, a patient is relieved of madness.
Soul-Unbinding Touch10m 1wpSimpleAfter one hour of treatment, a patient is freed of mind-affecting effects.
Anointment of Miraculous Health10mSimpleOne touched patient heals Ess HLs.
Addiction-Cleansing Touch8m 1wpSimpleCure one patient of addiction.
Stabilizing Touch Method2mSuppOne touched target becomes stable as long as he is not further injured.
Life-Preserving Gesture5mRefFor Ess turns, one target within (Ess x 5) yards does not die from damage.
Heartbeat-Prolonging Aura6m 1wp 1hlSimpleFor the scene, nobody within (Ess x 10) yards can drop below Incap.
Throng-Curing Method15m 1wp 1hlSimpleFor one day, grant Medicine charms to Med nurses who can use each (Ess/2) times.
Endurance Charms:
Radiant Essence Technique x2 Perm+20 Radiant Essence, recovered at 2m/hour in direct sunlight.
Ox-Body Technique PermOne -1 and two -2 health levels.
Performance Charms:
Respect-Commanding Attitude3mSimpleFor the scene, command the attention of an audience.
Masterful Performance Exercise2m/suxSuppBuy up to (Ess+sux) successes for a Charisma+Performance roll.
Phantom-Conjuring Performance5mSimpleFor the scene, add Ess dice to Performance rolls.
Golden Blossoms of the Tree Style:
Victory's Perfume1m/actionEAOne opponent makes up to Valor attacks on the adept.
Coruscation of Flowers6mSimpleFor the turn, parry all attacks with Dex+MA.
Gilded Lily Meditation Perm+Ess to Defense of unarmed parries. Ping is 1.
Secret at the Heart of the Lotus2mSimpleFor the turn, one opponent suffers Comp+MA difficulty penalty to attack you.
Descent into Rosewater2mRefUpon successfully parrying an attack, drain Essence equal to excess parry successes.
Golden Blossoms of the Tree Form8m 1wpSimpleWhen attacked, gain a boon; spend a boon to gain an immediate Charm activation from this style; may use simples as reflexives. Boons drain at end of turn.
Wilting Petal Approach1mSimpleOne opponent suffers a -1 age penalty to attacks for the scene.
Murder Garden Stance2mSimpleFor the scene, attacks on the adept have a minimum of one success before defenses.
The Root of Failure5m 1wpSimpleFor the turn, one opponent cannot make perfect attacks.
Blossoms Unfolding in Glory5mSimpleGain Ess boons; spend a boon to add (highest Virtue) successes to one MA roll.
Ten Thousand Blooms4m 1wpSimpleFor the turn, environmental effects caused by the use of Essence count as attacks, and the adept's dodges and parries may count as environmental defenses.
Heart of Thorns4mSimpleDeactivate this Charm to defend against a Charm affecting the adept without a roll.
Climbing Ivy Spiral4mRefUpon successfully parrying an attack with effects other than damage, affect the attacker with those effects as if the attack hit and did one HL.
Bouquet of Foes3mSimpleFor the scene, opponents within 10 x Ess yards must move Ess yards closer until they are within Ess yards, unless they have more Ess or hit the adept.
He Loves Me Not10mSimpleMake an unarmed MA attack; on hit, the opponent loses one HL each turn they do not hit the adept, until incapacitated.
Merits & Flaws
Pacifist: +1 diff to attacks, 1 WP per scene to make attacks
Hidden Manse

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