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Confrontation Kata⚠ <br> Cost: 5 motes, 1 willpower⚠ <br> Duration: Five turns⚠ <br> Type: Reflexive⚠ <br> Minimum Presence: 5⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 4⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Center of Attention Stance⚠ <br> The Solar voices a declaration of war that paints that paints the world red in an iconic flash of her anima, making herself the focus of all conflict in existence! All oponents of the Exalt within (Essence x10) yards have their sight clouded by crimson banners and feel she is a foe that must be fought lest come their ends, and must suceed in a Temperance roll (Difficulty 2) every turn, or be compelled to strike at the Solar. That compulsion can be ignored with the expenditure of 1 willpower, but even those who are successful receive a penalty equal to the Solar's Essence to strike anyone but her that turn. Any opponent of the Solar able to perceive her presence must fail a Valor roll to retreat from combat. Willpower cannot be used to ascertain failure in this roll. This explicitly trumps the effects of Charms such as Avoidance Kata, with Fate, the Yozi or whatever power rules over the Solar's opponent dragging her back with binds of flowing red to the battle that must be fought.

Should multiple iterations of Confrontation Kata or similar charms conflict, only one will take effect. The one belonging to the higher-Essence character prevails unless both character have equivalent Essence ratings, in which case ribbons of crimson tangle through their animas and a reflexive Charisma+Presence roll is made every turn to ascertain which effect takes precedence. Confrontation Kata may be comboed as if it were of instant duration.

Eternal Lion Stance⚠ <br> Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower, 1 health level⚠ <br> Duration: Instant⚠ <br> Type: Simple⚠ <br> Minimum Resistance: 5⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 5⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Adamant Skin Technique, Immovable Object⚠ <br> Adopting the posture of a Celestial Lion the Solar flares with Orichalcum hide and leonine eyes, anima cascading over his form like a burning mane as he stands before Creation with the same untiring vigilance as the mightiest protectors of Heaven! As one with the resilience of Heaven's foremost guardians the Solar ascertains that no harm shall pass beyond his own gates.

Invoking this Charm allows the Solar to both ignore the damage of any attack directed against him in the same manner as Adamant Skin Technique and be unmovable in the same manner as Immovable Object. No damaging effect this Charm has protected the Solar against will harm those who stand behind him, explosions forming their whole arc away from his form, waves of fire stopping on him and dispersing, avalanches breaking away to all sides but through him. Even attacks as as immaterial as sound or waves of burning Essence are stopped by this Charm. However, although they can be protected against damage from rolling waves from a shattered dam, they will not be protected against the flooding of their position afterwards.

Lead the Hallowed Exodus⚠ <br> Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower⚠ <br> Duration: One Day⚠ <br> Type: Simple⚠ <br> Minimum Survival: 5⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 5⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Distance-Traversing Caravan⚠ <br> Leaders of Men, the Zenith have led humanity in their sacred pilgrimages since before the First Age, bringing the word of Heaven and a new beggining. It was in the War with the Primordials that this Charm was first used when Ben Kai led his followers for six thousand days and six thousand nights to the heart of Szoreny, sinking his blade into its heart. To lead the hallowed exodus a Solar must utter a swift prayer to the Unconquered Sun, igniting his anima to a coruscant aura, where it remains for the remainder of the day as if he had spent at least 8 motes of Peripheral Essence. The Solar thus becomes the guiding beacon to up (Permanent Essence x10) followers, his anima touching all of them and leaving its hallowed mark. The marked receive the benefits of all Survival, Endurance or Resistance Charms currently affecting the Solar that allow them to ignore enviromental effects, fatigue or deprivation from travel as they find themselves taking the same precautions as he, nourished by the same faith and Essence.

Shard of Nascent Worlds⚠ <br> Cost: 20 motes, 1 willpower⚠ <br> Duration: One Hour⚠ <br> Type: Simple⚠ <br> Minimum Survival: 5⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 5⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Any (Element)-Denying Style⚠ <br> Undeniable expression of humanity's survival instinct, the Solar with this Charm cuts herself from the Essence of the world with a knife fashioned of her own Exaltation! Her anima shifts as the map of nascent worlds as her presence is severed from the enviroment, unnaffected by anything that does not specifically strike at her form, her personal space becoming her very own world! As long as this Charm is in effect the Solar cannot be affected by enviromental effects, from poisonous clouds to killing winds. She cannot suffocate nor drown, nourished by her own Essence for the duration. Note that this does not affect effects that strike directly at her form or Essence, only those that exist in the ambient about her - falling slag from a volcano could affect her where sulfur and lava could not, a fallen tree could affect her where poisonous pollen could not and shards of broken Essence could harm her while wading through an area of twisting nether would leave her all but unscathed.

Mnemonic Relocation Method⚠ <br> Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower, 1 Experience Point⚠ <br> Duration: Instant⚠ <br> Type: Simple⚠ <br> Minimum Lore: 5⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 5⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Forgetful God Methodology⚠ <br> A savant's obssessions come and go, requiring a constant stream of time and energy, honing much while some falters, entire fields of knowledge falling in and out of favor. As time passes entire skills are forgotten, untouched as a rusting sword. The best of savants can control this proccess, shuffling his favor to allow for the best possible allotment of their time and memories! With a simple use of this Charm the character can shift the Favored status from one Ability to another. (although the extra cost is paid retroactively - now unfavored Charms cost the character 2 Experience Points apiece, and now favored Charms give the character back 2 Experience Points apiece; this may lead the character into a debt of Experience Points.)

He may also discard any number of Ability Dots, receiving back the points from them. (although the extra cost is paid retroactively - now unfavored Abilities cost the character 1 Experience Point per dot, and now favored Abilities receive retroactively the break of 1 Experience Point per dot; this may lead the character into a debt of Experience Points.) Only a single Ability may be changed with every use of this Charm. (another Ability receiving a Favored status lost does not count as an use; The Solar Exalted must always possess 5 Favored Abilities.) Make note of lost Abilities, however; those can be bought again with only one-tenth of the usual Training Time.

Masterful Healer's Experience⚠ <br> Cost: 10 motes⚠ <br> Duration: Essence in Hours⚠ <br> Type: Simple⚠ <br> Minimum Medicine: 3⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 3⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Flawless Diagnosis Technique⚠ <br> Taking on the aspect of the life-giving sun the Solar's irises spread into life-giving mandalas, his touch to his patients spreading in golden ripples, all manifestations of a thousand years of medical experience leading the Solar's every movement! For the duration of the Charm the Solar receives a number of Automatic Successes equal to his Essence in all Medicine-related rolls.

Soul-Dissecting Prana⚠ <br> Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower⚠ <br> Duration: Essence in Hours⚠ <br> Type: Simple⚠ <br> Minimum Medicine: 4⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 3⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Flawless Diagnosis Technique⚠ <br> As it is clear with its assossiation to the constellation of The Corpse, Medicine comprises studious understanding of anatomy and the biological proccesses that bring about all manner of phenomena in their patients. That understanding is paramount for the right treatments, to prescribe medicine and to understand how a disease or poison acts and the exact nature of wounds. However, Solar Exalted must often contend with Spiritual Diseases that attack the soul and the flows of Essence, with warped designs that would possess and corrupt minds and souls! To that effect the Solar must learn to understand the manner in which the mental and spiritual proccesses interact with the physical.

The Solar conducts a throughout examination which lasts an hour per dot of Permanent Essence of his patient. It informs the Solar the physical capabilities and Permanent essence of his patient, its species, its supernatural creature type (or a rough description of it, should the supernatural being be unknown to the character), its rough capabilities (and even possible capabilities, as he perceives how that specific kind of Essence may be applied by the body. This requires an Intelligence + Medicine or Occult roll with a difficulty of at least 5), any modifications to its body or Essence pattern(from Wyld Mutations to permanent or temporary enchantments), wether it is possessed or otherwised tampered by the Supernatural, and how connected he is with outside forces. (such as a Cult, a Monstrance or other sorts of Arcane Links)

This does not give the Solar any ability to sense Essence or perceive the nature of beings outside of the purview of a throughout physical examination any more than learning about a patient's heart rate allows the Solar to recognize others by their heartbeat from afar. It can, however, give significant bonuses to those who possess the ability to naturally perceive essence flows within beings, and vice versa.

Mending the Viridian Tapestry⚠ <br> Cost: None⚠ <br> Duration: Permanent⚠ <br> Type: Special⚠ <br> Minimum Medicine: 5⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 5⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Soul-Unbinding Touch⚠ <br> The mind is Jupiter's Tapestry, where all of humanity keeps their secrets and fears. Secrets that can be ripped from them, fears and loves that can be shredded out of their minds! But the wise doctor is an artisan of the mind as well as the body, able to recover what was lost with the same deftness that they expel what should not be from the minds of their patients! This Charm permanently enhances Soul-Unbinding Touch. When they dive within their target's subconscious they become aware of the pieces where the mind was hurt, and become able to recover any Mental Trait loss, any Ability dot loss and any memory loss suffered by their patients. Each dot or stretch of memory recovered adds one hour for the total time the Solar will spend within his patient's subconscious. Should this be used against a power that has not stolen the memory or trait but be an active force preventing it from manifesting the Solar will have to suceed on a Willpower+Essence contest against the creator of the effect which works in the same manner as the contest of wills required for Summoning Spirits. Should the Solar fail, he cannot attempt to break this effect again this season.

Recover the Burning Flower⚠ <br> Cost: 20 motes, 1 willpower, 1 Health Level⚠ <br> Duration: Special⚠ <br> Type: Simple⚠ <br> Minimum Medicine: 5⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 5⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Soul-Unbinding Touch, Body-Restoring Meditation⚠ <br> The most heinous injuries are not to the body or mind, but to the spirit, to the Essence that binds one's very being together. Most Mortal beings are slayn outright by such powers, leaving supernatural beings such as the Exalted with scars to their spirit, to the core of their personality and Essence. With this Charm the Solar can cleanse his patient from any effect that would drain his Virtues, Willpower or Permanent Essence, deny him their use, the use of his Charms or taint the manner in which he wields Essence.

To do so the Solar must have properly diagnosed the patient and understand its personality and the nature of its Essence with abilities such as Soul-Dissecting Prana. He then journeys into the victim's subconscious much as with Soul-Unbinding Touch, but even deeper to the recesses of consciousness from which springs personality and the primal forces of the soul, and begins his work, taking one hour for every effect to be cleansed or dot to be returned to the patient. This Charm may be used as a guiding light to more elaborate rituals if greater means are needed to restore the patient's Essence than merely shifting its flows into order.

Moth Chases Every Flame Initiation

Your Lovely Light⚠ <br> Cost: 5 motes⚠ <br> Duration: One Scene⚠ <br> Type: Simple⚠ <br> Minimum Martial Arts: 3⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 3⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: None⚠ <br> Essence is bright, the most beautiful and enthralling fundamental light. Much like a Moth drawn to a flame the Adept learns how to be drawn to excesses of Essence, attuning her senses to the burning lights of Creation and the feel of unbridled joy as the tapestry is broken in fundamental fires and motes fill the sky like sparks. As long as this Charm is active the character is able to sense the use of instant Charms in any action she can perceive. She does not perceive what those Charms do beyond a vague description(such as 'enhancing damage', 'enhancing ability' or 'protection') and cannot perceive ongoing effects, only the bloom of light and sparks assossiated with their initiation. This is an exhilirating experience, and should the adept witness the Iconic Anima of an Exalt or an effect on the level of Celestial Circle Sorcery she regain Willpower as if she had just fulfilled her Nature. This may happen any number of times per scene, although it can only happen once per given Exalt or Spell.

Your Burning Call⚠ <br> Cost: 3 motes⚠ <br> Duration: Instant⚠ <br> Type: Reflexive⚠ <br> Minimum Martial Arts: 4⚠ <br> Minimum Essence: 3⚠ <br> Prerequisite Charms: Your Lovely Light⚠ <br> Like a moth flying towards the flame, the Adept spreads Essence-wings and leaps towards the flicker of Essence in an enthralled daze! Whenever a target action enhanced with Essence is made anywhere within (the Adept's [Perception + Essence] x5 yards) and the Adept can perceive its use she may pay 4 motes to stand before it as its new target, replacing the older target entirely. This is only useful against a single strike, and must be used multiple times to take an onslaught for another. Area attacks will still damage the target regardless of the Adept moving into its area, however.

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