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Zahara keeps several 1st Circle Demons around constantly, though she is able to summon more powerful ones if need be. Here's Zee Demons.

Agata, The Beauteous Wasp (pg. 108, Go D?)

Limit Profile: Slave

Agatae are huge, beautiful wasps, with six crystal legs. They are powerful enough to hold two armored men, and their senses and intuition are keen. Their voices peal like bells. They are both cunning and wise, and think of philosophy that cannot be translated. This often fills them with random outbursts of emotion, which they find eminently reasonable.

The agatae are riding beasts, and they accept this as their function. If one should lose a mortal rider, it is a sad, sad wasp. They often try to atone for such things.

They can fly 21 yards per turn in an enclosed space, or 42 outside.

Charms: Hurry Home?, Materialize?, Portal?, Principle of Motion?

Gilmyne, Dancer at the Saigoth Gates (pg. 113, Go D?)

Limit Profile: Killer (understand dances)

The Gilmyne know two efficacious dances: The Dance of Existence, that celebrates life, and the Dance of Extinguishment, that celebrates endings. The gilmyne also knows 5000 other dances, so it's fun for parties. It is a silver pillar of flame, but anyone looking at it will see what they desire to see. (Per+awareness dif 5 to notice that it's nonhuman.)

Charms: Ghostly Presence?, Materialize?, Principle of Motion?, Stillness?, Stoke the Flame?, Uncanny Prowess?, Will-o-Wisp?, Words (Dances) of Power.? (both Stoke the Flame and Words of Power work only on one target at a time.)

Hopping Puppeteer (pg.115, Go D?)

Limit Profile: Hunter or Killer (lusts to build/destroy)

Hopping Puppeteers resemble fist-sized masses of knotted hair glued together by phlegm and bile. When stirred into motion, the hair unrolls into dozens of spindly legs ending in small black feet. The central knot, the size of a coin, can reach heights of 50 or 100 yards. Puppeteers adore tiny children but have no interest in caring for them.

For the most part, the Hopping Puppeteer's goo stays on it, but when it hops, sometimes thin trails will be left behind. This is narcotic and addictive, and will occasionally lead people into trying to swallow a puppeteer, which just doesn't end well.

Puppeteers count as a workforce of 10 when engaged in a craft.

Charms: Host of Spirits?, Materialize?, Measure the Wind?, Principle of Motion?

Neomah, the Makers of Flesh (pg.118, Go D?)

Limit Profile: Courtesan

Neomah are demon courtesans who can spit forth brass and fire like a spider's thread to construct her tower. Neomah can be male, female, androgynous or both. They craft children from components taken from two or more creatures.

If compelled or bribed, the Neomah can craft flesh to another's specifications. To create a child from bits of flesh, (man's seed, woman's menstrual fluid, etc.) costs 10m, 1W. Dex+Compassion to create the child. Mixing two humans is dif 2. From many humans is dif 3. Combining many demon and human parts is dif 5. If one of the donors is a DB, she can increase the likelihood of Exaltation at a +1 dif penalty. On a failure or botch, she still creates the child, and it seems normal in its infancy, but the child develops wrong even by the relevant standards.

Neomah coat their hairpins with the venom from their mother's fingers. (dif 2, 2L/6L damage, 6 hours/-3 penalty) and stab mean people with them!

Charms:Details?, Materialize?, Shapechange?, Stoic Endurance?

Perronele, the Living Armor (pg.119, Go D?)

Limit Profile: Slave or Warden

Perronele resemble flesh-colored puddles, tinted from ebony to pale. They have no real orientation, and manifest sensory organs as needed.

These demons can be worn as living armor, like an undergarment, and can be worn beneath armor and clothes. It's Per+Awareness or Lore dif 3 to spot someone wearing one.

Perronele can be driven away with things of ill fate, such as an atrociouse geomantic arrangement, an ill cast of the fortune sticks, or a raiton's croak. They sometimes use their close proximity to the sorceror to corrupt her, whispering in the voice of Lucien of the virtuies of serving the Yozis. Sensible creatures, they proceed only so long as their chances of success exceed their chances of a sorcerous smiting.

Perronele take a -2 Awareness penalty unless they have an appropriate organ manifested in the right location. The demon gives an armor rating equal to either her armor's rating, or 8L/11B, whichchever is greater, with no mobility penalty.

Charms: Camouflage?, Details?, Materialize?, Stillness?

Sesselja, the Stomach Bottle Bug (pg.120, Go D?)

Limit Profile: Functionary

Sesselja resemble fist-sized beetles with 10 legs arched like a grasshopper's. Their natural environment is flesh - human, animal or demon - and they can pass through it as easily as air. The echoes of their travel are often visible as distinctly unnatural quivers or ripples in the stomach, spine, chest, limbs or head.

These demons make efficient surgeons, and they sing happily with their rear four legs as they patch together bone and sinew.

To prevent anyone from crushing their summoned healers, many sorcerers carry selljae in their stomachs, which gives rise to the name. The sesseljae will suffer the effects of any poison or alcohol in place of the sorceror. They can also hang out in your brain and watch for assassins by peeking out the back of your head.

An unwelcome Sesselje can be expelled from a human body by an act of will, but if it resists, the character suffers an automatic level of bashing damage. To enter the body of an unwilling person, the Sesselje must make a relevant attack.

Charms: Creation of Perfection?,Materialize?, Touch of Grace?

Spirit Charms?

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