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Scorpion Crescent


  • Amika...
    • ... is unbeliavably puissant.
    • ... is intelligent as an adult human.
    • ... is can talk telepathically with Lucent.
    • ... has access to two Charm-like powers.

A creature from beyond the world.

A giant Scorpion, five meters tall, ten meters wide, its tail reaching up to the sky. It has the head of a lioness covered in armor of copper.... going up to the very carapace of the scorpion – actually made of copper and silver, glinting beautifully under the sun. Not the dull copper of coins – but a rich, lively copper, the one of masterworks, its perfected form. And the silver... almost but not quite moonsilver, argent in opposition to the copper... and, in opposition to both, carmine eyes that shine lively like blood that never coagulates, in Amika’s eyes, on Amika’s tongue... and on the red sun in its forehead. Between the claws, another two eyes – when they lay open and ready to strike, four carmine eyes watch intently at every movement...

Over the armor on the lioness’ head, lie straps which its handler, standing atop its great carapace, wide as a small ship’s and just as comfortable to be upon, can hold to command it – Lucent does not need it most times, but finds the image of it more than enough imposing to do so. Amika possesses two unique abilities.

One is akin to the spirit power Affinity Elemental Control, but works only on Sand – she may move sand around, creating walls, whirlwinds and buildings. She does so by moving her claws, the eyes within them shining in a variety of colors that tinge the sands... as the structures are done, she may reinforce them, and they seem like spires or walls made of gems. Unfortunately for those who wished to make money out of it, they return to be sand in a few days, leaving only colored sand that slowly returns to its original color...

Another is the ability to breathe fire – with a dice pool equal to Dexterity+Thrown, an accuracy equal to her Perception and Damage equal to her Stamina.


Strength 12, Dexterity 10, Stamina 12⚠ <br> Charisma 3, Manipulation 1, Appearance 2⚠ <br> Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4


Melee 5, Thrown 5, Endurance 2, Presence 3, Resistance 2, Survival 3, Occult 2, Athletics 2


Essence 6⚠ <br> Willpower 7⚠ <br> Essence Pool 20⚠ <br> Base Initiative 14⚠ <br> Soak 21L/37B (Chitinous Carapace, 15L/15B)⚠ <br>

Claws⚠ <br> Spd 24, Acc 17, Dmg 24L, Def 15, Rate 2⚠ <br> Sting⚠ <br> Spd 25, Acc 14, Dmg 25L*, Def 11, Rate 1⚠ <br> The sting carries a deadly poison makes the body of Amika's victims to burst into flames. When struck, they must roll Stamina+Resistance with a difficulty 4. On a success, they take four dice of lethal damage as poison, but rolled, and nothing more. On a failture, the victim takes four dice of lethal damage at the start of every turn for four turns, and is at -6 to all physical actions for the duration.⚠ <br> Flame Breath Acc 18*, Dmg 12L, Rate 1

 When using Cascade of Cutting Terror, the Breath has an Accuracy of 36

Health Levels⚠ <br> -0 x2, -1 x4, -2 x10, -4 x2, Inc


Cascade of Cutting Terror


With Luc riding it, Amika is usually under the duress of Iron Steed Approach, making it immune to all damage that is not magically taken Health Levels.

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