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The Adamant Sun⚠ <br> Lucent Copper Haze. Helios Red Sands. Adagio of Dissonance. Zenith who has braved Heaven and Hell, All and Nothingness, breaking the future to save all time. Leading the Heart and Soul of the South, surrounded by the lights of Heaven in the shapes of the symbols and bodies of small Incarna, soul fractured into a thousand secrets held close to a golden vest lest the world end in their wake.

Lucent Copper HazeParagonZenith at Midnight
Thousandfaced Young AncientKadomonyColapso
Adamant Sun's Calendar WheelSol Invictus 
Strength2 Charisma5 Perception2
Dexterity5 Manipulation3 Intelligence2
Stamina5 Appearance5 Wits4
Archery  Endurance5 Craft 
Brawl  Performance5 Investigation 
Martial Arts5 Presence5 Lore5
Melee  Resistance5 Medicine5
Thrown5 Survival5 Occult3
Athletics5 Bureaucracy5 AbilityRating
Awareness  Linguistics2 MedicinePurification 2
Dodge  Ride5 ThrownCelestial Bodies 3
Larceny  Sail    
Stealth  Socialize3   
Linguistics: Firetongue, Old Realm, Forest Tongue
Willpower8 Personal:23 Compassion4
   Peripheral:77 Conviction5
Limit Break  Committed:0/23 Pers Temperance1
- - - - - | - - - - -26/77 Peri Valor4

Base Initiative: 8⚠ <br> Soak: 11L / 16B⚠ <br> Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap.⚠ <br> Attacks:⚠ <br> Coronal Spd 9 Acc 16 Dmg 15L Rate 4 Range 100

Virtue Flaw⚠ <br> Deliberate Cruelty.⚠ <br> Condition The character is under severe stress, dire straits, or otherwise backed up against the wall.⚠ <br> Lucent embraces the power of the emptiness within himself and uses it indiscriminately as a weapon. For a number of days after he Limit Breaks equal to his Temperance, he loses all pity, all connection to everyone about him, his sense of personality melting away into an Infernal Haze, embracing cruelty. Perceived or exhibited weakness is met with derision or casual violence, and Lucent's conscience vanishes under a shadow of cruelty. Prisoners are tortured and mutilated to sow terror, and Lucent contents herself with fear rather than respect. This cruelty probably causes a minimum penalty of -2 on all Social interactions that do not involve fear or intimidation, not that Lucent will be making many.

Merit⚠ <br> Enchanting Eyes⚠ <br> Lucent has eyes of liquid gold. It ondulates and swirls as he speaks, breaking into whirlpool waves when he is struck or nervous with every movement around him, and finally breaking like storm-carried waves when he is angered, almost to the point of appearing to break away from his eyelids!

Adamant Sun⚠ <br> Cost: 13 motes, 1 willpower⚠ <br> Charms: Cascade of Cutting Terror, Brilliant Falcon, Willpower-Gathering, Iron Soul, Adamant Skin⚠ <br> Description: The Coronal sinks into his skin, and Lucent explodes in light. All of the lights of the Incarna sink into his flesh, and his eyes become kaleidoscopes of all colors. Lucent's constenance is that of the highest gods, grand as he can be, majestic as he can be, with a cape of light and the great tail of a scorpion. His skin becomes adamant, as Lucent amalgams all he can, six Incarna's lights becoming the God of Adamant. The tail holds the last Incarna at its tip... the one that could not become one with Lucent so as to not destroy the boy with such power. But that still serves Lucent, and strikes down any that threatens the Adamant Sun's Charges!

Fire From Heaven⚠ <br> Cost: 27 motes, 2 willpower⚠ <br> Charms: Cascade of Cutting Terror, Brilliant Falcon Attack, Artery-Severing Technique, Into Thin Air Mthod, Willpower-Gathering Spirit, Iron Soul Approach, Adamant Skin Technique, Unfailing Tortoise⚠ <br> Description: Lucent becomes the Adamant Sun, and the tip of his tail deposits one of the Incarna in his hand. He crushes that one, and fire washes over him with brilliance and heat as Lucent whispers the One True Name of the spirit within that orb in the Coronal, and it rushes to obliterate his enemies, falling like fire from heaven, too bright to be seen, everywhere and nowhere... and those destroyed such leave no bodies, no clothes, nothing but the prayer for their immortal soul.


Artifact **********⚠ <br> Familiar ********⚠ <br> Followers *****⚠ <br> Manse ***⚠ <br> Resources ***⚠ <br> Savant ***⚠ <br> Whispers **



  • 0 Lucent stands as an sculpture of bronze untouched by light.
  • 1-3 In his brow a Gold circle with a Jet-Black Crescent gives a white-red light that dims into gold.
  • 4-7 The White gives way to a deeper gold that shines through anything placed over his brow.
  • 8-10 Crystalline shards fill the air which becomes hot and dry, warm winds whirling about Lucent amidst the gold-red light. Lucent's Caste Mark grows to fit the area around him with light bright enough to read by, all within it feeling themselves caressed by the ghostly shards of adamant. Those in the black crescent's area feel a shiver shadow shards pass through them.
  • 11-15 The shards all gather around Lucent into a dome of liquid crystal, refracting light in patterns alien and familiar for miles beyond Lucent. All moisture disappears around him, and all is dry as hopes and fears reflect off the dome, Lucent's own face appearing with a different mien, almost a different person, in every possible angle he can be seen from.
  • 16+ Scorching heat explodes about the Adamant Sun, the glass breaking as the sun goes nova in a moment of unfettered glory! From its cocoon rises the Wheel of Heaven's Time, spinning in all of its colors around a Sun of Adamant that appears not as crystal but as pure light above Lucent, spinning a thousand years in a moment as all lights and symbols flow by in tune with the Sun's light and Lucent's movements!


  • Inherent Excellence: Golden Heart of Righteousness. The purest leaders of the Solar Exalted, the Resplendent Suns exemplify the power of a strong heart, even to the point of unconsciously reinforcing their efforts with Essence when the need is greatest. When a Zenith Caste Solar channels a Virtue, instead of receiving an additional number of dice equal to his Virtue, he receives additional automatic successes on the roll equal to his Virtue.
  • Supreme Power: Invincible Armor of Faith. The Pillars of the Sun have the strength to endure any opposition in the name of their cause. When suffering health levels of damage, a Zenith Caste Solar may spend 5 motes and roll his permanent Essence. Each success subtracts one health level from the damage he would take.
  • Divine Privilege: Anointed Priests of the Unconquered Sun. Each Zenith Caste Solar is a full-fledged priest of the Unconquered Sun, with the rights, powers and responsibilities pertaining thereunto. They intrinsically know all the rituals and sacraments of worship, and can call down the fire of the Sun to burn a dead body by spending 1 mote. They are aware of the proper addresses and prayers for all gods, and gain the full benefits of their priesthood whenever they seek divine guidance or assistance. Furthermore, they alone of the Solar Exalted are vouchsafed a personal experience of the Unconquered Sun upon their Exaltation, the better to spread the word of their divine benefactor.
  • Athletics
    • Increasing Strength Meditation
    • Thunder's Might
    • Ten Ox Meditation
  • Endurance
    • Essence-Gathering Temper
    • Radiant Essence Technique x2
  • Lore
    • Lore-Unearthing Method
    • Forgotten Secrets Technique
    • Savant Needs No Tutor Approach
    • Forgetful God Methodology
    • Mnemonic Relocation Method
    • Integral Understanding (Essence-Gathering Temper, Precision of the Striking Raptor)
  • Medicine
    • Body-Mending Meditation
    • Stabilizing Touch Method
    • Touch of Blissful Release
    • Pain-Eradicating Method
    • Wound-Mending Care Technique
    • Body-Purifying Technique
    • Body Restoring Meditation
    • Healing Trance Meditation
    • Mind-Easing Technique
    • Soul-Unbinding Touch
    • Recover the Burning Flower
    • Flawless Diagnosis Technique
    • Soul-Dissecting Prana
    • Contagion-Curing Touch
    • Infectious Cure Method
    • Ailment-Rectifying Method
    • Annointment of Miraculous Health
  • Performance
    • Respect Commanding Attitude
    • Unruly Mob-Dispersing Rebuke
    • Rout-Stemming Gesture
    • Fury-Inciting Presence
    • Heroism-Encouraging Presence
    • Tiger-Warrior Training Technique
    • Masterful Performance Exercise
    • Phantom-Conjuring Performance
    • Grace in Adversity Stance
    • King of Masks Technique
    • Impenetrable Identity
    • Theft of Faces Technique
    • Heart-Compelling Method
    • Memory-Reweaving Discipline
    • Virtuous Courtier's Dance
    • Insight-Conveying Performance
  • Presence
    • Harmonious Presence Meditation
    • Listener-Swaying Argument
    • Unearthly Countenance
    • Center of Attention Stance
    • Flagrant Denial Approach
    • Trustworthy Companion Stance
  • Resistance
    • Durability of an Oak Meditation
    • Essence-Hardened Form
    • Iron Skin Concentration
    • Unfailing Tortoise Technique
    • Iron Soul Approach
    • Diamond Soul Method
    • Iron Skin Concentration
    • Spirit Strenghtens the Skin
    • Adamant Skin Technique
    • Unflinching Diamond Meditation
    • Eternal Lion Stance
    • Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana
    • Hauberk-Summoning Gesture
    • Poison-Resisting Meditation
    • Illness-Resisting Meditation
    • Immunity to Everything Technique
    • Inner Purity Manifestation
  • Survival
    • Friendship with Animals Approach
    • Spirit-Tied Pet
    • Glorious Golden Companion
    • Summon the Beast
    • Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit
    • Fire-Denying Style
    • Food-Gathering Exercise
    • Distance-Traversing Caravan
    • Lead the Hallowed Exodus
  • Thrown
    • Triple Distance Attack
    • Plucking the Ripe Peach Meditation
    • Traitorous Ammunition Technique
    • Cascade of Cutting Terror
    • Shower of Deadly Blades
    • Brilliant Falcon Attack
    • Precision of the Striking Raptor
    • Joint-Wounding Attack
    • Observer-Deceiving Attack
    • Mist on Water Attack
    • Into Thin Air Attack
    • Falling Icicle Strike
    • Artery-Severing Strike
    • Disfiguring Hatchet Prana

Helios used to be an accomplished swordsman and a consumate knight expert with fighting with a mount, with a wealth of Melee Charms. After turning into Lucent Copper Haze and be given the Orbs he has shifted much of that skill towards Thrown techniques. Upon appearing into the Second Age Lucent possessed a wealth of Thrown Charms, an offense augmented by his Ride Charms, with Melee for his defense with the Orbs and a wealth of Bureaucracy Charms.

He has since reinvented himself on the Elemental Pole of Fire, receiving durant flesh to protect the sun Hesiesh had shown to reside within him. This was done at the expense of the last vestiges of his Melee prowess, however, and by shifting his Bureaucratic abilities away he become a more accomplished warrior in preparation for the trials looming ahead of him.

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