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Lucent's Artifacts and Assorted Paraphernalia

Artifacts⚠ <br> Testament Sublime ⚠ <br> The Coronal⚠ <br> The Red Seal⚠ <br> Lost Mirage⚠ <br> Rosary Kadmon⚠ <br>

Hearthstones⚠ <br> Promise Stone⚠ <br> Unity Crystal

Paraphernalia⚠ <br> Lucent's Room⚠ <br> The Zenith Seal ⚠ <br> Heart of Night


Testament Sublime

Malfean Superheavy Plate *******⚠ <br> This Copper Carapace covers all of its wearer, the symbol of Malfeas upon its chest in flame-wrought crystal like Her Spheres, writing following up his arms to form the Testament to the failing of humanity, breaking of the Chosen and end of their world, living in their Harbinger, closes to the Primordial. It has been cleansed, however, inlaid with Orichalcum to balance the menacing Copper, losing the menace but keeping the Sublimation of Man Into Primordial.

Soak 14L / 14B⚠ <br> Mobility 4 Fatigue 2⚠ <br> Hardness 10⚠ <br> Commitment 10⚠ <br> Three Hearthstone Slots

Greater than Existence: The Harbinger of the Testament Dwarfs the World by his very existence; His presence stretches forth from him, and he is far greater than most realise as his soul and self spreads far. He is considered to be touching anything as far as (Essence x10) yards away from him, as well as anything imbued with his Essence, such as weapons, as if he was doing so with his naked, bare hands. He can pull any object within that area to him as if he had Strength equal to his Presence + Essence. Within this area all things are as parts of his being. That allows him to make a number of free Athletics actions to grab objects every turn equal to his Essence (Each made with a pool that starts at 0 and has automatic successes equal to his Wits) and all Awareness, Craft and Medicine rolls receive automatic successes equal to his Essence.

Greater than Divinity: The Harbinger of the Testament holds the bounty of those who built Heaven and created its power on the palm of his hands. Spending 20 motes, the Harbinger can roll his Compassion + Performance on the event of a successful Prayer roll; every success therein presents the Spirit with a block of Ambrosia. Should the God take the Ambrosia a pool of extra successes equal to the Spirit's greatest Virtue is created which the Harbinger can use in any interaction with the Spirit. This cannot be used again in the same God as long as there are still successes in the pool.

Should the Spirit receive more blocks of Ambrosia than his Essence score it feels indebted to the Harbinger(most Spirits do not realize that), giving part and parcel of its Essence to its hallowed benefactor, its banner appearing on the Harbinger's vast starlit-night cape and on his Anima. This Connection gives the Harbinger a power, dependent in the relative authority of the Spirit...

  • Terrestrial Circle Connections are the result of indebting Terrestrial Gods. Their power is comparable with Essence 5 or more Terrestrial Charms and Spells, as well as higher-end Spirit Charms. Second Circle Demons fall upon this category.
  • Celestial Circle Connections are the result of indebting Celestial Gods. Terrestrial Spirits with certain unique mandates may also be counted as Celestial Circle Connections. Their power is comparable with Celestial Circle Spells and Celestial Charms.
  • Incarna Circle Connections are the result of indebting the Incarna and certain high Celestial functionaries, such as the Bureau Magistrates. Their power is comparable with Solar Circle Spells and Sidereal Martial Arts. Third Circle Demons fall upon this category.

The Harbinger cannot be connected with more Spirits than his Permanent Essence Score. The Connected is in many respects like a component soul of the Harbinger; they can hear each other's voices in prayer unless disrupted by mystical means. That awareness and those powers are available even if the character is no longer attunned to the armor. However, this also means that, should they be destroyed while they are Connected the Harbinger loses, permanently, the dot of Essence that was tied up with his power, and suffer an extra -3 Wound Penalty on all dice rolls for the remainder of the month. That dot may be recovered if it is tied to another Spirit. The Harbinger must pay 10 Experience Points to earn the Connection Charm. That experience is lost if the Spirit is destroyed, but merely freed if the link between them is somehow severed.

Connection powers are used as Charms and may be placed in Combos with any Ability.

Their Own Worst Enemy: The Harbinger knows that humans are inherently flawed beings, unworthy of being Princes of the Universe. As his gaze falls upon an Exalt, the Harbinger knows the ratings of their Virtues, their Willpower, their Nature and Virtue Flaws, and the Abilities (or other such categories) they have Charms in.

Due Vendetta: The Harbinger burns with the righteous anger of the Yozi, locked beyond the world by creatures of their own devising! Whenever he rolls to influence one of the Exalted that he knows the flaws of he receives one automatic success for every three dice rolled. When channeling Virtues against them, all of the Harbinger's dice become automatic successes.


The Coronal of the Amaranthyne Imperial

Floating Arrangement of Celestial Body Weapons *****⚠ <br> Within the Coronal are inscruted seven gems. One Yellow as an Opal, another Violet as an Amethyst, another blue as a Sapphire, another Crimson as a Ruby, another Viridian like an Emerald, and finally a pair of Gold and Silver. With Lucent's mere whisper those gems explode out of the Coronal to form an orrery with him as their center, floating fist-sized orbs of pure Essence that can take a myriad of shapes, defending his form and dissolving in light to bring heavenly punishment to those they strike!

Accuracy +3 Damage 15L Range 100 Rate 4⚠ <br> A weapon to twist the Heavens cleansed into a weapon to save them.⚠ <br> To know that those kissed by the Sun need your guidance.⚠ <br> To know that those kissed by the Moon need your guidance.⚠ <br> To know that those kissed by the Maidens need your guidance.⚠ <br> To know they will be there to protect you.⚠ <br> They are your weapons, your armor, your charge.⚠ <br> Yours to know when to properly sacrifice, and at what cost.⚠ <br> Commitment 10

Celestial Conjunction: Each Orb has a distinct effect upon striking Lucent's enemies successfully.

  • The Sun: This Orb deals aggravated damage against creatures of darkness.
  • The Moon: Ever-shifting it flows through obstacles, completely ignoring Cover.
  • The Journey: Hinders the victim’s own; its movement rate is halved until the end of the scene.
  • The Lover: Doubles the victim’s wound penalties, all of her pain is turned into ecstastic bliss.
  • The Secret: Makes a secret of all, blinding the victim for a scene.
  • The Battle: Makes even Exalted bleed, losing one Health Level per turn until treated like Mortals.
  • The End: Severs the victim’s Essence. The victim may roll its own Permanent Essence with a difficulty equal to the damage incurred in the attack(minimum 1 if it did no damage), or have one of its Persistant Charm effects, chosen by Lucent, interrupted, freeing the committed motes and ending the Charm.

Orrery of Love: The Coronal acts as a shield to Lucent. Any strike against the Exalt has its difficulty increased by 4. Each two orbs that are somehow taken out of commission lower this difficulty by 1. (The last Orb stays even more zealous around the Solar.) They do count as out of commission from the time they are thrown to the end of the turn, when they return in zeal to their love, to resume their orrery of protection.

Essence of Light: The orbs are pure Essence. Although their default shape is that of a fist-sized Orb with the Incarna's sigil upon them they can shift into a myriad different shapes, with a degree of free will expressed as they become miniature versions of their Incarna. Those orbs can become doors and block passages with the statistics of a brick wall. They can make a staircase for Lucent, forming discs over discs, although each one is only wide enough for three people, and only a small plataform to step in. They can remain as plataforms in the air indefinetly. The Orbs count as being out of commission and cannot protect him when doing so, of course. None of those uses can be more than 100 yards away from the wearer.

Gift the Light: In the same spirit the Orbs can form little objects which Lucent can hold or gift, or just form sparkling lights sympathetic to the type of Incarna that is generating that light, adding three dice to Social rolls depending on their Specialty...

  • The Sun: Adds three dice to rolls pertaining Leadership or the Solar Exalted.
  • The Moon: Adds three dice to rolls with the intent of Deceit or the Lunar Exalted.
  • The Journey:Adds three dice to rolls dealing with Merchants, Wanderers and Chosen of Journeys.
  • The Lover: Adds three dice to rolls dealing with Love and Chosen of Serenity.
  • The Secret: Adds three dice to rolls dealing with Savants, Mystics and Chosen of Secrets.
  • The Battle: Adds three dice to rolls dealing with Fighters, Soldiers, Generals and Chosen of Battle.
  • The End: Adds three dice to rolls dealing with Funerals, Gardeners and Chosen of Endings.


The Red Seal

Seal of State ****⚠ <br> Commitment 5⚠ <br> The Red Seal is an ornamental bracer of Red Jade and Orichalcum that forms the elaborate banner of the Kashaen, red and gold with a white faced of the sun wreathed in styled flames, coiled like the tail of a scorpion. The Red Seal is a tool of rulership that marks the wearer as the leader of a people, politically and spiritually, to care for them, to provide for them to have all of their might in his spirit.

Unchallenged Ruler: The Seal gives the wearer the mien of an Unchallenged Ruler – it adds 5 dice to any Presence, Performance of Bureaucracy roll. To strike the ruler is to call on the wrath of all his subjects, and those who behold the Seal’s wearer know this – they need to be ready for war if they wish to strike him. Attacking the Seal’s wearer requires a Conviction roll with difficulty equal to half his Permanent Essence, rounded up; This roll is required only once per scene, and is only nessessary if the Exalted has not taken any violent moves yet.

One With His People: With the expenditure of 5 motes of Essence, the king can feel the general mood and feelings of his populace, that being all who think of themselves as his subjects and have sworn themselves in front of the Seal – instantly pooling them to know what they need and wish. With the expenditure of 1 willpower, he may send a message with no more than twice times his essence in words to all of his subjects – a message they all know to come from him.


Lost Mirage

Orichalcum Reinforced Breastplate **⚠ <br> There is a place where where melted mountains became glittering metal sands. There mirages show a man the truths of his soul, the scorching heat reflecting his dreams and aspirations upon the dunes. It was from such sands that Kabeira forged the Lost Mirage, an armor of crystalline gold whose patterns blaze like heathaze in brass and bronze swirls.⚠ <br>⚠ <br>⚠ <br> Soak 7L/7B⚠ <br> Commitment 3⚠ <br>

Dream Refraction: Spending 10 motes and touching a person's forehead the user of Lost Mirage can extract a single poignant image from their subconscious - it must be something that is a driving passion, trauma or important puzzle for them at the moment; a defining image.


Rosary Kadmon

Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light⚠ <br> Commitment 1⚠ <br> This Rosary is one of Lucent's oldest possessions. one that belonged to Helios Red Sands, the rosary ending on the little brooch that is the banner and symbol of the forgotten nation of Kadomony. Crimson like its sands used to be, red sands from whence it was said humanity had grasped forth. Eternally reborn the collar keeps Lucent from ever becoming dirty or stained.

Manse and Hearthstone

^⚠ <br> Promise Stone⚠ <br>

Manse ***⚠ <br> Trigger: Making a promise.⚠ <br> Hearts of Words is a palace in the far south made of parchment, ribbons of papirus breaking from the walls to flap in the winds as the banners of lost countries. Within the walls of its rock-solid papers promises are etched one after the other and remembered eternally by a staff of blind judges. Words spoken within have power, and the one who holds its stone, even more.

This shiny, snow-white sphere is cool to the touch. When attuned, it causes its owner's word to become her bond. When the character makes a serious promise to someone else, any Willpower she spends on actions directly related to fulfilling it provide two automatic successes instead of one. If she breaks the promise (purposefully or not), she immediately loses this benefit, and cannot regain any Willpower at all for the following week.

Only one promise may be made at a time, and it must be accepted by the person to whom it is made. If the character takes more than a year to fulfill the promise, or is purposefully dilatory in pursuing it, it counts as having been broken. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of whether or not a character is wilfully procrastinating.

^⚠ <br> Unity Crystal⚠ <br>

Manse *****⚠ <br> Trigger: Shattering the Crystal.⚠ <br> Harmonia is an immense complex of cathedrals, its Hearthstone Chamber a fountain of lights at the center of all cathedrals. To reach the stone one must stand atop the fountain and see the representation of all planes upon the square. All lights of Heaven in harmony in the cathedrals, falling to all lights of Hell as one is to leave. And humanity stands in between. That which Man must learn to separate and recognize within himself.

Within the paintings and murals of the many cathedrals all lights of Heaven and Earth are shown to be in harmony, a single piece of art that follows through all parts of the Manse, all distinct, nothing separate. The Unity Crystal takes the shape of an elaborate diamond that, upon closer inspection, is the union of the kanji for Yu-Shan and Malfeas. It is somewhat porous, and simply wearing the Crystal gives the bearer a hypnotic fragrance and imbues his presence with a sense of completion; this continually has the effect of Perfection in Life.

When the bearer grasps the Crystalís letters and twists sharply, it cracks into two different kanji, and the bearer does as well. He is transformed into the twin standard-bearers of Heaven and Hell, Azuriphel and Sangrael.

Azuriphel appears as the bearer, cast in Celestial Magical Materials and clad in Azuriphelís graces, six wings shining at his back. His demeanor is aloof and compassionate. His manner sanctifies all proceedings; all ceremonies he presides over or aids in receive the benefits of a successful use of Faultless Ceremony. Those who participate of such ceremonies feel beholden to Azuriphel; the bearer may add five dice to one effort to extract a favor from the beneficiary, once per ceremony he has been part of. He may claim this advantage even when he is in his natural form.

Sangrael appears as the bearer, cast in obsidian inlaid with gems of furious colors, clad in Sangraelís graces, twin draconian wings adorning his back. His demeanor is wicked and predatory. He performs the dance of origination and temptation that binds all things together and under his will. Those who watch him refresh their temporary Willpower and Compassion points. They are also attracted to him; they must pay an Willpower point to resist any manner of mental influences from him (above and beyond any that would normally be necessary), either as Sangrael or the natural form of the bearer, until the end of the scene.

Both the twin Gods have the same Traits as the bearer, except Appearance, which is increased by 2. This transformation continues for a full scene, or until the bearer puts an end to it. As long as it remains the wearer acts as two different people, although they can use the bearerís Charms, and still take dice-actions as only one person, have the same Essence pool and Health Levels track. The Crystal is cracked and does not perform its normal function until it is exposed to the light of the noonday sun and the moon at at least half her brightness; these lights will restore its shape.


The Room in the Labyrinthine Cascade

The room of Lucent Copper Haze is a shrine of aesthetics.

This palatial room was expanded by Zahara as request and favor to Lucent, and its rooms are immense like halls of palaces. A room to a king in its sheer expanse, never filled with enough trinkets as if the occupant was deliberately trying to make it seem cavernous, it feels like the insides of a cathedral. Much in the same way as all walls are painted like murals, as is the ceiling. The ceiling has a diagram of Heaven, with all its stars, the constellations set in place with outlines of stardust, and all other celestials bodies shining. It appears, when all lights are off, as if one was before the most spetacular nightsky. The walls have scenes of the Circle's history, their grand triumphs that involved Lucent, the fights at the Auric Temple, the exodus of the Kashaen, the fight with the Hekatonkire that tainted their souls. And abstract scenes reminiscent of animals in the south, of cranes and scorpions, snakes and tigers, waving, tribal outlines of crimson on gold.

There are a few items of cloth that are almost on display in the room, sashes and badges of seats of state long gone. Lucent had gotten those back in his holdings in the Kashaen Homelands, and they bring him memories of times long gone, of the lives he used to live. Around them are scattered books, many of them on the Second Age's history and geography, as well as religious texts to many gods and the bible of the faith ecliptic. With them are romance books and numerous treatises on Medicine borrowed from Varanim. Those are over a desk of deep carmine pernambuco, scattered about snow-white birch shelves or over the mahogany table, a dash of sober color on the room, drawing light as much as it does guests. Or, sometimes, over one of his golden couches.

Together with the furniture and adornments the room is also full of objects d'art. Paintings that focus on beauty, of men and of Creation, always with smiling faces of men and women, with grand landscapes and heroes in terrible, but romantized heroic efforts. Some of them as beauty that has vanished from the world, such as men clad in ripped pieces of the sky, flowers that are women and canyons of crystallized light. There are a few busts and quite a few small statues, particularly those of dancing girls, faces of smiles and tears, amidst pirouettes, dancing with unseen couples or showing themselves. Those bring the eye to the dancing clothes and musical instruments scattered; harps and citaras and flutes, some on display on the walls, other scattered after practice.

It comprises four rooms. The first is the living room, which has the mahogany table and most of the musical instruments, as well as a small balcony to the gardens of the Cascade. It leads to the second, a small chapel to Heaven within his room, with masterful iconography of the Sun and the Maidens. It also leads to the third room, his bedroom, which has an immense bed of pernambuco and gold, his desk and a greater balcony, one which has a round birch table to entertain guests for tea or play to the garden. And finally, the fourth room is the one with his clothes... all of them. It does need to be quite large for it! The painted images on walls and ceilings are more reverent around the chapel, whimsical on his wardrobe room, both elating and nostalgic on his living room and finally intense in his bedroom.

Items of Note

  • Adornments
    • The Sash presiding the Nine As One, the original gathering that would form the Kashaen.
    • The Uniform of the Empyrean Circle, the group of students under Heavenclad Xalat
    • The Badge of Office of the Viridian Scythes, uppermost eschelon of First Age Agriculture.
    • The Military Uniform of the Carmine Protectorate.
    • The Zenith Seal of the Deliberative.
  • Paintings
    • Alveua, akin to the one in Games of Divinity in full size. She is looking askance at the viewer.
    • Birds-of-Trinity, flying at the sunset, looking over her shoulder.
    • Seven-Vailed Jessica, at the court of Ekael, posing for the painting with unfurled wings.
    • The Crystal Labyrinth of Qineaux.
    • Helios amidst the Living Dunes of Infinite Red.
    • A near-abstract representation of The First Fears, Neshi first and foremost of them.


The Zenith Seal of the Deliberative

Authority Interface for the Realm Defense Grid⚠ <br> This is a simple gold disk, nearly a foot in length and embossed with the Zenith Caste Mark. Such a simple appearance hides the interface to access the Zenith functions of the Realm defense grid, allowing the Golden Bull to access functions such as the Shields of Creation, Instant Communication far and wide, and the Support Systems that can protect the life of those within from terrible enviromental onslaught. There are many such functions, all connected to the role of the Pillars of Heaven in the Exalted Hierarchy.


Heart of Night

This little black disk embossed with the design of a black serpent with golden highlights holds the Essence of Alveua, Keeper of the Forge of the Night. The last piece of the Ebon Dragon still in existence kept by her love with Lucent, Alveua may appear when called by that connection only as an empty, hollow image in star-lit places. It still warms his heart to know that she exists still close to him, however. ⚠ <br>⚠ <br>

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