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Birds-of-Trinity: Combat Cheat Sheet

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23 personal8 total
33 peripheral
Health Levels (7)0124Incapacitated

Casual Combat Setup


Glorious Solar Sabre, Flow Like Blood

= 10m 2w


Combat Statistics
Initiative:9Soak (L/B):(10/14)Mobility:-0
GSS Attack:18Parry:11Damage:+12L
Effortless Dodge:5Dodge Action:19
Feat of Grace:11Feat of Might:9Feat of Mettle:3

Serious Combat Setup


GSS, Flaring Halo Technique, Steel Symphony Stance, Fivefold Bulwark Stance

FLB, Shimmering Mirage Stance

= 32m 6w

Combat Statistics
Initiative:9Soak (L/B):(10/14)Mobility:-0
GSS Attack:23Parry:11Damage:+12L
Halo Attack:23Range:50ydDamage:+11L
Effortless Dodge:5Dodge Action:19+5Add'l Diff to Attacks:+1
Feat of Grace:11Feat of Might:9Feat of Mettle:3

Unarmed attacks against Birds in this state suffer 10L damage.

Charm Descriptions

CharmCostTypeNon-Instant Duration
Excellent Strike1m/dSupp
Iron Whirlwind Attack3m/attackExtra Actions
Perfected Blade Discipline6mIndependent Action
     Gain a Melee IA.
Hundred Hungry Blades Meditation10mIndependent Action
     Gain (Melee) IAs.
Undaunted Weapon Technique3mSupp
     Ignore penalties.
Serpent Strike3mSupp
     Add Dex+Melee to attack.
Golden Essence Block1m/2dRef
Dipping Swallow Defence2mRef
Essence-Gathering Temper1mRef
     Roll d=damage before soak; (Ess) motes per success, Sta (3) successes max.
Willpower-Enhancing Spirit3mRef
     Roll d=damage taken, 1w gained per success.
Monkey Leap Technique1mRefTurn
     Leap Str*10 (40) yards.
Foe-Vaulting Style3mSupp
     Attack from behind.
Lightning Speed1mRefTurn
     Double sprinting distance.
Reed in the Wind1m/2dRef
Shadow over Water2mRef
Seven Shadows Evasion4mRef
Reflex Sidestep Technique2mRef
     Dodge a surprise attack with 2xEss (10) dice.
Intangible Smoke Defence8m 1wRef1 turn (comboable)
     Perfect-dodge Ess (5) attacks this turn.
Penumbra Stance7m 1wRef
Wind-&-Water Evasion3mRef
     Add 1/2 Dex+Dodge (5) successes to a dodge roll.

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