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charlequin Thirteen is led by a guard into a small room, whose only furnishings are a simple desk and a chair. The Arbiter of Stones stands, back turned, facing the far wall. "Please sit," he says, as the Solar enters.

Thirteen does so. "It is pleasant that we meet again, Arbiter. Would that it had been in more auspicious a setting."

charlequin nods. "Yes, it is most unfortunate to see our first diplomatic reception in some time marred in such a fashion." He turns and begins to pace up and down the room somewhat. "Tell, me, Thirteen, what has brought you back to Xara? It has been some time since you were last here."

Thirteen "As you can see, I have come upon companions in my travels, who are beings of similar import to myself. Our mutual concerns regarding the fate of the universe led to our visit today."

charlequin "Indeed. I understand that you are deeply involved in a conflict in Meru?"

Thirteen "Meru is one of our most important current battlefields, yes."

charlequin "And you believe that a visit to Xara will assist you in this conflict."

Thirteen "I am confident."

charlequin "Why is that?"

Thirteen "I am afraid our position is such that I cannot go into detail at this time. Rest assured that we mean no harm, and that, by my name, I ensure that you will, in the fullness of time, receive the information you require."

charlequin "That is a difficult answer for me to swallow, given the circumstances."

Thirteen "With respect, I must note that, were we to assassinate your leaders, we would, at the very least, arrange matters so that we were not present at the actual event."

Thirteen "Please indulge me by not ignoring my capabilities."

charlequin bursts out in laughter at this comment.

charlequin "Tell me, what do you intend to leave Xara with, when you depart?"

Thirteen "Nothing that is not ours."

charlequin performs that eyebrow-raising-like gesture Thirteen has seen several times before. "You are as difficult as I remember you."

Thirteen "I am discouraged to learn that I have not grown any more difficult in the years since we have seen each other. I must redouble my efforts."

charlequin The Arbiter makes the slightest hint of a grin. "I will call for you if I have need of further information, Thirteen. You may go."

Thirteen "My offer is not idle, Arbiter. Please inform me if I or my compatriots may render any small service."

Thirteen "Until then."

Thirteen makes polite obeisances and departs.

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