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charlequin With the lights out, the unearthly noises of the strange insectoid creatures is unnerving at best.

Lucent lights up his anima, a sun in the darkness, caste mark blazing

Lucent ::How did they take the arbiter so easily? Cerin...?::

Cerin ::I am not sure, Luc. The essence flows in here are quite muffled and confused. It was subtle, whatever it was ... but then, I think it would have to be."

Zahara draws herself up, glaring at the bug things. "You are not welcome here." Her weapons flash into being and circle around her, weaving in and out of her solar system.

charlequin The insectoid creatures are as thick as they could possibly be along the walls of the room, and the lights of the Solars glint off of their crystalline facets. Though the mass of them churns and moves still, they show no signs of fear of the powerful beings in their midst.

Zahara ::Honestly, is it too much to ask that things go WELL for once?:: she sounds miffed.

Thirteen lightly traces a circle around himself with the tip of his spear. The markings glow dimly green for a moment before fading, and a few small blades of grass struggle through the stone floor before dying.

Cerin ::I think we might do well to leave, all. These small bugs are, together, channeling no small amount of essence. We have found both the fifth lineage and a new species of hundredfold, that lives in many bodies, not one.::

Birds ::As you wish.::

Lucent stood a few paces behind the rest, but now takes a step foward, glowing, orbs out... ::Probably. Hitting one at a time will not help much. Got any sorcery to clean the place out, Zahara?::

Birds wonders how to accomplih this stunt.

Zahara ::I could cleanse the area with fire or water, but it takes a great deal of time to prepare spells such as these. If these ARE the fifth lineage, what is their status here?:: She crouches over the Arbiter to see if he is still 'alive'

Thirteen ::They are rulers, and the owners of the seal we have come to seek.::

charlequin The Arbiter does not seem to be completely "inactive" but he's definitely not moving at the moment

Thirteen ::If parley were to accomplish our goals, it would be with them that you would attempt it.::

charlequin A strange, disembodied, buzzing voice -- almost unintelligible -- rises up from all the walls of the room at once. "You cannot take what you seek from this place."

Zahara "And why is that?"

charlequin "It is not for you."

Zahara "It belongs to us, and has for ages untold. It is rightfully ours."

charlequin "Your kind are over. You will not rise up again. A greater world order surpasses you."

Zahara "I hate to inform you that you are wrong, but it is too clear to deny."

Thirteen calmly proceeds to the center of the room, trailed by a smell of fresh blossoms.

Lucent "We will never be over. It is not on our nature." His light reflects the orbs, forming a shield about him. "Just like the sun, we rise again to banish this night."

Thirteen "What is this greater world order? Please inform us, that we may scoff more accurately."

Cerin pulls a gleaming bow of shadows out of the air, shimmering slightly.

charlequin "We are legion. Our numbers are unending. The secret masters of the universe shall unfold their shadowy glory and quench your light. It is written in the pages of the world, and naught can change it."

Birds does likewise with a sharp crescent of smoke.

Zahara "Ah, but that is your world. And we are not of it."

charlequin "It is all of the lattice. In the grand web we each hold our own role -- but we are the spider and you they fly."

charlequin The room is becoming charged with thick Essence.

Cerin ::Thirteen, I believe now is the time.::

Lucent ::Zahara... can you do it anytime soon?::

Zahara flicks her Daiklave out in an intricate pattern, severing the strands of the web of Essence as it forms. "You are the spider, and I the Solar."

Thirteen taps the butt of his spear on the ground. A shivering wind blows through the room. Suddenly, a brief shower of warm rain falls from the ceiling of the chamber, striking each and every insect with vicious force.

Zahara follows her Daiklave, as her partner in the dance she so recently learned. With each step, she moves to become one with the world, then the razor edge of the sword neatly severs the connection. With each tilt of her head, and sashay of her hips, the dance becomes one with her, and then is shattered.

charlequi1 The rain from the ceiling strikes at the insect creatures with vicious force and the pattern breaks apart as the bugs are scattered.

Zahara takes advantage of the shattered pattern to finish off their magic, which flares up in rather pretty patterns of wasted Essence

charlequin Cerin is filled with the strange sense that he hasn't far to look at all for the seal. His eyes are drawn directly to the hexagonal column in the center of the room.

Cerin flows next to the column in the centre of the room, eyes and essence senses roaming over it, letting them guide him to the nexus of the column design, the sure location of the seal, whichever it might be.

charlequin Cerin exploratorily lets a few motes of Essence slip out of his fingers in the vicinity of the column, watching warily as the bugs barely begin the process of regrouping.

charlequin It's a bit of a surprise (or would be to anyone else) -- there's something, utterly invisible and imperceptible, sitting atop the column, it would seem -- only the traces of Cerin's Essence curving around its perimiter can reveal it.

Cerin leaps lightly atop the column, the impossible balance task no problem to him, fingers reaching down to claim the seal

charlequin What Cerin picks up is actually a little bigger than a seal -- it has a rough, uneven set of faceted edges. Once removed from the column, it becomes visible, just barely -- a transparent, almost invisible crystalline stone, but with the Seal clearly visible within.

Cerin ::We can leave now, so long as we stop to pick up some etchcrystal on the way home::

Zahara ::I must say I'm tempted to show them the error of their ways before we leave. I would not like to leave an angry enemy behind to regroup.::

Thirteen ::Take one with you.::

Zahara ::A bug or an etchcrystal?::

Cerin ::I intend to, though they do seem to be gathering again.::

Thirteen ::I do not think they will regroup effectively. Once we remove the seal, the other four lineages will be free from their enforced rule.::

Thirteen ::I suspect we can leave Xara to take care of itself, and return to resume diplomatic endeavors in a few years.::

Zahara ::Hmm, well, you are the authority on this realm.::

Zahara ::I am tempted to leave them with a..warm gift before I leave, though.::

Lucent ::Let them deal with their own enemies? Seems reasonable, for a change.::

charlequin haha

Cerin **

Thirteen ::You may certainly indulge yourself as you see fit, Zahara.::

Cerin ::Well, in that case, let us leave.::

Zahara ::I suggest everyone stand outside the chamber.:: She moves towards the door, pauses, and begins the incantation that will call up the Magma Kraken!

Thirteen ::Lucent, help me with the Arbiter.::

Lucent runs to the Arbiter, trying hard to lift him up... strength was not his strong point, but he could give some balance, at least.

Thirteen and Lucent heft the Arbiter out the door and down the corridor as quickly as possible.

Lucent leaves with 13, holding the Arbiter, the Orb of Jupiter the last one to stay, observing the fifth lineage, before running back to the rest of the alignament.

charlequin The Solars make a break for it, the rising tentacles of the Magma Kraken "covering" their exit.

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