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Powers provided by each Mantle

from the court descriptions

Powers of the Spring Mantle:

o +1 die to socialize rolls ooo Purchase Allies and Contacts at 1/2 XP cost ooooo Can re-roll any social dice pool the first time meeting someone

        or making a first impression. Must keep the second dice roll.

Powers of the Summer Mantle:

o +4 dice instead of +3 dice when spending WP on a strength-based roll ooo +1 armor ooooo +1 health level

Powers of the Autumn Mantle:

o +2 dice on Occult rolls involving Faerie Magic. ooo +1 dice to Empathy and Investigation rolls about True Fae or Faerie. ooooo Can re-roll any failed Occult roll dealing with magic, so long as

        it is not in activating a power, contract or pledge.

Powers of the Winter Mantle:

o -1 on all Wits + Composure or Wits + (Skill) rolls to notice the character,

        unless they are looking for the character or the character wants.

ooo +1 die to Subterfuge ooooo as o, but -3 instead.

General Powers of the Mantle (p97)

  • Each dot adds one dice to mundane social interaction with members of their own court.
  • Can learn Court Contracts of a level one more than the level of Mantle.
  • The freehold leader gains additional powers thanks to wearing the Crown of the Mantle.

Combat Chapter Outline

Summary Chart p154 Close Combat Factors p155

	Dodge				p166

Other Complications

	Offhand Attacks
	Drawing a Weapon
	All-Out Attack			p177
	Touching an Opponent

Unarmed Combat



	Render opponent prone
	Damage opponent
	Immobilize opponent
	Escaping Immobilization		p158
	Draw Weapon
	Attack w/ Drawn Weapon
	Turn a Drawn Weapon
	Disarm Opponent
	Use opponent as Concealment	p159

Ranged Combat Factors

	Autofire			p160
	& bursts
	& bystanders
	Range				p161
	Aiming				p162
	Shooting into Close Combat
	Firearms and Close Combat
	Firing from Concealment		p163

Other Complications p164

	Offhand Attacks
	Clear Jam

General Combat Factors

	Going Prone
	Flank and Rear Attacks		p165
	Specified Targets
	Strike through the Heart
	Armor				p166
	Fighting Blind
	Smelling			p167

Other complications

	Armor piercing
	Wound Type
	Attribute Damage
	Continuous Damage
	Knockout			p168
	Killing Blow


	Ranged Weapons			p169
	Melee Weapons			p170
	Armor Chart

States of Being p171

	Healing				p175
	Disease				p176
	Electrocution			p177
	Explosives			p178
	Falling				p179
	Explosives Chart
	Fire				p180
	Poisons and Toxins
	Temperature Extremes		p181