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This small page is a simple clearing house for various options and rules related to Clarity, and the Clarity subsystems.


The basic Kenning system is fine, but it can definitely be expanded with some additional detail. By default, a Changeling spends a Willpower point and rolls Clarity. Each success reveals the presence of a supernatural influence within the immediate area. This presence must be in the form of a magical being, item or effect; it cannot be shielded by magic but does not actually have to be displaying any supernatural characteristics when examined. I.e., Kenning can detect a Mage drinking coffee at a bar, even if the Mage isn't using any magic. It will similarly detect dormant entities that aren't, currently, doing anything. By default, Kenning is a kind of "magical sonar". It can't be targetted and just reveals how much supernature is present, and where, without any specific details unless you get very lucky.

Now, we'll modify that baseline a bit.

I think we'll open this up to Changelings with a Clarity below 6 to start ouff. Any Changeling can use Kenning! The downside, however, is that you get a number of false positives if you have a low clarity. I recommend about one false positive per point of Clarity below 6, but this shouldn't be a hard and fast rule. Sometimes there won't be any false positives, and other times your Kenning will turn up that everyone is touched in some fashion. Some Changelings might argue that the "false positives" you get from having a Low Clarity aren't false at all, but reveals information that more sane Changelings can't pick up. The lower your Clarity, the more likely you are to have that point of view.

The modifiers used above are outlined in this chart, for ease of use.

+5You reveal yourself to everyone present in the immediate vicinity while making your Kenning roll, and possibly your Keeper.
+3You get a result for EVERYONE, but probably get several false positives as well. (Max successes, 1)
+2A straight 'pinging' of one creature, item or effect. I.e., "Yes it is, no it isn't." (Max successes, 1)
+0A more detailed scan of a one creature, item or effect. A single success gives a "yes/no", with each additional giving more detail.
-1Your Kenning attempt is targeted; the first success will apply to the target of your choice.
-3No expenditure of Willpower to activate Kenning.
-2 to -4The presence of Interference. Ranges from weak (AoE spell) to powerful (Cthulhu).

Kenning Options

  • Active Sonar gives a very hefty bonus, but reveals your presence to anyone that you ping. I.e., if you use the Active Sonar option in a room full of Vampires, all the Vampires that you discover will simultaneously discover that you're unusual as well. On an exceptional success, your Keeper also learns where you are, if they're in the Hedge or the mortal world.
  • Extremely Sensitive will give you a "yes" or "no" response for everyone in the immediate vicinity, but you'll also get false positives. Probably, anyway. Basically, this mimics having Low Clarity or makes actual Low Clarity even worse. Still, if you want an idea of how many supernaturals are present...
  • Intimate, Low Detail requires you to be within intimate distance of your target; either touching, or close enough to touch. While easier to perform than a normal Kenning, and often times done without the expenditure of a Willpower, this result is limited to one success. It only tells you if the target is normal or not.
  • Intimate, High Detail requires you to be within intimate distance of your target; either touching, or close enough to touch. This isn't any easier, or harder, than a normal use of Kenning but has the advantage of giving additional detail. The first success is the same; "is this normal, or paranormal?" Each additional success reveals additional hints as to the nature of whatever is being Kenned.
  • Targeted is a normal Kenning scan in every way, but with the assurance that you know - one way or the other - about one specific target. If that target isn't supernatural, you still waste a success on him, but at least you now know for sure.
  • On the Fly don't require a Willpower point, but are correspondingly harder to pull off.
  • Interference is an overwhelming aura of the supernatural that makes it hard to detect anything specific. The very first thing a successful Kenning roll reveals in this case is the presence of the Interference, with any successes after that revealing additional sources of supernature in the area. An exceptional success gives additional information on the Interference and what's causing it. The University is a -3 source of Interference, as an example.