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Darkling Kiths

Sticklimbs -- Those who bring terror in the shadows, warning away those who would trespass from areas forbidden. The Sticklimb's blessing is to inspire a Fear of the Unknown: the changeling gains the 8 again rule on any Intimidation roll to inspire fear of themself, and can spend a single glamour once per session to reroll any failed dice on an Intimidation roll to inspire fear of themself.

Elemental Kiths

Starfallen -- The fallen children of the night sky, who blaze like fire and burn out in the blink of an eye. The Starfallen's blessing is Fall from Heaven: the changeling burns down from the sky, instantly achieving terminal velocity and slicing down toward a point within his sphere of vision in an instant. The character must spend a point of glamour to activate this blessing, and can only do such once per session. He takes no damage from the fall, regardless of the distance fallen, and reaches his selected point of impact at the end of the turn -- leaving a bright trail along the path of his descent.

Fairest Kiths

Beckoning -- Those among the Fairest most prized for their perfect voices, able to make angels weep and call out to even the coldest heart. Singers, sirens, vocalists, phone sex operators or public speakers. The blessing for the Beckoning is Perfect Pitch: a Beckoning changeling gains the 8 again rule on any Expression roll involving the use of her voice, and can spend 1 glamour to re-roll any failed dice on one Expression roll involving her voice per session (a Beckoning who rolls five dice and gets 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9 can spend a point of Glamour and re-roll the 1, 4 and 6).