Sol Invictus

Name: Markuran the Bear
Nature: Leader
Caste: Zenith
Player: Telgar
Anima: Bronze Bear
Experience: 31


Strength 5, Charisma 5, Perception 2
Dexterity 4, Manipulation 4, Intelligence 3
Stamina 4, Appearance 2, Wits 2


Archery 0, Brawl 5, Martial Arts 0, Melee 5, Thrown 0
Endurance 2, Performance 5, Presence 5, Resistance 3, Survival 3
Craft 5, Investigation 0, Lore 3, Medicine 0, Occult 3
Athletics 5, Awareness 5, Dodge 0, Larceny 0, Stealth 0
Bureaucracy 0, Linguistics 3, Ride 0, Sail 0, Socialize 2


Athletics: Feats of Strength
Brawl: Wrestling x2
Performance: Inspiring Speeches


Compassion 3
Conviction 4
Temperance 3
Valor 5

Essence & Willpower

Willpower: 9/9
Limit: 1/10
Virtue Flaw: Foolhardy Contempt
Limit Break Condition: The character is fighting against losing odds, is challenged to single combat by a single foe or is otherwise given a chance to prove his bravery

Essence 5

Personal 24/24
Peripheral 56/59
Radiant 0/10

Combat Stats

Stamina Soak: 2/4
Natural Soak with Charms: 11/11
Armor Soak: 5/10
Total Soak with Armor and Charms: 21/21

HEALTH LEVELS (13)0124Incapacitated
Grim Reminder Punch19 L or B161858
Grim Reminder Kick21 L or B161458
Grim Reminder Clinch19 L or B211618
Punch16 L or B131455
Kick19 L or B131055
Clinch16 L or B181215


Allies 3: The Goddess of Sharpglade Forest.
Allies 3: The Goddess of the Great Lake-Seas.
Allies 3: Selonis, a Celestial Lion of Yu-Shan.
Artifact 8: Grim Reminder, Bear Armor, Armsbreaker.
Followers 7: 10,000 loyal warriors from among the nine tribes you rule.
Influence 8: You have dominion over 9 barbarian tribes as their guardian and warlord, as well as being part of the ruling Circle of the second largest empire in Creation.
Manse 1: Half a partially-constructed Alchemical Manse.


Ferocious Jab

1 mote, Supplemental. Successes count double for damage.

Blood and Fist Prana

2 motes, Supplemental. Adds 5 dice to damage.

Stonefist Meditation

Perma-Charm. Soups up Unarmed Attacks.

Thunderclap Rush Attack

3 motes, Reflexive. Perfect initiative effect.

Hammer on Iron Technique

4 motes, 1 willpower, Extra Action. Make 5 additional attacks against 1 target.

Sidestep Throw Technique

5 motes, Reflexive. Make a Reflexive Dex+Brawl defense against any attack. If you have left over successes, throw the attacker 1 yard for each extra success.

Inevitable Destruction Spirit

7 motes, Reflexive. If your attack is defeated by an active defense, attack again at double original pool. Surpasses dice-limits.

Tumultuous Fists Meditation

5 motes, 1 willpower, Extra Action. Apply 1 attack to everyone in range. For 3 motes, apply it again. No cap on re-applications.

Crashing Lightning’s Might

Perma-Charm. Use un-modified Strength instead of Dexterity for unarmed accuracy.

Golden Essence Block

1 mote per 2 dice, Reflexive. Provides a reflexive/adder defense.

Dipping Swallow Defense

2 motes, Reflexive. Full-pool Melee parry.

Solar Counterattack

3 motes, Reflexive. Counterattack.

Ready in Eight Directions

5 motes, Reflexive. Turn-long Counterattacks.

Perfect Circle Stance

5 motes, 1 willpower, Reflexive. Scene-long Counterattacks.

Bulwark Stance

5 motes, Reflexive. Persistent parry until next turn.

Fivefold Bulwark Stance

5 motes, 1 willpower, Simple. Persistent parry for a scene.

Heavenly Guardian Defense

3 motes, 1 willpower, Reflexive. Perfect parry.

Perfection of Celestial Bliss

7 motes, 1 willpower, Reflexive. Provides 5 hanging Perfect parries.

Ox-Body Technique x2

Perma-Charm. Provides three extra HL.

Radiant Essence Technique x2

Perma-Charm. Provides 10 motes of Radiant Essence.

Respect Commanding Attitude

3 motes, Simple. People pay attention to you for a scene.

Masterful Performance Exercise

2 motes per success. Adds successes to a Performance roll.

Heart-Compelling Method

6 motes, 1 willpower, Supplemental. Controls emotions of those you are performing for. Roll Manipulation + Performance. WP < Successes is controlled. WP < 2xSuccesses can resist. WP > 2xSuccesses are immune.

Harmonious Presence Meditation

6 motes, Simple. Adds 5 dice to one-on-one interaction rolls.

Trustworthy Companion Stance

3 motes, Simple. Anyone you talk to must beat a WP or Temp roll to avoid telling you their secrets. Lasts a scene.

Respected General’s Stance

8 motes, Simple. For a scene, any attempt to discredit you is at +5 difficulty. Also, anyone with WP < 5 thinks you are perfect in all ways.

Beloved Visitor Stance

10 motes, 1 willpower, Simple. For a scene you add successes equal to 10 - Target's Wits to any Presence roll designed to inspire people with less then 5 Essence.

Listener-Swaying Argument

2 motes per die, 1 willpower, Supplemental. Combo outside ability. Adds dice to one-on-one social rolls.

Majestic Radiant Presence

8 motes, Simple. For a scene, anyone attacking must succeed on a WP roll.

Terrifying Apparition of Glory

10 motes, 1 willpower, Simple. Anyone attacking must succeed on a Valor roll. Anyone not hostile must succeed on a Conviction roll to resist your commands for a scene after you leave. Any attacker is at -5 dice to attack.

Unearthly Countenance

8 motes, Simple. Make a single reflexive Presence attempt per turn against everyone in range. It can't be supplemented and isn't rolled. It has 5 successes to awe or intimidate them. Lasts one scene.

Durability of Oak Meditation

1 mote per 2B soak. May pay up to 4 motes for 7B soak. Lasts a scene.

Spirit Strengthens the Skin

3 motes, Reflexive. Soak Lethal with Bashing score. Lasts a scene.

Flawless Handiwork Method

3 motes per success, Supplemental. Adds successes to Crafts rolls.

Increasing Strength Exercise

3 motes per dot, Simple. Adds to Strength for a scene.

Thunder’s Might

2 motes per dot, Simple. Adds to Strength for a scene, only Feats of Strength.

Tex Ox Meditation

1 mote per 2 dots, Supplemental. Adds to a single Feat of Strength roll.


Bear Armor
Artifact 2
Soak: 5L/10B
Mobility: -2 Fatigue: 3
Commitment: 7
Blindingly pure White Jade forms the helm, chest plate and shoulder armor of the Bear Armor while Orichalcum encircles the wearer’s forearms. The armor is treated with a mixture of Moonsilver and Blue Jade, giving it a flesh-like flexibility that adapts to fit the wearer perfectly, enhancing the outline of his musculature and adding to his apparent size. A warrior outfitted in Bear Armor is a fearsome sight to behold. While wearing the Bear Armor, the warrior’s Strength is increased by 1 and his Athletics is increased by 3 for the purposes of lifting and breaking objects. A Bear warrior also gains 3 dice on intimidation-related rolls.

Artifact 2
Commitment 5 (NOT COMMITED)
One of your few self-made Artifacts, the Armsbreaker is a two-foot long Orichalcum sword breaker. It’s powerful blades can shatter almost any mortal weapon and the enchantments bound into it turn disarming your foe into a simple feat. Disarm rolls are made at difficulty 1 and there is no second save against them.

Grim Reminder
Artifact 4
Commitment 6
Forged by Markuran the Bear from the remains of his First Age incarnation and the cursed Soulsteel sarcophagus used to prison the demonic spirit inhabiting his former corpse, the Grim Reminder earned its name well. The dark taint of the Soulsteel and the dark soul of the corpse from which it was crafted have left their mark on the weapon. The bones of the ancient Exalt form the framework of the gauntlet that extends halfway up its wearer’s forearm, layered over the polished black Soulsteel.
It draws power from the darkness in the soul of who ever dons it, adding 1 to all its statistics when the bearer’s Limit rating is above 5 and 2 when they are in a Limit Break. The Grim Reminder itself is not vastly damaging, though it is covered in vicious spines from the Soulsteel sarcophagus. Instead of causing damage itself, the Reminder enhances the muscular strength and power of its owner. The stats for the Grim Reminder are added to whatever unarmed attack the wearer is currently making, despite covering only the right hand.
The Soulsteel used to construct the item was heavily enchanted to restrain and drain spiritual beings. Because of this, the Reminder can attack immaterial spirits normally, and its owner can sense their location without other aid. The Reminder also applies the normal Soulsteel magical material bonus without harmonization. For every 5 motes stolen by the Reminder, 1 temporary willpower is siphoned away as well. These willpower points are not, under any circumstances, diverted to the user. Harmonizing with the Reminder further enhances the Soulsteel’s power, directing all stolen motes into the pools of the owner.
Every time an opponent is killed with the Reminder, the taint of its evil flares particularly strong. A limit roll is required for each death inflicted by this weapon, no matter the owner’s Break Condition.

Grim Reminder : Damage +3L | Acc +3 | Defense +4 | Speed +3 | Rate 5 | Committment 6

Sol Invictus