I do be Telgar, he who makes Artifacts, Charms, Manses and knows all there is to know about Cappadocians, Samedi, Harbingers of Skulls, Lamia and the dark doomy people of WW Gaming in general. Thus, I am the offical White Wolf Forum Cappadocian Primogen. I might put my Exalted and Werewolf stuff up later, but right now all I have up is my DAV and Vt M? work. Enjoy.

Also, I run Exalted.Red Ice

Currently, I'm writing a DB fan-supplement called Dragons' Hoard. It can be found at Exalted.Dragons Hoard and I vastly appreciate comments and applause!

An amalgamation of many years of sci-fi based imagination and idea-theft from an incredible number of sources, MariasLegacy is a page where I'm beating together a new sci-fi setting of the Farscape-Babylon 5-Firefly type.