A fan supplement by Telgar to expand the Charm-trees of the Dragon-Blooded and their elemental abilites as well as provide them with an expanded arsenal of arcane Artifacts. Please feel free to offer any comments here or on specific chapter pages.

Dragons' Hoard

The Charms of the Terrestrial Exalted allow them to summon the Elements and master the natural world. They command the very substance of Creation and are the masters of cooperation and efficency. Though they are weaker then the Anathema they battle, the Dragon-Blooded have the advantage of hundreds of savants working the mysteries of metal and essence, forging them weapons of magic and artifice to weild in battle.

In this book the Charm trees of the Terrestrial Exalted are expanded to include high-Essence effects and broader functionality at low-Essence levels. The secrets of devices long-lost and often specific in use to the Dragon-Blooded are revealed as are their special talents stemming from their cooperative magic and their elemental nature.

Introduction And Index
Chapter 1: Forging Jade
Chapter 2: Gems Of The Hoard?
Chapter 3: Glittering Treasures?
Chapter 4: Abundant Wealth? (Working Title)